Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scrap It!

The last few weeks I have entered a couple of giveaways that I really wanted to win. I was truly bummed when I didn't win either of them because I really wanted to try the software for digital scrapbooking the bloggers were giving away.

The good news? I was offered an opportunity to review the product AND offer a free copy as a giveaway on my blog!


That’s exactly right! One of you will win a copy of the software for your very own! Whoop! Whoop!

It's called MyMemories and I really, really like it! Yes, they gave me the software for FREE. But, if I’m nothing else in this world, I am honest. And I have truly been having a total BLAST with this software for digital scrapbooking!

I've been playing around with it for two weeks now (ok, a little more but I ran into that redecorating issue and then Thanksgiving came around...) and I'm nearly finished with two scrapbooks.

Here are the things I enjoyed about the MyMemories Suite:
  • it's easy! There are plenty of options from which to choose, but not so many that I became overwhelmed.
  • they offer FREE extras nearly every day! 
  • it's easy! Nothing complicated about how to use MyMemories Suite 2 at all which means instant success!
  • they are always available to answer any questions!
  • it's easy! Wait, did I already mention that?
  • you can be creative!
  • you can print your pages or have them print a book!
  • they offer discounts on upgrades!
  • you can chose from instant pages or make your own! 
  • I don't have a mess all over the dining table with my scrapbooking materials!
  • if something ever happens to my scrapbooks, I'll have these digital ones! All will not be lost!
I am working on a family album now. I think this is a great way to preserve photos! Yes, it's taking time, but it's so easy and I love playing around with the different options! 

This page shows my mother's grandfather, my mother's parents, my mother and her sister and their family.
This will have all the old family photos I have of my mother's family, my dad's family and both sides of Hubs' family!

This page is of my grandparents. I'm pretty sure that they hung the moon AND the stars!

I haven't added any music of played with videos yet. But the options are there!

That's my Granddaddy! I adored him! That's me showing him a doll I got for Christmas.
I'm also working on an album of the lovelies (big surprise, right?)! Again, the pages are NOT complete, I still have to add embellishments. But here's what I have so far on their individual pages--

Then I have Breezy's wedding photos and Hubs' and my childhood photos and the wedding we just went to this weekend and....

I'm going to busy for quite a while!

A word of warning! This software brings with it trips down memory lane that will have you laughing, crying, daydreaming and, sometimes, all three at the same time!

Will I never create scapbooks the 'old' way? YES. I'm not giving that up at all! This is just another option that I am enjoying! Plus, as I mentioned earlier, if something ever happens to my printed scrapbooks, I have these on my computer!

OK, if you simply can’t wait for the giveaway to end, just go on over to the MyMemories site and enter the code: STMMMS73032  for $10 OFF!

If you can wait, it's easy to enter to win!

I'm trying Rafflecopter for the first time. I think it takes a second or two to pop up but it should make this easier for you!


  1. As is to be expected from you, this is an excellent review and, even more importantly, you've posted some wonderful pages of your own using the software. The love and pride you have for your family shines through, as always, at every single opportunity you have, Pam! Software or not, you are just a walking Scrapbook of memories and I mean that as a huge compliment! I'm dying to see more as you make progress!!!

  2. So many great ones to choose from. Love all the Christmas ones. Ho Ho Ho and Snow Cardinals are favs. Great giveaway. I can see myself losing a lot of time doing this.

  3. Desiree- Always so sweet! I really am having a blast with this software! I'll put some more up later...once things slow down and I get some time...whenever THAT will be. LOL

    MC-So glad you entered! I love this stuff! Good luck!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. I always enjoy looking through old photos. One of the great things about blogging is that I get to do just that. You've taken it to a whole 'nother level. Good stuff!

  5. I just won this program from Jillian but for me it's hard. Not the program, just figuring out what to do with it. It's amazing. Good luck to whomever wins this program. Do enjoy it.
    I love your pages. Maybe I can figure it out.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  6. Hey they look great!! Oh I don't think I would want too though, me and photos, well lets say I get too, too blue.
    I have a ton in albums but I don't look at them.
    I have lots on my computer too, but you see what I show on my blog just flowers and leaves and stuff like that.
    How was your Thanksgiving, I have been dying to know if you stayed all gluten free.
    Okay, I know I should email.
    I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

  7. Julie- Just move down here and I'll help you! LOL I'm having too much fun!

    FG- I know what you mean. I really do. I have gone through some tough emotional issues with scrapping after the last one headed off to college. Thanksgiving was fantastic! It all turned out great- I'll have to do a post about it soon! Thank you so much! I love knowing that you're there!

  8. I would love to be able to win this programme as it looks fabulous. I am actually envious of those of that have blogs where you can do give aways such as this, somehow does not work on News From Italy!! My email hope you can work it out as do not want to put here in full LLMATYMAILDOTCOM because of spam bots. :)

  9. LLM- I love this thing! It's been so much fun but I've spent a lot of time playing with it when I should have been doing other things. So, if you win, be careful! LOL OH! So that's why people write out their email like that! Who knew? Good luck!


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