Friday, December 16, 2011

The Creative Bug

Some of you may remember that we decided to incorporate handmade gifts into our Christmas giving last year. Well, just like anything else we start, this is fast becoming tradition. And I'm already thinking that maybe I wish it wasn't.

Because the creative bug has eluded me this season. Until yesterday.

I thought I would try to make some refridgerator magnets for everyone this year, along with their knitted stocking caps (you know, in case I can't get all the caps finished because I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME).

Anyway, the magnets were less than dull. Boring. Plain. Blaze. Until yesterday when I thought, "Hey! Use your MyMemories software." So I did. And I made these:

Remember when we went to the wedding and ShutterBooth was there?

I used a lot of those photos...

you know, to humor everyone.

I'm putting this one and the next on in with the wedding gift for the newlyweds.

Breezy and her BFF...

Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER!

Us. Again.

Deanie and NickleAss at the Disco in Buffalo...

and then I tried a different background and decorations.

My oldest younger brother and my SIL.

My brothers, my dad and me; our first Christmas as brothers and sister.

My dad's parents.
 How silly to have that software and forget to use it! I'm having such fun with these things! At this point, I don't even care if they like them or not! (I'm kidding...sort of).

If you don't have MyMemories but want it, you can get a discount- just click the button on my sidebar and use the code! And then, have a blast!!!


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December 16, 2011

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  1. Now those are fabulous, dah-ling!

    I guess when the creative bug bites, it's big-time. Love the fun you're having.

  2. I'm going to remember those magnets for next year (just in case I'm ever foolish enough to do the whole "handmade" gifts again). I just finished the last present today - hurrah! Good luck finishing your hats!

  3. I'd share my Unforgettable Gifts post from today but I'm not sure it's appropriate for all your readers. But you understand my sick and twisted nature so when you have time, pop on by. ho ho ho.

  4. I still remember doing all the cross-stitch lids for the canning jars for the students. I would start at least a month before...and I still have the sailboat you painted for me with all the girls' names.

  5. Don't know why the comment came up anonymous - it was me. (Suzanne Morton aka Sailmort)

  6. That looks like something that would be totally addicting!

  7. Stephanie- Yep. And always, ALWAYS, at the last minute. Always. LOL

    Kara-I'm afraid it's going to take more than good luck. It's going to take a freaking miracle!

    Michele-Oh, I'll be by. You can count on it! LOL

    Suzanne- I though it was you as soon as you mentioned the sailboat! Can't wait to see you New Year's eve!

    Darlene-It is! And that's not good because I have so many other things I need to do!

  8. You're fantastic!
    I think they will love them, so personal and so creative.

  9. What a wonderfully creative idea!

  10. Thanks everyone! I'll be commenting and visiting your blogs soon! It's oyster roast day!

  11. Very cute magnets. A nice little trip down memory lane for you.

  12. So creative Pam! I am sure everyone will love them! :D


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