Monday, December 19, 2011

Challenge Day!

Today is the end of the FOURTEENTH week of Biz's Holiday 2011 Challenge and the end of the THIRTEENTH week of Give Yourself the Best Gift and the Christmas Dress Challenge! (All buttons are on my sidebar but you can just click the links to get to their blogs OR click the links above!)

Here we go!

  • Drink 64 oz of water daily: YES!
  • Exercise at least one hour 7 days/week: YES! 
  • Keep daily calories between 1200 and 1400: YES!
  • Post daily exercise and food on YES!
  • Post weekly results: YES!
  • No food after 8:00 pm: YES! Except when I didn't. :)
  • Eat slower: Sometimes.
  • Three days of strength training exercises: NO
Here's the calorie breakdown:
  • Monday: 1372
  • Tuesday: 1328
  • Wednesday: 1324
  • Thursday:1095
  • Friday:1125
  • Saturday:911
  • Sunday: 980

Total calories for the week: 8135
Total CARDIO for the week: 28.5 miles AND 7.63 hours
Weight total for Biz's Holiday Challenge 2011 week FOURTEEN: -0 lb (for a FOURTEENweek total of: -22 lbs) 
Weight total for Give Yourself the Best Gift and Christmas Dress Challenge week THIRTEEN: -0 lb (for an THIRTEEN week total of: -20 lbs)

Remember y'all: One day at a time!

I will post pictures of the oyster roast tomorrow. BUT NOW, it's time for the BLOGSHARE!

I am two days behind on this so I will link you to Saturday, Sunday AND Monday's posts!
REMEMBER- these are not my posts but are from other bloggers participating in the ---


 Saturday's blog post for the 25 Days of Christmas Blogshare was from:

Childhood Myths

Finding Joy and Happiness in Family Traditions

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, right? Now don't get all "Bah! Humbug!" on me! Concentrating on what makes the holiday special for your family does take some work - mostly mental!! Do you know what traditions are important in your family? Can you find and share your own joy and happiness with those closest to you?

25 Days of Christmas Dec. 17th Teaser

Here are some of the things that our family has come to value and love over time.....

Sunday's blog post was from:

Larissa Hill Designs

Christmas is about traditions, old and new. Whether it is the sweet smell of holiday delights originating from the kitchen, the treasured Christmas ornaments, everlasting Christmas movies or the simple stockings hung over the fire with care, each and every holiday tradition, reminds us of the Christmas spirit in our hearts. Here are a few of my favorite traditions that I look forward to every holiday season....

To Read Entire Post Go to Larissa Hill Designs...

And today's blog post is from:

Coupons For Wisconsin

Even with everyone looking for a little more help in tight economic times, individuals seem to be feeling extra charitable over the last year. I am not going to go into all the details, but to make a it short, dollars donated have increased 1.3% from 2010 to 2011. Surprising, right? But as more is being donated, more is also needed. Holidays tend to bring more awareness to charities, and donation opportunities are presented at almost every retailer you visit. How do you react to these opportunities?
Do you donate every chance you get?
Do you throw a handful of coins into the Salvation Army's red bucket once or twice?
Do you do whatever you can to avoid contact with the donation seekers because you literally don't even have a penny to give?
Just last year, I was in the last category. In a way, I still am in that last category! But I have discovered alternative, more creative ways to give to others besides pulling cash out of my pocket. Join me in the joy of helping strangers celebrate this magical season, and explore how you too can donate on a dime.

Do you have a Christmas blog post you would like to share with our readers? Sign up on our linky below to share your posts! Or if you are one of our readers just click on the Linky to see more Christmas posts to check out!


  1. making traditions seems to be the role of parents - mostly moms. We take from what we remember and usually add something new for our families to remember. The hardest part is leaving some behind when you need to make room for a new one that you didn't even know was created.

    Salvation Army kettles get something whenever I pass.

  2. I am taking a break from blogging for a few weeks, but I'll be back to visit regularly next year. It has been such a treat getting to know you and your wonderful family, Pam and I wish you all the happiest of Christmases! You have become an incredible inspiration and I'm hoping to try to emulate your diligence next year when I, too, attempt to tackle those unwanted kilos around my midsection. Take care, stay safe and stay as delightful as you are! Big hug, Des xoxo

  3. you are just fantastic on that diet!
    even though there's no loss this week, I think it will come, maybe next week cos you're doing so well on the exercise and cals.
    Love Christmas traditions!

  4. Almost 8 hours of cardio the week before the week before Christmas? That's amazing.

  5. Stephanie- I think you're right- especially about leaving one behind to make room for the new. I haven't even read the blog share posts- I just stuck them on here. LOL

    Desiree- I will miss you! But, at least next year is only a couple of weeks away! Promise you won't stay away any longer than that though. My little section of the blog world just wouldn't be as wonderful without you!

    Betty- I only put no loss because I can't get to the scale for all the 'stuff' in that room from everyone being home! LOL I'll weigh in as soon as possible and update everyone then! One challenge ended today- not sure about the other two.

    Mimi- I really have no idea whether there was a loss or not. I can't get to the scale right now! LOL

    Michele- Around the holidays it's more for sanity than losing weight! LOL

  6. Thank you for taking part in the challenge, you've done so well with your weight loss!

  7. Great job on being down 20 pounds......woohoo!

  8. Never mind "blog share"--how about sharing some of that incredible will power??? Twenty pounds? Amazing!

  9. Love family traditions.
    You did so awesome on your challenge. Keep up the great work Pam. You are such a great inspirtaion to me and more.
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  10. You are doing SO great!! I think I better start right now, writing down food and calories before the holiday indulgences overtake me. Always to be PROactive, right?

  11. You were an inspiration throughout the challenge so no surprise that you have a great loss. Good for you! You have definitely given yourself a great gift. Merry Christmas! Michele

  12. You are just doing awesome! There's only two updates left for the "Best Gift" Challenge, I look forward to seeing how you did!


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