Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

It's been a full week of cooler temps which made walking so very pleasurable! We ended our week with a trip downtown to the farmer's market. And, next week, we'll be meeting a new interest of DoodleBug's. One of the male persuasion. Should be interesting. AND Deanie will be home for the weekend! Woot!

A word of warning- there are quite a lot of photos on this post! 

AND NOW, here's my week in a:

I got Birdie's package mailed off and she's already received it. It's a birthday present from DoodleBug and me. BUT Birdie is not allowed to open it until Friday- the 14th- her actual birthday! You know, so she will have something to unwrap on her special day. This is the very first year that Birdie has not been at home for her birthday. *sniff* She will turn 23 years old. In Texas. Without us. Twenty freaking hours away from home. Stupid grad school. 

Hubs is going along nicely with my no meat and gluten free trial. Although he did say something like, "I sure would like some meat every once in a while," the other day. So I made a recipe that Biz had on her blog called Poppy's Chicken Brunswick Stew. It was fab! Hubs also asked me to pick up some bread for him the other day. I asked him what, exactly, he thought gluten free worries! I found a gluten free bread mix so now he gets homemade bread! 

Biz's Chicken Brunswick Stew! I threw in a hot pepper from our garden- Hubs likes things spicy!
And this is my first attempt at homemade gluten free bread. Hubs LOVES it!

I LOVE autumn! It's my favorite time of year because of many things--football, the changing leaves, the cooler temps, the cooking/baking, the holidays---just everything. One more thing I love about fall is that I get to use the hot water knob in the shower for lovely warm showers. A good, relaxing, enjoyable, nice, drainthehotwaterheater long shower makes me feel so stress free. Plus, the steam fogs up the mirror and makes it easy to see something like this:
Yes- Hubs sometimes leaves me a message on the bathroom mirror---can you see it?
Some of my summer flowers are on the road to demise. But not this little gem! I need to plant some fall flowers- soon! 

I had to make the dreaded Wal-Mart trip this week. Tucker loves to find 'his' bag when I come back. He does this when I return from the grocery store too. Silly pup! Wait, maybe that should be spoiled pup!

He puts his face in every bag until he finds the one with his treats. And yes, he gets something every time.
DoodleBug, HannahBanana and I went downtown yesterday to the Farmer's Market at Marion Square. FUN! Careful, lots of photos follow:

There was music. Which would have been great- if that guy hadn't been singing.

There were a crap ton of people.
And apples...

and tomatoes...

and eggplant and peppers...

and pretty flowers...

and jars of homemade yummy goodness...
(we brought two jars home for Hubs but I noticed after we got home that the stupid woman gave me TWO WRONG JARS)

and Charleston goodies...

and nutty goodness--seriously, go visit these young ladies at The one on the left is a friend of DoodleBug's but they are both delightful young ladies--I love that they are so young and so industrious! Check them out!
We bought these for Hubs!

There were more apples...

and peaches...

and peppers...

and beans and peanuts and cucumbers and okra...

And there were plenty of arts and crafts such as sweet grass baskets...

and purses...

and paintings and sketches...
and these little...thingys...

and jewelry...

Tucker found a friend...

who just loved him so gently...

DoodleBug actually knows this little sweetie pie...

who told us what her doggie says--"woofwoof!"

And on the way back to the car we saw plenty of bikes at the College of Charleston.

The bikes in black&white...yeah, I don't know...

OH! And Hubs' cousin (whom I A.D.O.R.E.) had her second daughter this week! 
Aren't they just the sweetest, most adorable family you've ever seen?! I love these guys so much! Ellen has a blog too- you can visit her at Baby Meets City! (I might have stolen borrowed this photo from BigDaddy's fb page...)

AND I won the Autumn giveaway at Katherine's Corner!  YAY! I'll post about that when I receive it so I can show y'all a picture! 

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The video this week is for the lovelies- here you go girls: 

 And that's it for my week!

I hope everyone has a fantastically fall week coming up! And remember to smile- it makes people wonder just what it is you've been up to!


  1. Market looks fabulous, wish we had something like that here. Love those baskets.

  2. Fatoutofskinny- It is always fun to go down there but it's so dang crowded. And there's plenty of room to spread things out so...Anyway, we had a great morning!

