Sunday, November 13, 2011

Challenge Day!

Today is the end of the NINTH week of Biz's Holiday 2011 Challenge and the end of the EIGHTH week of Give Yourself the Best Gift and the Christmas Dress Challenge! (All buttons are on my sidebar but you can just click the links to get to their blogs OR click the links above!)

Here we go!


  • Drink 64 oz of water daily: YES!
  • Exercise at least one hour 7 days/week: YES!
  • Keep daily calories between 1200 and 1400: YES!
  • Post daily exercise and food on YES!
  • Post weekly results: YES!
  • No food after 8:00 pm: Check!
  • Eat slower: Eh, so-so.
  • Three days of strength training exercises: YES- sort of. It's not exactly strength training but it does require strength of the physical and mental type--I'm talking about DIY home improvement here. UGH.   

Here's the calorie breakdown:
  • Monday: 1126
  • Tuesday:1188
  • Wednesday:1327
  • Thursday:1270
  • Friday:1127
  • Saturday:1227
  • Sunday:1112

Total calories for the week: 8377 
Total CARDIO for the week: 24.29 miles AND 9.51 hours (NOT fantastic, but DIY home improvements took priority...again- UGH)
Weight total for Biz's Holiday Challenge 2011 week NINE: 0 lb (for a NINE week total of: -16.5 lbs)
Weight total for Give Yourself the Best Gift and Christmas Dress Challenge week EIGHT: 0 lb (for a EIGHT week total of: -14.5 lbs)

Please know that a ZERO loss is perfectly fine with me! As long as the scale does NOT move UP, I'm a happy camper! 

Now, if we can just get this one project done. Did I mention UGH when it comes to DIY home improvements?  I'll post the tale and some pictures at some point. This week. I HOPE. 

At least y'all know that I'm still alive. AND that I have not killed Hubs. :)

Remember y'all: One day at a time!


  1. YIPPY no gain is great. For me a small gain that I don't plan on keeping.
    Keep up the great work my friend. Have a blessed week!!
    Can't wait to see and hear the tale of the home improvement.

  2. As far as I remember you always lose a lot the second week after a week of no loss. Let´s see if I´m right next week.
    You are so disciplined and I admire that!
    Hope you home reno´s go well this week too!

  3. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.

  4. I see you're still having some difficulty with eating more slowly :) Otherwise, you're doing superbly and I truly cannot wait for the Christmas/Thanksgiving unveiling of Pam :) I think you're an absolute STAR!!!
    I'm so quizzy to hear all about the house repairs. Tell Hubby there'll be no nice gluten free homebaked goodies until he's finished the job, then make yourself a delicious sandwich and settle yourself down right beside him and EAT SLOWLY and with plenty of noises showing how much you're enjoying each and every bite :)

  5. You're doing great and DIY projects? I've found that some of them can be more of a workout than any type of exercise!

  6. Yeah, I think so too, that progress means not going UP on the scale! Good job. I have a room I need to paint this week. I don't know why it's not an exciting venture for me. I guess it's just that getting started is the hard part. :-)

    Be sure to enter my Handcrafted SOAP'n'SUCH GIVEAWAY. Ends Friday night. :-)

  7. Yes, the DIY projects can certainly be the acid test of a marriage! They're good workouts, though.

  8. Looking back on some of the DIY projects I've undertaken in partnership, they were hell on wheels at the time. Now I look back fondly and smile at the few nuggets of real happiness that came from working together. Very few but very shiny. Good luck with yours.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments! I will get around to your blogs ASAP! I am scraping walls while Hubs is at work. We have to get this done before Thanksgiving when people will need to sleep in there!

    Julie- Sent you an email! Talk to you soon!

    Betty- Ooohhh! If you're right I just might fly down your way with a huge hug for you!

    skinny- Thanks!

    Desiree- How did you know I needed a good laugh today?! LOL I know I can always depend on you for just what I need!

    MKM-Thanks! I'm finding out the very same thing!

    Judy-I hope you don't run into the same issues we have! UGH!!! I'm so excited about the giveaway! Hubs is using your soaps now too so they're going faster!

    Jo-Agreed on both counts! Thanks!

    Stephanie- Yes, the looking back part is always the easiest...right? LOL Thanks!

  10. Good on you for not killing the hubs. You never know when you'll need him for some man job that although you could do you really don't want to.:)

  11. Hi Pam,

    Glad to see you making progress:

    Have a lovely week!

    Hugs x

  12. One Day at a Time, indeed! The zero really IS OK - so many times people let that zero loss affect them too much. I like when people are at peace with the scale (I'm usually not but that's just me)....I think you are doing great on this challenge! Have a great week ahead!

  13. I take "no loss" as a sign that you've little left to lose.
    You're doing great!

  14. Must be DIY month...we are painting the outside of our house. :)
    Self-discipline is so difficult yet so rewarding - you go girl!

  15. Michele- Excellent point!

    Eva- Thanks so much! Any new art at your place?

    Rochelle- I haven't always been at peace with the scale. But I am now and it's so liberating! Thanks!

    Mimi-I WISH! LOL No, I still have 100 pounds to go. So, it's going to be quite a while yet.

    Kipp- We have to do that too and I am NOT looking forward to it. Hope you don't run into any 'surprises' out there!

  16. I agree, staying the same is part of the game. Glad you have a good attitude about it. You are consistently spot on with all your goals. Michele

  17. Great attitude! No gain/loss is way better than a gain. Keep going strong!! :)

  18. I really admire your willpower! I also have a tough time chewing slowly, but your diet and exercise routine is commendable! Good luck with the rest of the challenge! Julie

  19. I feel myself getting fatter since I got laid off. No horseback riding and no gym. Grrr.....


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