Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding Weekend, Part 1: The Oysters

Friday night (yep, the day after Thanksgiving) was the rehearsal dinner--an OYSTER ROAST! I'm telling y'all, we are all about oyster roasts around these parts. Even if you don't eat oysters (that would be me) you still LOVE going to oyster roasts just because they are so much fun!

I give you, the Rehearsal Dinner...the Rehearsal Roast...the Oyster Roast: 

Breezy with the Groom. Best friends since 6th grade. If there was ever mischief to be made and shenanigans to be up to, these two were there! And, more often than not, they were the only two there. Because everyone else was too chicken. Or smart.

DOGGIES! An adorable shaggy one...

that stole my heart! (Seriously, I wanted to bring her home)

And the cutest little flower girl!

Oysters! That's Danielle on the left and Creighton on the right- the bride and groom!

BestSonInLawEVER and Breezy


Lots of smiles!

The bride!

The bride and Breezy.

So, the guy who was supposed to deal with the oysters got sick. The guys took turns helping out. That's BestSonInLawEVER!

Hubs and BestSonInLawEVER took their turn together!

These precious doggies belong to the bride and groom!


The groom, his two brothers and their parents. And that precious doggie!

Same as above with the groom's SILs and his bride to be!

The bride's family with her soon to be husband.

Oh Lord. What can I say? Every party has to have one. And it's usually one of mine. :)

Tomorrow, the wedding day!


  1. Sweet pictures! Can't wait to see the wedding!

  2. Very nice pictures Pam :) Looking forward to see the wedding pics! All smiley faces - love it!
    Have a lovely Day! Hugs x

  3. Such a happy occasion, Pam! I, too, am looking forward now to seeing the wedding pictures :)

  4. MC, Eva and Desiree- Thanks so much! Y'all are so sweet! I will post part 2 tomorrow (the wedding) and part 3 on Thursday- the thing I enjoyed most! Thanks again, y'all!

  5. oysters! oh yummy!! That is one big, shaggy dog. Good thing the party was out doors, or you would still be vacuuming up all the dog hair. I LOVE weddings and it looks like everyone in these pictures does too. So many happy smiles. Blessings on the Bride and Groom.

  6. Hi Pam. Good to be your friend on facebook now as well! What lovely happy photos for us to look at today. All those happy, smiley faces. Just can't wait to see the wedding photos.

  7. Rosemary- Oysters! Oh yucky! LOL I wouldn't be vacuuming up dog hair- Creighton's brother would be though. :) I'll pass your wish of blessings on to them!

    Diane- I'm glad too! The wedding photos tomorrow and a surprise on Thursday!

  8. An oyster roast sounds like so much fun. I'll have to try that this summer.

  9. Kim- Oyster roasts are for the fall and winter girl! LOL Of course, considering you are in Canada, summer would probably be best. :)

  10. Looks like a blast!! Beautiful photos, happy people! And that polar bear - what a beauty! Is that a Great Pyrenees? (I NEVER can remember that name and have to start with 'okay, I know it's a mountain range in northern Spain...' and finally work my way to it! ANYWAY, I have never eaten an oyster in my life, but my grandpa always had to have oyster stew for Christmas Eve. Looks kinda scary to me. :-)

  11. Looks like everyone had a great time--even the doggies!

  12. Great pics Pam! I love that you post them.:) Can't wait to see the next batch...
    ps: big dog! love it!

  13. Awww.....I'm late to the party, but it looked wonderful! Your Breezy is one beautiful and fun young lady!
    I've never been to an oyster roast, in New Orleans, we shuck em and eat em raw! Looks like great fun!

  14. So Thanksgiving isn't busy enough for you? Sounds like a fun rehearsel dinner with some great good.


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