  3. That looks like a very fun - and busy - farmers' market. Thanks for taking me along. I would love to have visited just to see those peppers and eggplant for real. Wow - what colors!

    Another adorable baby makes her debut!

  4. Lovely photos - there seem to have been many goodies at the market :-) Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. What a lovely week! My husband has been gluten free about a month now. I will have to try to make gluten free bread for him too. I made a cobbler for his birthday gluten free and he loved it. I love all of your pictures and that farmers market looks like such a nice time.
    I also like your message in the mirror it looks nice.
    I am starting back to my walking regime this week.
    I finally weighed and I way exactly the same as I did two months ago. I have averaged 1200-1400 calories a day. No wheat, sugar and lots of fruits and veggy's So the only other thing to do is walk my legs off.
    Did you see the picture of the lady who wanted to weigh 2000 pounds? After I weighed I thought maybe she had the right idea.
    Well anyway.
    I will conquer this.
    Have a great week!

  6. You just made me miss Charleston really bad! Thanks alot! Great pictures. I hate crowds of people too! They suck! haha. Great post. As always.

  7. Stephanie-It was fun! And it was busy- I was just about ready to start elbowing people. LOL Isn't she a cutie?!

    Eva- Thanks! LOADS of goodies indeed!

    FG- Definitely try the bread! It's quite tasty. Definitely get out there and walk- you'll love it! Eventually. LOL

    Barb- I'm sorry but I had to figure out how to get you down here! LOL I was just about to start elbowing some people! Thanks girl!

  8. Your hubby is so cute. Writing you love notes in the mirror. I love it!

    And I knew we had a lot in common, but now we have almost twin daughters. My second born turns 23 on Thursday the 13th!! I guess 23 years ago, we were doing the same thing....who would have thought?! haha

    Loved the pictures!!

  9. I have been away and then also off-line so I have fallen far behind with reading posts. Super to be back here, sharing in all the happenings and goings on in your life! Love Hub's bathroom message to you, Tucker and his girlfriend, Tucker in the shopping bags, the visit to your market and your wicked comments, the meals, Hub's many treats from you...a great post! Lots for you to look forward to!

  10. That was a wonderful Farmer's Market you went to. I have to find one! Happy Birthday to Birdie. That is so sweet of hubs to leave you a message in the mirror. So what is the reasoning behind the gluten-free?

  11. Betty- I know. I really love it when he does that! Oh gosh! Happy Birthday to DD2! Great minds, right? LOL Thanks!

    Desiree- I'm so glad you're back! Where have you been? Will we be seeing new pictures of your travels? Thank you so much!

    Debby- It goes on every weekend up to Christmas- I think that's right...anyway, it's really good for a fun day. The gluten free is just something I've been considering-it seems to help further with my allergies and migraines for one thing. Wait, that's two things. LOL

  12. Wow, that was a bloody fabulous post. I love all the photographs, it is like being there with you. Very artistic by the way .... ummmm .... I think you have an eye for the pics. I loved that one of Doodlebug and the toddler ... awwww. So cute!

  13. Annie- Thank you! I WISH I had an eye for the pics! I like that one too- that little girl is so cute! And SWEET! Just a great day all around!

  14. WOW your farmers market is huge. Ours has like 5-6 vendors with fruits, veggies and flowers. I think I love yours better.
    Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I love them. Happy birthday to doodlebug too. I can't imagine celebrating Mikes without him. One day, I know.
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  15. Julie- It's so much fun juts looking at everything! We bought a few things but mostly we just enjoyed the day!

  16. thanks for sharing those fab photos.

    Have a great week


  17. Beautiful photos! And I love your comment about the guy singing. lol It's how I feel about most music. Just give me instrumentals, pleeeeease! Happy early birthday to Birdie.

  18. Beautiful pictures! I love a farmer's market...we don't have singing in ours : )

  19. Carol-You're quite welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

    Judy-Thanks! We had such fun! That guys couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. LOL Thanks!

    Joyce-I do too and I wish we didn't have singing at ours! LOL Thanks!

  20. Love your farmer's market photos. I miss going to one!

  21. MZM- Thank you! They are a lot of fun!

  22. Ok so now I'm hungry and want to go shopping, lol!


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