Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Am From---

First, a request. Last year I was lucky enough to reconnect with my BFF from high school! She's still terrific but that doesn't surprise me one little bit. Anyway, she has a fitness blog and asked me to write a guest post for her. I did. Please check it out at NaperFit Fitness Blog. She's new to blogging and has some marvelous ideas about health and fitness so, if time allows, please share some love with Nancy!

And now, Where I'm From. 

I saw this little writing exercise over at Mama Kat's blog and decided to give it a go. You can find the template at Mama Kat's. She offers hundreds of writing prompts and a blog filled with insight, humor and fun!

Where I'm From

I am from Sunday pot roasts, Tom’s peanuts in Coca-Cola, Easy Bake Ovens and the two story brick home of my father’s youth that still houses family under a Carolina blue sky.

I am from brilliantly colored azalea bushes, morning glories and the lofty limbs of an old Magnolia tree that held me in my youth while I read book after book after book; from sweet smelling honey suckles growing wild and the hydrangeas that reminded me of huge, white snowballs.

I am from large family gatherings and hearty belly laughs; from Campbells and Moores, Harry and Lillie, Oliver and Anna.

I am from independent minded women and strong, handsome men; from “Your face is going to freeze that way,” and “Don’t slam the screen door!”

I am from blessed assurance, the old rugged cross, and the sweet by and by; from preachin’ and sitting on the same church pew every Sunday.

I am from the old world and the new world, valleys and mountains, the city and the farm; Southern carbohydrates and gravy.

I am from the father who trapped his brother in the garage by pinging him with bb’s every time he tried to come out, the mother who loved to dive off boat houses, and the grandfather who stole his first kiss from his future bride.

I am from shoe boxes, the bottom drawer of the secretary, the family bible; from stories passed down from memories of those growing old too fast and my grandparents’ hearts.

Granddaddy Moore

Grand Moore

The Campbells: Aunt Betty, Granddaddy, Mother, Grandmother

Dad and Granddaddy Moore in the backyard- the same backyard that I played in as a child.


  1. What a beautiful way to describe where you're from. I'm also from "blessed assurance, the old rugged cross,and the sweet by and by; from preachin' and sitting on the same pew every Sunday. And Sunday potroasts."

  2. Wow. . . . just wow.

    This is amazing! You, my friend, are very talented.

    (*roaring applause*)

    I love this!

  3. Love, love, love this! I'm from coal-filled mountains and back holler churches, blackberry picking to grape vine swinging,every mother in the community was a second mother to you and you never had to worry about walking the street (road) home. Life was purely, simple!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Wedding Bells to Wedding Galore!!!

  4. amazing post! i mean, really. of all your posts i've read, this one gives me the clearest idea of who you are.

    love these photos. they are something truly precious. I wish I had more photos like this of my family.

  5. Love everything about this post! What a great way to share {and remember} where you come from.

  6. You've painted such a warm and vivid image of your family and your origins. This is very beautifully written.

  7. Loved this post Pam!! So creative and talented you are! :D

  8. Darlene- Thank you so much! Ah, then I see that I am in good company! Did we know then how lucky we were?

    MC- Wow- you are so kind! Thank you so much! You’re making me blush.

    Cathy- Thank you so much! Pure and simple is exactly right! And I loved every minute of it!

    MB- Thanks! It was a fun exercise even though it took me two days! LOL I have grabbed all the pictures I could find. I surely do treasure them.

    Mrs Gloves- Thank you! It really is a fun writing exercise!

    Kara- Thank you! We are all about family around here. Even the black sheeps. LOL

  9. Lovely post and great photographs from the past. Very nice. Enjoy your evening!

  10. I just loved this and could picture every word. I'd love to try this one...maybe next week. The coming weekend is jam packed with South Carolina fun : )

  11. Eva- Thank you so much!

    Joyce- I can't wait to read yours! Y'all are coming down here?! To Furman? Have a blast! And, if you get to Charleston, let me know!

  12. What a great post! I can so relate to where you are from, I understand your time, I think because it was my time too. Not exactly the same setting of course but a lot of the same ideas!

  13. Lucy-Thank you! It was a fun exercise, even though it took me two days to write it. LOL

  14. Just loved reading this! So good to know where you're from so your family can know as well! Important stuff. Hugs and Love!!

  15. Pam,
    I absolutely loved this post, it was beautifully written and I could feel your love of family in every word!

    Well done my friend.

  16. Barb- Thank you! We're all about family around here- the good and the bad, well, we're still looking for that island! LOL

    Shawn-Thank you so much! My grandparents and greats were incredible!

  17. Love this, the descriptions put pictures in my head. Great job!


    fun post!

  19. I can possible write anything like that. I just know I'm from the greatest great grandparents, grandparents and mama and daddy ever. A hardworking, hard loving, wonderful family. Full of helping hands, loving words, peaceful gatherings and smiles.
    I love you're writing Pam. Keep it coming. Tomorrow is a blog hop day, I am thinking it's time for me to join in on one, wonder if I'll remember before it's to late.
    Take care and sleep well. Blessings my friend.

  20. Dang it, I should of read what I wrote....
    I can't possible write anything like that.....UGH I hate the wrong words.

  21. What fantastic photographs they are! You are so lucky to have had them all preserved for future generations.

  22. Debby- Thank you!

    Betty-Well, mostly it's good anyway. LOL

    skoots- Thanks!

    Julie- Of course you can! I used the template at Mama Kat's and that helped a lot! I didn't remember the hops but I'm going to seek them out now!

    Annie- Thanks! The lovelies are all about family too so it really is nice to have the photos!

  23. I love that post how wonderful. I will track that blog line of posting.
    I love your old pictures and the stories behind them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. What a lovely post, thanks for sharing these things with us. Sorry I have not called by before now to catch up with you as I promised. I have had no internet connection for four days this week thanks to a tremendous storm! Off to read the rest of the posts I missed now. have a good weekend.

  25. I love this! Espicially the photos!

  26. This is so beautiful. Love the family pictures. Priceless memories. Thanks for sharing :)

  27. Dropped by from Kat's blog to read the Where I am from poem ... but was also intrigued because I am a soon-to-be empty nester. Anyway, love the prompt and what you've done with it! It lets the reader know so much with so few words!

  28. Such a wonderful post! I love your writing style, the descriptions made me feel as if I was in that old magnolia tree flipping pages with you. I too am from Campbells in the Carolinas, but my Campbells joined the Eliotts and trickled down the family tree to me.

    Have a wonderful week! I can't wait to explore and read more of your blog.



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