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A Colorful Review, A Guest Post...and a giveaway!

Fun trailer, right? You should read the book!

I could tell y'all all about the fantastic way the author threads color through the book and relates it to life. I could tell about her dreams and her little red suitcase. I could tell all about the way she grabs your attention from the beginning of the book and holds it to the very end. I could tell you how, at the end, you are ready to dive right in to the sequel (Hint, hint Cat!). I could even tell you all about the amazing cities and experiences she has lived in and through. But I won't.

You can discover all of that by reading the book yourself.

What I will tell you is that, after reading Any Color But Beige Living Life in Color, you will feel as though you have made a new friend. A friend you are interested in and care about. A friend who makes you think and observe life closer. A friend who has opened up her life to you and shared her ups and downs; her loves and heartaches; her travels and her home; her bold decisions and her wrong turns...it's all in there!

And so, without further ado, I give you a guest post from Cat(therine) Larose! (Oh, the giveaway rules follow Cat's post)...

Recreating Yourself – Encore!

We recreate ourselves constantly whether we realize it or not. It happens naturally as we live our lives. Outwardly we go from daughter, to wife, to mother. We graduate, we work, we earn money, we raise a family and, in the process of living, we raise ourselves. These are the facets of our life that the world sees. We’re “on script” so to speak.

But there are times when the script doesn’t match the internal voice of our character. That is the time we start rewriting our scripts, adjusting our personal narratives and changing ourselves.

Sometimes we make small and incremental changes in dialogue, like learning to say “no” when all our lives we’ve been saying “yes.” Sometimes we change our costumes, like getting into shape and upgrading our looks so we suit our new roles. And sometimes we make fundamental changes, like changing careers, going back to school or leaving the safety and security of life as we know it for the unknown – performing without a net.

Change, and the act of re-creation or reinvention, are never easy. When we’re going through it we often question our motives, our sanity and our judgment –and rightly so. It’s important to make sure that change is warranted because change for the sake of change is counterproductive. It’s like changing four quarters for a dollar – you’re no further ahead than when you started.

Naysayers, family and friends among them, who are stuck in their own personal ruts, will warn you off change and call your decisions into question. Don’t second-guess yourself! Don’t let “analysis paralysis” rule your life either!

Six years ago I recreated my life. As an international color marketer I was busy adding color to everyone else’s life but my own so I rewrote my script, changing my character from a long-time married suburban wife, to a single woman living in cosmopolitan Montreal.

I didn’t do it overnight. In fact, I thought about it for 13 years before making a change that I knew was unavoidable. Once made, I never looked back. Everything changed: my outlook, my attitude and my approach to life. I rewrote my inner dialogue from negative to positive, gave myself a new setting, and added an interesting cast of characters to my love life.

For the first time in years I knew what it felt like to be fully alive. I took my life off autopilot and started flying solo, free to feel the full range of emotions I had been avoiding for years: love, lust, longing, happiness, sadness and, finally, contentment.

Recently I completed my memoir Any Color but Beige: Living Life in Color. When I read it, I am amazed at the number of recreations there are in my life. I didn’t realize it as it was happening; it’s only now in retrospect that I can see the metamorphosis, the gradual pushing of boundaries from the safety of a beige chrysalis to a world awash in color. And this is only just the beginning because the one thing I realized when I finished the book was that as long as I’m alive, I’m never really done.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “There are no second acts in American life.” He was wrong, not only are there second acts; there are encores and lots of them. So take a bow and get ready for the next performance.


I have TWO ! 

FIRST: You can win a copy of Cat's book Any Color But Beige Living Life in Color (you can chose print OR e-book copy)

SECOND:  is a Book Club Contest that will be awarded on Dec. 19. 
On Monday,December 19 at the end of her WOW Blog Tour, Cat Larose will be awarding a special Book Club Prize !  

The prize includes 10 copies of her memoir Any Color But Beige, a guide on how your book club can enjoy Any Color But Beige, a virtual visit from Cat Larose, and several other surprises.  

