Monday, October 17, 2011

Challenge Day!

Today is the end of the FIFTH week of Biz's Holiday 2011 Challenge and the end of the FOURTH week of Give Yourself the Best Gift and the Christmas Dress Challenge! (All buttons are on my sidebar but you can just click the links to get to their blogs OR click the links above!)

Here we go!

  • Drink 64 oz of water daily: YES
  • Walk 5 miles/weekday (1-2 on weekends): NO- I got totally rained out two days and had to walk Tucker under the umbrella.
  • Keep daily calories between 1200 and 1400: YES
  • Post daily exercise and food on YES
  • Post weekly results: YES
  • No food after 8:00 pm: YES--that is, Yes I've had NO food after 8:00 pm.
  • Last minute addition: eat slower: SORT OF. I am making slight progress here.
  • Three days of strength training exercises: YES. Actually, I got in 4 days...something went haywire with my motivation--probably the rain outs--but don't get used to seeing this. Three days is quite enough of these evil exercises.  
Here's the calorie breakdown:
  • Monday: 1121
  • Tuesday: 1295
  • Wednesday: 1084
  • Thursday: 1339
  • Friday: 1319
  • Saturday: 913
  • Sunday: 1305

Total calories for the week: 8376  
Total walking miles for the week: 22.20 miles
Weight total for Biz's Holiday Challenge 2011 week FIVE: -2 lbs (for a five week total of: -10.5 lbs)
Weight total for Give Yourself the Best Gift and Christmas Dress Challenge week FOUR: -2 lbs (for a four week total of: -8.5 lbs

Remember y'all: One day at a time!


  1. Whoo hoo - you are doing so great!

  2. Great job congrats on being down another 2 pounds....woohoo!!

  3. Great job...keep it up! :) Enjoy your evening!

  4. skinny- thanks! I must admit that I was glad to see those two pounds go!

    Eva- Thanks! You too!

  5. You are the most focussed person I know. Good for you!

  6. I agree with Stephanie. I am constantly amazed how disciplined you are.Congrats on the loss!

    I know you´re trying to eat gluten free, so I thought I´d send you this website with recipes. Since I´m Mennonite too, I love their food and I think you will too.

  7. Stephanie- It comes from determination. Thanks!

    Betty- I'm just determined. And sick of being fat. Oh, thank you so much for the website! I am going to check it out NOW!

  8. YIPPY!!! AWESOME!!! Keep it up. I am so proud of you!!
    Keep up the great work. Take care and God Bless!!

  9. Julie- Thanks! How's your leg? Never mind, I'm headed to your blog to find out! LOL

  10. Wow, you are doing great!!! A real example for us here!

  11. Bluezy-I LOVE being a loser. Though I never thought I'd ever say that. LOL

    Chaquenha-Thanks! It started out as hard work, now it's just what I do. And has become fun...the walking part anyway. :)

  12. Now, you're beginning to make it look difficult to achieve...since you're now SO far ahead...and I'm still quite a way behind the starting line! You are doing MARVELLOUSLY! I hope you're very, very proud of yourself and remembering to pat yourself on the back several times a day! Here's mine...pat, pat, pat!

  13. My Gosh, you are the poster child of what I want to be. Organized, accountable, focused, and getting awesome results. Way to go!

  14. Good job on the calorie counts! :) Such a great week, kudos to you dear!

  15. MKM- Thanks!

    Desiree- It's not difficult. Once you start, it actually just becomes part of what you do and who you are. You just have to start! I am proud of myself- but I sure do appreciate the pat on the back! Thank you!

    Jackie-I can't function without a schedule. Even when it comes to eating. LOL Thanks!

    April-Thanks girl! It's a long journey but I'm so glad I finally got the right mindset for it!

  16. Wow! Impressive! Good for you. It IS your time!

  17. Michele- I certainly hope so! I'm tired of being the heaviest person in the house.


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