Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

This past week was interesting and busy. But not the exciting kind of busy. More like the annoying kind that made me realize I'm kind of selfish (I'm kidding, I was already quite aware of my selfishness).

AND NOW, here's my week in a:

They say our cooler temps are going to leave us and we're going to be back in the mid to upper 80s. I am NOT looking forward to this one bit. The cooler temps have made walking so much easier- I nearly broke into a run this weekend. I love cooler weather but I am NOT a fan of being teased. And it happens like this EVERY YEAR.

On the issue of care giving- it's not for me. Mother was not a bad patient but I suck at being a care giver. It's not like I have a rigid schedule to keep or an outside the home job to go to. But apparently I am selfish about my daily routine and don't like it to be messed with. Anyway, she is back at her house now and her sister (Aunt Betty) is with her this week. There is improvement every day and she does feel better being in her own house where she is used to everything. But this is even more inspiration for me to get fit- first, it might help me avoid surgery in the future and second, it's not easy to lift someone but it's even harder if they are overweight. I am totally serious- whatever it is that care givers get paid- IT IS NOT ENOUGH!
Our Wednesday night suppers are back on since the kids are back into a routine. This week it was DoodleBug, Hannah, Benjamin and Evwardo (Birdie's boytoy). Mother loved having them come by and it perked her right up. It took most of the day to cook for them but that was because I was trying out new recipes. Besides, I love cooking for them!

I won a contest at Stage of Life this week about surviving an empty nest. I am now a featured blogger on their site! Head on over there and check them out! It's a pretty cool site!

The party at Carol's blog, Facing 50 with Humour, was an absolute blast on Friday! I laughed so hard I nearly cried in the chatroom (thanks Southhamsdarling[and she is a darling!], Desiree at Driftwood Ramblings [although she never ramblings-her words are poetic, her photos incredible and she lives in the Garden of Eden], and Eva at Eva Ason's Art Corner [you have to go check out her art, it's incredible and she is a delight]!) and even got to play games in one of the rooms! You can still go over and check out all the rooms- this was such a unique idea and quite successful! I even won a prize!

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I leave you today with a song that I love because it's Stevie Nicks and well, children really do get older and so do I:

That's it for my week. Tune in tomorrow for the weight loss challenges- updates on one and beginnings on two! I hope everyone has the best week EVER! And remember to smile, it makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. I came for a good old catch up - I think you've been amazing with your mother - I would have left mine locked her bedroom with a large bottle of scotch. We're all selfish and not everyone is Florence Nightingale so don't worry. You are obviously a caring person - who else would still lovingly feed her daughters and friends...son is lucky if I throw a chocolate bar in his direction these days.
    I'm so glad you were at the party at the same time as these fantastic people. They have rocked my blogging world the last few months - you couldn't ask for nicer friends.
    Finally, I said it before, but mega congrats my dearest twin on your winning story. I for one loved it and if anyone is reading this comment - go check it out then make this lady write some more.
    So nice to be able to visit you again. I shall now indulge myself by wandering around your older posts.

  2. After my mom came home from the hospital after being attacked by the pit bulls I was her sole caregiver for over a month.

    It was a LOOOOOOONG month.

  3. I think you deserved to win that writing contest! I read every word and it was good and will help others in the same situation.

    I loved Carol´s party too. Unfortunately (typically) I didn´t win anything, but I´m happy you did.

    Glad you found a challenge to join. I really think it helps me to stay on track.

  4. You are one awesome lady. I cannot wait to meet you. How sweet of you to give me some blog love here. I'm so glad your mom is going well and that the kids cheered her right up. That's awesome. Love you!!! BB

  5. Lovely post! I too enjoyed Carol's party on Friday, it was nice meeting some old and new friends :-) and I won a little prize to, that was exiting.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. Congrats on you win..and being a new featured blogger. Now I can say I knew you, and Carol,....When!!!!

    Love the weekly recap. I am off to read your story! Sorry I missed the party but had to work late Friday and by the time I got home..Wine and Quieta,

  7. Carol- Now why didn't I think of that while Mother was here with us? That would have been perfect! LOL You are, as always, too generous with your kind words but I love it!

