Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Blogshare--Day 9

While I certainly appreciate all the lovely compliments regarding the various recipes, crafts, ideas, etc. these last nine days, I CANNOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANY OF IT!

All of the posts are from other bloggers who are part of the 25 Days of Christmas Blogshare and are not my own.

However, the post this Sunday will be mine!

What I am posting are teasers, if you will, written by the blogger of the day to encourage you to go and check out the rest of their posts on their blogs.

All you have to do is click on the provided links for the entire post!

AND NOW, the featured blogger for day 9 of the 25 Days of Christmas blogshare is:

I am so happy to be able to participate in this Blog Share with so many other bloggers. I love Christmas time, because it was always about spending time with my family. It is the one time of the year where we all try to make an effort to get home to mom and dad’s (nana and papa’s) house to enjoy time with each other. When I was a single mom I was able to purchase a set of 3 trees of different heights for my Christmas tree. We now use these trees to put in the three kids rooms. These are their Christmas trees to decorate how they choose each year. They get to place their handmade ornaments on it each year. In order to count down to Christmas we make a paper chain advent calendar for them to put on their trees to count down to the birth of Jesus. Here are some variations on this easy frugal advent calendar.

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AND FRIDAY FRIEND CONNECT with Jan over at Midlife Parenting 


  1. Check out my blog today! I posted about winning the MyMemories software! Pretty Sweet!!

  2. Yes, I realised after I'd commented on the Eggnog post and you replied that you don't like or drink it :) I just really haven't had the time to do any blog visiting other than those of the ones I follow regularly and even my regular visits, as you may have noticed, have become less frequent, so I have not been round to meet any of the bloggers you've featured. I think December is just a very busy time of year for everyone! Here in SA. it's our long holiday of the year ...the school year ended today & universities closed a couple of weeks back. In addition to the rush associated with the Christmas festivities, it's our summer as you know, so we who garden are even busier, since everything just goes wild in the garden now. I can imagine that your anticipation, at having all four Lovelies home for Christmas, must be mounting by the day now and I'm sure you're super busy preparing everything ahead of time :)

  3. Nice post Pam, we're getting closer to Christmas each day :) I love Christmas and everything around it. The deco is already up [so cosy and nice] Have a lovely weekend my friend! Hugs x

  4. MC- I just got back from your blog! Thanks so much for mentioning me! I love the page you made! Isn't it FUN?!

    Desiree-I have noticed! I've been busy too- and it's almost a pain to stop everything to make sure I post these blog links. I'll think twice next time. LOL I can't imagine having Christmas in summer! That just seems so wrong. :) I can't wait to see what y'all have been up to in the garden of Eden (you know that's what I call your garden). You're quite right about my anticipation! I'm about to jump up and down and it's another 7 and 8 days before they get here!

    Eva-We certainly are! And I actually got a bit of shopping done today. Only a bit. But that's better than none, I suppose. :) Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks for posting my Blog Share article. And thanks for following me. I am following back. I can't wait to see your post.

  6. Amy-I'm looking forward to exploring your blog! Thanks for returning the follow!

  7. Good morning Pam. I hope that you have an awesome weekend. Love all the ideas you're sharing. Keep them coming.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  8. Those trees in their rooms sound like a great idea. I like the countdown advent chain too.


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