If you want to enter this contest just leave a comment after this post with the words “Book Club Contest” in the message. 

You can enter to win both the individual contest for one copy of Any Color But Beige and the Book Club Contest but you have to leave two different comments.  

Don't forget to tell everyone who belongs to your Book Club to enter the contest!
I will choose (randomly) a name and submit it to WOW! by Sunday, December 18. That name will be entered as a semi-finalist and entered into a drawing at www.random.org.  

Ok, just in case anyone is confused--because I kind of was after I read the giveaway rules...

You need to leave TWO SEPARATE comments: one stating that you would like to win a copy of Cat's book and another one stating that you want to enter the Book Club Contest. 

The BOOK contest will end on Wednesday, November 30th at midnight.

The BOOK CLUB contest will end on December 15th at midnight!

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  1. I'd love to read the book! Great reco. Thanks for the opportunity Pam. :)

  2. This book sounds really good! I have been reading too many mysteries and I need this right now!!

  3. I'd love to read the book Pam, it really sounds awesome. Thank you for the great review.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  4. I would love the opportunity to read Cat's book.

  5. I think our inner character gets a real boost when we turn 50. We are who we are, it doesn't matter if not everyone likes us, and we've nothing to prove to anyone. Life just seems to settle down and become manageable!

  6. Cat's absolutely right...sometimes we just have to change something in a big way. I did that 15 years ago and I've never been happier. It's very scary, though.
    Sounds like a good (in all senses of the word) read.

  7. Jessica- It's a really good memoir. I really feel like I know Cat personally now! And she's fun!

    Lucy- I think you'll love it! I did!

    Julie- How's is going girl?! I think you'll love the book! Good luck!

    Shwebb- Awesome! I'll include you in the drawing!

    Judy- Agreed. Especially the not having to prove anything to anyone. I really am enjoying that one! LOL

    Stephanie- It is scary. But we seem to find an inner courage we never knew we had and what's waiting right there? Happiness! It really is a good read!

  8. Greetings Ladies from Sunny South Africa where I'm here on business and enjoying the beautiful local colors - it's summer!

    Thanks for your interest in the book and for those of you joining the contest - good luck!

    Stephanie - I think scariest part to this change process is making the decision to change. It took me a long time to screw up my courage and say "yes". But once I did I never looked back. And my life has been anything but beige since I did!

  9. It would be nice to sign the comment.

    colorfully yours,


  10. A little experiment here since I'm not used to posting with Blogspot. I've opened a Cafe Girl account I hope it works!

  11. Cranberry Morning - I found turning 50 to be very freeing. I've decided the only opinion that counts is my own. And I think that's what made it easier to write without the constraints of OMG - what will people think.

    Cafe Girl Chronicles

  12. Cat- So glad you were able to figure this out! Sorry I was no help at all!

  13. Don't forget that you can enter to win 10 copies for your favorite book club! If you don't belong to a book club contact one in your area--try your local library--and let them know!


    WOW-Women on Writing Blog Tour Organizer

  14. Please enter me in the contest for Cat's book. It sounds wonderful. Wendell wants to read it too, even though his mane and tail are beige(ish).


  15. Beige is still a good background color Patrice. Braid his mane and tail in a nice navy or red - he can strut his stuff!


  16. Patrice- You're in! Thanks!

    Great idea Cat!

  17. Sounds like a fun read...put me in....my living room is red as are two other rooms in my house.
    Mama Bear

  18. MB- You're in! Red is my absolute favorite color. It has been since I was three years old---at least, that's my first memory of loving it! I think it may be related to Santa. LOL

  19. I would love to read Cat's book. Her article made me smile.

  20. I know some wonderful readers who would love this book for a gift. . . I unfortunately do not love reading.

  21. Nancy- I really enjoyed the book! Good luck!

    MC- I love reading as long as the book interests me. This one did! LOL


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