    Michele- Yep and it was a LOOOOOOONG week here. LOL

    Betty- You are too sweet! And I thank you so much! I have ordered the book that you are reading- your take on it made so much sense that I just have to read it!n I don't usually win anything either.

    Barb! I can't wait either! And, once we do meet, we should scold ourselves for waiting so long! Hugs and love girlfriend!

    Eva- Thank you! It was exciting to win something! I LOVE to WIN! LOL

    Shawn- Thanks! I am still excited! Well, you can say that about Carol for sure! Sorry you missed it too! It was such a blast! Maybe when she launches the sequel you won't have to work that day!

  8. Pam - how the devil are you. Wasn't it a hoot at Carol's party on Friday?! I really enjoyed talking to you, Desiree & Eva. Wasn't it fun?! :D That Carol is still saying that she was absent doing something legitimate. I still say she was down in the shed with hubby, completely ignoring us, her loyal subjects!! I know that you are not a selfish person. It's just not easy being a Carer, and no doubt mum is happier now that she's back in her own home again (along with Aunty Betty!). Thank you so much for giving us all a shout out. Be good!!

  9. Diane- HEY! Congrats on winning the mini skirt contest! That was awesome! And Yes, it was a hoot! I loved every minute of it! And...wait. Be good? Surely you jest. LOL

  10. I have been trying so hard to make my rounds to everyone today, but I'm failing miserably! Time is running out on me. Pam, it really was a treat chatting to you over at Carol's party and I am doubly delighted to know you won her book title prize. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I really do urge you to write your book, now. I have just been across to read your winning entry at Stage of Life! You write incredibly well! I was able to identify with and empathise with every word and nuance of feeling, but there's no way I would have been able to articulate all of those emotions as beautifully, concisely and persuasively as you did! As Carol has said, you really do have extraordinary talent and you MUST take on this new challenge, OK? PLEASE! We'll be your greatest support team ever!

    I loved this post (don't I always?) and, once again, I was able to fully empathise with how you felt being your Mother's caregiver. It's different altogether from caring for our children. I can do the whole nursing thing for a day or two, quite convincingly and sweetly. After that, my selfish side also gets in the way. It definitely seems to be worse now that I've grown accustomed to having my own time and space (although that changed once all these puppies moved in!)

    Thank you very much for your very thoughtful and incredibly sweet mention of me, here! I am truly flattered and feeling that I should have thought to do likewise, but it didn't occur to me. Now tell me who of us is the selfish one :)

    Also, I never take my trainers to bed...too selfish with my space!

    You are a bright beam out here in blogland and I love knowing you!

  11. Desiree- You flatterer you! I love it! I am, actually, working on a book but nothing as spectacular as Carol's! I couldn't write fiction if it stood beside me and dictated! It really is different from taking care of children. And Mother always feels like she has to put her two cents worth in whether or not it is asked for. You are so dear to me! Thank you so much!

  12. Sounds like it was a good week. So glad you had the kids for dinner.
    I am so over cooking for mine however I do look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  13. I am such a bad caregiver my kids and husband would rather got to work and school. I think it is just hard and yes, messing up my schedule, makes me really grumpy.
    You make me laugh though, Do you know when that song came out I wasn't even married nor did I even have a tiny dream of kids. It really hit me as I watched Stevie Nicks sing it.
    I will smile every time I think of it so people will wonder what I am up to just because of you.
    Have a great week too,

  14. Debby- It was a pretty good week...except for the caregiving part. But I do love cooking for the kids. They are so appreciative of a home cooked meal!

    FG- Sometimes I listen to songs like this one and remember my youth fondly...I even miss it sometimes. Ok, I miss it a lot of times! LOL But it's songs like this that keep those memories alive!

  15. Loved your surviving an empty nest story. As always very well written!
    I'm a few years from a totally empty nest...and not looking forward it at all :/

  16. We always get excited about cooler weather in SC because it seems to occur just before Parent's Weekend. Then on Parent's weekend the temps go back up and we bake in the stadium.

    Have a nice week!


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