Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Mindless Wonder

I'm not sure when it happened. But it must have been just after Birdie left me for Texas. 

But, the fact is, it DID happen. I lost part of my mind. I know that's what happened because how else do you explain that I JUST LAST NIGHT thought about Skyping (surely that will be a word if it isn't already?) with Birdie during our Wednesday night suppers?!

Birdie is in grad school which means she is still a poor college kid and she has a full time job as the head athletic trainer at a high school. So, there's been no time for her to come home since she left in July.

Did you get that? I HAVE NOT SEEN BIRDIE SINCE JULY. And that does not make me a happy mommy.

So we put my computer on Birdie's spot at the table and dialed her up via Skype.

Birdie and Strider!

Evwardo (Birdie's boytoy), DoodleBug, and Gibbsterrific chatting it up with Birdie. (Hannah Banana and Benjamin didn't join us last night as they were celebrating their 2 year dating anniversary)

Birdie gave a tour of her apartment...

And we all ate supper together. (We had a veggie bake with quinoa crust and Irish potato soup)

Birdie posed for pictures with DoodleBug...

And Gibbsterrific...

Poor Tucker kept going to the door looking for Strider every time we said his name.
Birdie regaled us with tales of Halloween...

and football...

I'm very grateful that my good sense returned last night so that we could all see Birdie and talk with her. It didn't make me miss her less but it was good to see her beautiful face! And enjoy her sense of humor!

And, Skype? I love you.


  1. It's great to be able to use any means to see their faces isn't it? Unfortunatelyl, my girls household has Windows 95 and their mom is a programmer! That's so sad.

  2. I keep thinking - probably because I've been going through all my old pictures - what it must have been like when our grandparents were children. Moving across the country and knowing you would probably never see the family you left behind again. And with all the family history I've been researching - no pictures of your babies when they were little - no pictures to capture memories of family that has passed away.

    We are so blessed to have this technology to help us remember and stay close.

  3. Barb- YES! It really does make a difference! Maybe she'll upgrade soon!

    Donna- Amen to that! I think about that sometimes too. And they wrote letters but it might take months before the letter would get there.

  4. oh , what a brilliant idea so that you could all be together!! Clever mum! Hopefully she will be home in person before too long. I miss my daughter who now lives in France, but she will be coming home for a week in October, along with my granddaughter. Yay!!

  5. That must have been a fun dinner party!
    I thought about skyping just to see my baby gd. But there was never an opportunity. I wondered what it would be like to know that I would have to wait years to see her. I'm very lucky to have them close by.

  6. What a wonderful thing skype is!
    I have been working on a blog post for another site I contribute to about family moving far away and the differences between 100 years ago and now. What a difference technology has made!

  7. How wonderful! Skype really is brilliant, isn't it? And free! (or it's free here anyway, not sure about with you). We use it quite a lot with my siblings as we're scattered,and I thought I'd have to use it now as eldest was to go away to college.Now she's going to college in her home town, so still living at home, YAY!
    And you post makes me realise how much I'd miss her. I have a fair idea of how it is for you. can you go visit her at all?

  8. We had an exchange student from Brazil that we skype with about once a month. Google chat works pretty good too.

  9. That´s so great that you got to include her like that! I loved Skype too, when my daughter lived in Canada. I guess you´ll be making this a regular Wednesday thing now.
    The veggie dish looks great!

  10. Diane- Yes, I do eventually get around to a good idea. LOL This will be Birdie's first birthday not at home. At least we can Skype with her.

    Stephanie- All the lovelies tell me that when they start having children they're moving back to our area. I WISH! LOL We'll see...

    Laura- It certainly does make a difference. I don't know how they did it back then- never hearing for months on end. I doubt I could have stood it.

    Mimi- Yes to it being brilliant and free! DoodleBug goes to college right down town but lives down there. Nice that she's still close though since her sisters are all away. We will go visit her at some point.

    MT-It was so good to see Birdie's face last night! I've never tried Google chat- we'll have to look into that!

    MKM-I agree!

    Betty- Yes indeed! Now we'll have Birdie 'home' for dinner on Wednesdays! It was good and so was that soup!

  11. I love Skype. I always hate how I look on it, but that's just my hang up. Can you send me that recipe? It looked good.

