Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Oyster Roast Post

What a great oyster roast it was! We had about 30 people and it may very well have been our best, most fun roast yet!

I think I"ll let some of the pictures do the talking...most of it anyway!

Gorgeous fresh shrimp that was delicious in the low-country boil!

Deanie and NickleAss (there's a story behind his nickname that I'll share soon)

First round of oysters

NickleAss and BestSonInLawEVER shucking oysters

Round two---
Round 3...you get the idea!

A Christmas kiss!

Breezy and her Christmas gift from BestSonInLawEVER!

My family might be a bit on the crazy side...

Ok, they ARE a little bit crazy!

The boys- NickleAss, Evwardo, and BestSonInLawEVER

Mr Brian entertaining the masses...as usual!

Chatting around the table...and eating!

That's DoodleBug in the middle, her BFF from high school and roommate, Hannah and Hannah's BF, Benjamin! (You've seen them in Wednesday night dinner pix)

It's so much fun to chat around the table...

And there was playin' and singin'- Hubs and Breezy.

My Sweetie.

More singin' and playin'...

All of the boys are talented too- here's NickleAss with the dobro that Hubs made YEARS ago (yes, he made it from a tree trunk- Hubs is a luthier by trade)

Still singin' and playin'

It was, simply put, fantastic!

And, best of all? The nest is NOT empty for the holidays! I am one happy mom!

Coming soon- Christmas fun on the beach!


  1. I absolutely loved reading this post. I could just FEEL the fun y'all were having. What a great time - and to be surrounded by family and friends...a wonderful thing!

  2. Your happiness just ooozed in this post. I love it. Enjoy every minute they are all home together. Hugs.

  3. Your house always looks like Fun Central. I envy you. Where was my fav boy though? I didn't see him in any of the photos.

  4. Wow, what fun you all had! Wish I could have been there - I LOVE oysters but have never been too an oyster roast.

  5. Oh, and I learned something new today ... I learned what a luthier is. ;-)

  6. Now that's a PARTY! So much fun and laughing. I always like the parties with homemade music. Sounds like you're going to have a noisy, happy Christmas.

  7. Hi Pam. I can just feel how excited you are to have everyone home with you again! Lovely happy photos of lovely family times. We 've never heard of oyster roasts over here in England, but I have come to realize that it's quite a big thing over there in America!

  8. Sounds like all went super well. It looked like it too. I love that you sing together. Something we don´t do, because no one can hold a note... :)
    Your girls are beautiful and I can see how much they love being home.
    Have a great time with them!!

  9. Judy- We did have a total blast! It's just great having them home! Thanks!

    Barb- It was BIG fun and would have been even better if y'all had been able to come!

    Michele- It has always been that way around here. I hope it never changes! Which boy is your fave?

    Kathy- They are such fun! You'll have to come to one of ours!

    Stephanie- It was fantastic! And noisy is exactly what it is around here right now! LOL

    Diane- It's just the best! Oyster roasts are well known in the coastal areas- at least in the south. Not sure about the north- I think they have clam bakes or something. LOL

    Betty- So good to hear from you. That means that the wind hasn't carried your skinny self off! I'll have to start calling you 'Slim'! We can't hold a note either- during one song everyone was singing the wrong note-it was awful, yet funny. LOL

  10. My hubs excels at oyster shucking...I think we need to come to your party next year : ) It looks like lots of fun!!

  11. Joyce- Are you kidding me?! We would LOVE for y'all to come!

  12. So glad it all turned out so well.
    Fun pictures!

  13. The pictures tell the story! What a great oyster roast!!!

  14. It looks like fun! Please do a post after the holidays and show some of hubs guitar work. There aren't many luthiers and it is so cool!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas, Lady! I'm glad we're friends!!!
    Wendell send a slobber:{~~~~ ?

  15. Looks like a really fun night of family and friends!!!
    Made the guitar?? Your sweetie is amazing! :)


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