Monday, October 24, 2011

Challenge Day!

Today is the end of the SIXTH week of Biz's Holiday 2011 Challenge and the end of the FIFTH week of Give Yourself the Best Gift and the Christmas Dress Challenge! (All buttons are on my sidebar but you can just click the links to get to their blogs OR click the links above!)

Here we go!

  • Drink 64 oz of water daily: YES!
  • Exercise: YES but with CHANGES- since we are getting rained out from time to time, I've decided it would be best to change my weekly exercise goals to getting cardio OF SOME SORT seven days/week. So, instead of tracking miles here, I'm going to track hours AND miles because some of my time will be doing cardio such as Tae Bo or Pilates fat burning or Yoga Booty Ballet or some equally evil type torture. And my goal is for SEVEN HOURS/WEEK--although I hope to exceed that each week. 
  • Keep daily calories between 1200 and 1400: YES!
  • Post daily exercise and food on YES!
  • Post weekly results: YES!
  • No food after 8:00 pm: Check! Except for that night that we ate I made it a lite meal.
  • Last minute addition: eat slower: This one is getting better!
  • Three days of strength training exercises: YES!  
Here's the calorie breakdown:
  • Monday: 1240
  • Tuesday: 1235
  • Wednesday: 1319
  • Thursday: 1312
  • Friday: 1251
  • Saturday: 1094
  • Sunday: 1143

Total calories for the week:  8594 
Total CARDIO for the week: 20.94 miles AND 7.2 hours
Weight total for Biz's Holiday Challenge 2011 week SIX: -3 lbs (for a six week total of: -13.5 lbs)
Weight total for Give Yourself the Best Gift and Christmas Dress Challenge week FIVE: -3 lbs (for a five week total of: -11.5 lbs

Remember y'all: One day at a time!


  1. MKM, Allison, Miriam and Betty: Thanks y'all! I'm turning up the exercise this week...or at least, that's the plan. LOL

  2. I wish I was paying closer attention when this challenge started! I need something to challenge me now......I survived the summer without gaining weight, but now the holidays are coming!

  3. 3 lbs is great. Love your organized updates! Keep up the great loss. Santa will have to be updated on WHO you are by the time you get there...

  4. Great now, you must have lost a $#!* load of weight. You are an inspiration with your dedication to your lifestyle change.

    Looks like you had a great time with the girls last week!

    Your loaf of bread looks scrumptious, where did you find the recipe? My daughter, and The Mattster (her SO) are gluten free.

    Have a great week,

    BTW, could Tucker get any cuter in that jacket??!!

  5. You go girl...your doin' awesome!

    God bless ya and have yourself an extraordinary day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. Pockets- Thanks!

    skinny-Thanks! I am!

    Cookie-These challenges really help me! I'm sure someone will be hosting another one beginning in January!

    Bluezy- Thanks! It would be fantastic if Santa had to be updated! LOL

    Shawn- Thanks! I have- something like 68! We had a blast with the girls! Breezy is coming home in two weeks for a bachelorette party but she's staying a couple of days! The bread is a mix from Whole Foods. Isn't Tuck a looker?! LOL

  7. Awesome week! You are doing this Challenge proud!

  8. Rochelle- Thanks! I hope it continues!

  9. Congratulations for still staying on the straight and narrow. I'm very, very impressed.

  10. Michele- Thanks! I feel a fall coming though. UGH.

  11. I love looking in on your progress!!! You are doing so great.

  12. Girl, you are amazing. Keep up the great work. I am so proud of you.
    Take care and have another successful and terrific week.

  13. You just keep moving from strength to strength! I have to say how PROUD of you we all are! I can't wait for your unveiling when you smile for the camera at Christmas time, as promised!

  14. Wow, how are you able to lose so much in one week? That is awesome!

  15. You're doing so great!! You should post what you eat, giving us all better ideas of what to eat when we're trying to lose weight. It's always nice to have new ideas for a meal. P.S. Keep up the amazing work!

  16. I've been off-line for a bit, so I'm visiting around and catching up. Great job with the challenge! I think I may be finding some of those pounds that you are losing :( Keep up the good work--and send a few motivational vibes my way, please!

  17. Julie- Thanks! You were the one who got it all started for me!

    Desiree- I haven't forgotten about the Christmas picture! As a matter of fact, I'm going to tell the lovelies so I won't be able to get out of it!

    Chaquenha- I do different things like decrease calories or increase exercise! Thanks!

    Judy- Thanks! I never thought about posting the food but I could do that. Mostly I've just changed most of my regular recipes to be gluten free and sugar free.

  18. Good work! I know you have new runners - have you bought any other new clothes to go with the smaller you?

  19. Stephanie- No new clothes yet. I'm just walking around in baggy bottoms! WAIT! I have bought a couple of sweaters. Oh, and some leggings for my walks- and I have a couple of workout jackets that I couldn't even put on that are too big now. Does all that count? LOL

  20. Wow!!! I'm so totally awed and impressed. I couldn't have done any one of those - much less ALL of those!!

    Great Job!

  21. Great Job Pam! Keep it up.
    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs x

  22. You've got some really good numbers, well done!

  23. I am more than impressed with your numbers! Hooray for you!!


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