Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

The week went by so quickly. I suppose that was because of the fact that there were THREE highlights! Yeppers, you read that right- THREE highlights. NO!NO!NO! I mean FOUR highlights! Holy Cow!

AND NOW, here's my week in a:

HIGHLIGHT ONE: Wednesday night supper with the college kids AND meeting DoodleBug's new love interest, Swanee! Oh, he gets the thumbs up!

Evwardo, DoodleBug and Tucker, Swanee, Gibbsterrific, Birdie and Strider joined us for supper on Wednesday. Of course, Birdie and Strider joined in via Skype. I made homemade veggie soup and gluten free pumpkin cheesecake! YUM! And FUN! 

HIGHLIGHT TWO: Birdie's Birthday! Even though she wasn't here, we shared it with her to an extent. First, DoodleBug and I sent her a package that arrived the week before her birthday BUT we told her she couldn't open it until her actual birthday. Which was Friday. So, Friday morning, she opened her box! It's always nice to have a package to open on your birthday. We put some green surprises in cards and Evwardo, her boytoy, took them to her. He flew out to Texas on Thursday to spend Birdie's birthday weekend with her (he's like, the SWEETEST!) where they spent time carving a pumpkin...I might have stolen taken borrowed a few pictures from Evwardo's facebook page.

That's Evwardo. And, yes. He is sporting pumpkin head gear.

Birdie takes all things Halloween quite seriously.

The end result!

HIGHLIGHT THREE: Deanie came home Thursday. Then she left for Hilton Head on Friday--to be in a wedding (her big's nuptials...big meaning her big sister in her sorority). BUT she came back today and isn't leaving until tomorrow!

DoodleBug has missed her sisters so much! Hubs and I just stood there talking about how much we love seeing them together. That's Gibbsterrific standing there too! She knows all about missing sisters. Her sister, Gibbsterrific the younger, is at home in PA. 

HIGHLIGHT FOUR: DoodleBug is the captain of the College of Charleston's Women's Ultimate Frisbee team (the Hobos) and they hosted a tournament this weekend! Hubs and I spent all day Saturday out there cheering them on. Oh, and we took out coolers of Gatorade and water; bananas, apples, string cheese, bagels, Nutella, peanut butter, trail mix galore... And I might have taken a picture or 400ish.

That's DoodleBug. Using her face to assist her in catching the disc. Sometimes, she takes after her dad.

Passing the disc.

Running to catch the disc.

At one point, there might have been some dance moves on the field.

Some busting of the moves, if you will.

Break it down girls!

No, NO! BREAK it down NOT FALL down! This might have been a backwards layout.

Catching the disc...

And again...

Passing it off.

Look! It's Gibbsterrific!!!

DoodleBug is little, but don't let that fool you.

Because she is FIERCE!

Today's video is from sectionals in May, 2011. DoodleBug is number 4 and the team is wearing white jerseys.

That's it for now! I'll update more later! Hope y'all have a FANTASTIC week! And remember to smile! You know why...!


  1. My scouts play Ultimate Frisbee and they sure do get pretty intense and our troop is the best in our area. It's so cool watching them.
    Thank you for sharing these pictures. I love them.
    Take care and have a great week. Keep up the great weight loss, the great walking and all that you're doing. YEAH!!!
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Julie- It really does get intense, doesn't it? I really enjoy it too except when they play teams that play NC State. I'll post my challenges tomorrow! I'm still keeping on! Thanks!

  3. I swear Pam if I didn't know better I'd say you were shy about how proud of your girls you are!!!! These girls are rock like Mama! Love the pictures. Do you have a sore throat from all the cheering? I would. My son used to say at his basketball games that his Dad and I were the loudest fans in the crowd. Great post. She is fierce! Hugs my friend.

  4. Barb- Thanks! I know. I try to hide how proud I am, but it just doesn't work! We had such a fantastic weekend. Every girl on that team is so sweet! We try not to be loud. We try really hard. Are we successful? Not sure about that! LOL Are you packed for your trip yet?

  5. Oh I'm so glad you had a reunion of sorts! Nothing like girl bonding! Now for that Ultimate Frisbee game...don't ever let someone say girls aren't competitive. Such fierce warrior expressions on DoodleBug and friends! And I love the break down dancing!
    What a great weekend!

  6. Sush- It was so great! The entire weekend was nothing but fun. But I hated saying good-bye at the airport this morning. And yes, those were some mighty competitive ladies out there!

    Betty- They are such great kids! DoodleBug does give it her all on the field. Shoot, she does that in everything she does! Thanks Betty!

  7. :::smacking your shoulder while shouting: "Red one!!"::: Oh never mind, I just saw the red VW in one of the photos, and was reminded of the commercials. LOL

    Loved viewing all the action shots of the frisbee game. Great stuff. You should become a professional photographer!!! Seriously. Ever think of trying to become a free lance photographer for a newspaper in your town?

    Great weekend stuff. All filled with fun.

    And and me both when it comes to shopping and how they all mysteriously hop in the shopping cart.


  8. Anni- I remember doing that with my brothers growing up. And they hit WAY harder than I did! LOL I would LOVE to do that but I'm not anywhere near professional caliber. Stupid shopping carts. :)

  9. I totally get this post : ) Love it!

  10. Joyce- I know you do! I'm going to head over your way to hear all about your weekend with both your girls!

  11. I'm breathless just reading about it all. No, it's the frisbee photo shoot that left me really panting. My goodness, that's energetic stuff! My DIL plays Ultimate when she's not 'mom' to the four grands.

  12. Stephanie- They are so intense! During one game they played CofC alum who played when they were in college and they brought their little kids- it was GREAT!

  13. Those are some fun/wonderful events that have taken place. I know you loved every minute! The ultimate frisbie looks like fun and a definitely a workout.

  14. Debby- I really did! Hubs and I both enjoyed ourselves so much! Ultimate is quite a workout...too much for me!

  15. Such a great post, again! When your lovelies are near, you become the happiest Mummy in the world!

  16. Desiree- I do, don't I? I just can't help it! I love having them around. Though I have to wonder how much I'd like it if they moved back in. LOL

  17. that pumpkin is amazing and hilarious!

    i'm exhausted just looking at those shots of the game. it looks so fun. i think your daughter should get involved in roller derby. ;) she'd kick some serious butt!

  18. Great action-y shots! What an awesome weekend. :)

  19. Sounds like you have had high adventure in your family. Isn't it great to be a mom!

  20. MB- Birdie loves Halloween! I miss her being here to carve pumpkins! Roller derby---LOL I'll pass that on!

    Jessica- We had such a blast! Thanks!

    Ellen- It's the best thing EVER! Thanks!


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