Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

Wow. That's yet ANOTHER week that flew right by and put me one week closer to Christmas. The good news: Everyone will be home for the holidays! The bad news? I'm no where NEAR ready. And by no where NEAR ready, I mean I'm not ready to even think about getting ready. Does that even make sense? I still have a room to paint and cleaning to get to and then planning the Thanksgiving menu which will be sugar and gluten free and then the decorating...ARGHHH! No. No. It's fine. It's no where near time to panic. Is it? 

Anyway, here's my week in a:

Hubs and I got up early Monday morning to take Deanie back to the airport. We didn't want her to go. But we got up and took her anyway. Someone might have shed a tear or two on the way back home. But I'm telling who. We really enjoyed having her home even if it was for such a short time. DoodleBug loved it too! She really misses those sisters of hers. We had a fabulous visit but I didn't take many pictures. I got too caught up in the magic of sisters talking and laughing together. It was pure bliss!

Deanie came straight to the fields after the wedding to see her sister!
Her daddy got her some boiled peanuts! A low-country MUST HAVE!
And I made bread--gluten free of course. And those really ripe bananas back there? Gluten free banana bread! It lasted about one day.

I think we had our last official hot weather day for the next 7 months. I sure hope so. Because I was officially OVER the heat. Officially. Over. It. Walking in 40 degree weather is much more desirable than trudging along in 80 or 90 degree weather. AND Tucker loves it too! He's been staying out there with me for the whole 5 miles!

Of course we are slowed down somewhat when Tuck sees a squirrel. ..

or two.
And the sunrises have been quite nice!

Some of you might remember that Breezy and I hosted a baby shower for a good friend of hers in August--we've known her since the girls were in 4th grade together. Her mother passed away a few years ago so we try to be here for her.

They aren't in 4th grade anymore.
Isn't he adorable?!

The groomer was here for Tucker this week. It's our last trim until the warmer weather comes back. I love our groomer-she comes to the house and does such a great job! And she's nice. And guess who is helping her for a bit? Bill Murray's son. That's right! Tucker is shampooed by a kid with a famous dad! Anyway, Tucker does get a little chilly when the weather changes (he's such a spoiled, low-country pup) so he got a new jacket this week.

This is Tucker pouting after being groomed. He is not the least bit impressed that Bill Murray's son shampooed him.
He was not all that interested in having his picture taken in his new coat.

I am in the mood for holiday movies and, in my endeavor to find some on Netflix, I have discovered that Netflix sucks. They won't let us watch Hocus Pocus or The Legend of Sleepy Hollow or It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or any Thanksgiving movies and very few Christmas movies instantly. I am not happy about this at all. It sure is lucky that I have a bunch of Christmas movies on DVD.

DoodleBug, Gibbsterrific, Evwardo, HannahBanana, and Benjamin came over for Wednesday night supper! Birdie joined us via Skype. I LOVE Wednesday night suppers!

The Wednesday night crew!

Strider just can't figure out where we are!

DoodleBug decided to do a bit of school work while she was here but Tucker had other plans for her.

So she had a little talk with him about how she needed to get some of her work done.
Guess who won?

And that wraps up our week! Hope you have a fantastic week ahead! And remember to smile- it'll give people something to talk about!


  1. Hi Pam, That's some great photos you've put up today. Enjoy your Sunday! Hugs x

  2. I loved hearing about your week. Boiled I'm craving them! I loved all the pictures - and how cool is it that Bill Murray's son shampoos your dog?!!

  3. I haven't even come close to thinking about Christmas ......scary thought that it's not that far away!

  4. Thanks Eva! Hope you're having a great one too!

    Mommie- I thought it was cool too but Tucker just doesn't get it. LOL The boiled peanuts were de-lish! I snuck a few for myself!!

    skinny-It's crazy how close it is!

  5. I love hearing all about your week too!
    delighted that everyone can make it home for Christmas, but yea, I can imagine the amount of preparations! I haven't even begun to think about that! Getting Hallowe'en out of the way first!

  6. Lovely pics and a great family. You are very lucky.

  7. I love your pictures Pam, I love you family. You are so lucky and them too to have such a great family. Take care and have a blessed week.

  8. I haven't had boiled peanuts in ages! And that banana bread?--------whoa. Glutten Free, nut free...anyway you can make it. Hand me a slice willya?

    What a fabulous week's activity post you've shared. Oh and by the way ---Tucker looks so dapper in his new Digs!!!

    Thanks for popping by to visit with me over the weekend. Today's post is:

    Macro Halloween Candle Holder...Eerie!!


  9. Wonderful photos! Christmas in just two months, boy I better get busy preparing. Don't you just love this time of year, full of expectation of the family getting together.

    My first boiled peanut experience was when I was 21 years old. I'd never heard of them before that. The first one was horrid! The second one wasn't too bad, and by the third, I was hooked!!!

  10. Great photos. You have such a beautiful family - and the dogs are so cute, too!
    I've never eaten boiled peanuts. Must try some if I get a chance.

  11. Mimi- Not much going on for Halloween around here now that the lovelies are out on their own. Most of the kids in the area have gotten older too. Geez, this is kind of sad.

    Betty- We so look forward to our Wednesday nights. I don't know what we'll do when DoodleBug graduates.

    Michele- We do feel blessed with such wonderful kids. Even though three of them live out of state. Thanks!

    Julie- Right back at ya girl! Thanks!

    Anni- Thanks! And I will be more than happy to share some banana bread with you! Come on over!

    Judy- I do love this time of year! I spend all year waiting on it to get here! LOL That's a hilarious boiled peanut story!

    Stephanie- You need to come down here for a true (and good) boiled peanut experience. When can I expect you? LOL Thanks!

  12. Faster and faster, I am not ready to think about it either!!!!
    Lots going on at your house.
    The baby is so cute!
    Have a great week, hope it's not too fast.

  13. Debby- I wish it would slow down but I don't see it happening! If you ever figure out how to make it happen, please share! Thanks!

  14. Kinda funny to think Bill Murray's son works for a dog groomer in SC : )

    i know what you mean about the sound of sisters-it makes my heart happy too!

  15. Joyce- I know...they moved down here a few years ago. Since the divorce she lives on Sullivan's Island and he lives downtown. It's a small enough town that we all know everything. LOL

  16. Wow! Wonder what it was like growing up with Bill Murray as a dad?
    Tucker is just adorable!


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