  12. Michele- I don't like the way I look on it either, but I sure do like the way Birdie looks! Which recipe? Oh, nevermind. I'll send you both!

  13. What a GREAT idea! And I second your high commendation of SKYPE! I don't know how I would have coped without it (my parents emigrated to Australia, so I know the comfort it provides!).

  14. Desiree- It certainly does! It's still hard to have three of the lovelies living so far away. I just hate it.

  15. I can relate to the pain of missing! Glad she was able to join you for dinner : ) That picture of Tucker is too cute!

  16. Joyce- It is so hard! I'm glad a brain cell finally sparked and I remember about Skype. A true Duh moment. LOL

  17. This household is a loyal subscriber to SKYPE. We "have lunch" with our youngest grand several times a week. Living across the country from him, it is conceivable he could forget who we are--heaven forbid!

  18. Rosemary- It sure does make a difference! And I'm sure he would NEVER forget y'all!

  19. Awww, this is a sweet family get together.

  20. How very nice and aren't you glad we have such technology.

  21. TC- It was so good to SEE her instead of just HEAR her!

    FG- YES! Most definitely! And also that I finally got it together and thought of it. LOL

  22. That was immensely fun!! Poor Tucker tho...he's so darned cute.

    Crescent City Connection

  23. I used to have no brand loyalty until I bought an Acer computer monitor. From then on, I was an HP girl, LOL!!

    Have a great weekend.

  24. I so completely know what you are talking about and yes I do believe that skyping will become a real word. Mine is in Germany. and it feels like there is a huge part of me missing every time I pass her empty room!

  25. Glad you liked the Irish potato soup! And we love Skype. My step-son lives in Austin, so when he first moved down there we skyped so we could see his apartment - so cool!

  26. Aww that's great! Glad you got to see her though you must miss her so so much. Cool apps she was using too :)

  27. What took you so long. Honestly I haven't skyped anyone but it would be fun to see my great nieces & nephews in Florida. I wish my dad had a computer so I could Skype him everyday. That was a great idea and I'm so glad you were able to do that.

  28. You made me cry. Just thinking about the being away part. I'm so glad you could talk and eat and enjoy each others company. It's awesome that is possible.
    Thanks for all your kind words and support this week, I have really needed it and I will be so glad when this race is over tonight so it doesn't dominate my conversations, life style and everything. Not sure why this one did but it did so when I'm done tomorrow I can go back to the normal stuff.
    Take care and have an awesome weekend. I hope you are healing fast too. Ice bags on my ankle and lower back would really make it easier but I think it being 32* when I start the race will keep things cooled down for a bit.

  29. Skype is a great tool isn't it? Glad you discovered it - it's a great way to stay in touch if you're far away.
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  30. Anni- Thank you! He is a cutie, isn’t he?!

    Rebecca- I use an HP too- but I have no idea if I’m brand loyal until I have to get a new. Which I hope is never because I hate change and I love my laptop. LOL

    Brenda-OMG how do you stand her being that far away? I would absolutely go NUTS!

    Biz-Skype is awesome! And I loved seeing Birdie’s face for the first time since July! Oh, the soup was to die for! It’s our new potato soup for sure!

    lyndylou- I do miss her. I was afraid I would cry when I finally saw her but I didn’t!

    Debby- My now feeble brain took me so long. LOL

    Julie-I thought I was going to cry when I saw her but I didn’t. Which is a miracle! LOL Whoa! 32 degrees? YIKES! You’ll be running inside an ice bag. LOL Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    Eva- Yes it is! I used to Skype Hubs’ nephew when he was in Australia three years ago. I don’t know why I never thought about it with Birdie! Silly me. LOL

  31. What a fabulous family feel-good post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  32. Ruthi- Thank you for stopping by! We had such a great time! Can't wait for next Wednesday!

  33. If I had to wait until Wednesday to talk to her i would die...I have Skype on my phone.... that is the only way I can even get through! and I cry a LOT!! (just don't tell anyone! people don't like sad posts :( )

  34. Ahhhh, technology....ain't it grand?

    It's so good ya'll had a fun time 'together'. We've come a long way baby since Pony Express!

    God bless ya and enjoy this day sweetie!


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