Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Know Where Winter Is AND-- About This Running Thing...

Winter is with Deanie and NicholAss in UTAH. Who knew?

Meanwhile, DoodleBug and Gibbsterrific (Evwardo was sick, HannahBanana was busy, Benjamin was working, Wes was busy---we missed y'all!) came over for dinner and I made this for dessert--

Yep- fresh strawberries and homemade gluten free chocolate peanut crunchy thingys. They were so freaking delicious!

On the exercise note- I started an actual running program type thing this morning. 

And survived. 
All I have to do is follow the schedule and I should be able to run for 20 NONSTOP minutes at the end of one month. 


I know myself pretty well at this age. And I know that if I go too fast with this, I will become frustrated and quit. Not quit exercising but running. And just walk. I don't want that to happen.

I realize that running without a plan was not working. So I DO need a plan. 

I thought about turning their days into weeks- for example, DAY 1 is run 1 minute, walk 5 minutes. Repeat 3 times. DAY 2 is run 2 minutes, walk 4 minutes. Repeat 3 times. And so on...

Instead, I thought I would turn DAY 1 into WEEK 1- for 3 days. Then DAY 2 would become WEEK 2 for three days. And so on...

Ok, all you runners out there- considering my age (over 50 HOWTHEHELLDIDTHATHAPPEN) and my tendency to get frustrated (and bored and to over-do) coupled with my desire to run but to take is SLOW--the questions are:
  1. Does this sound feasible?
  2. Is there a better way?
  3. Do you have suggestions?
What I would love is a printable schedule that takes it slow. I'm not in a hurry because I really want to do this. The 5k I'm planning to run is not until Thanksgiving! I have plenty of time to do this. And do it right.
Any and all suggestions are more than welcome and appreciated! 


  1. I'll start by saying that I am not a runner. But, I have lots of friends who run and both of my kids are runners. I have heard great things about the Couch to 5K running program. You can find it here. My daughter used it after the birth of her second baby. She even has a C25K app on her phone that helps with pacing and encouragement.

    Whatever plan you decide to use, I wish you luck and applaud your efforts.

  2. Yeah . . . so not a runner. I'm a walker . . . I walk, but no running, with my neck surgery and other spine/back issues, walking works best for me.

    But I am proud of you! You go girl! Don't forget to stay hydrated.

  3. I had our local 10K training schedule on the wall for ages - I only used the walking part. That was pretty good and I think that the running training is good, too. I know it's for 10K but you might like to check this out:

    I agree that it does seem pretty slow and boring. The walking is downright slo-mo. But it builds.

  4. Grams- I looked at the C25K but I really want to take it slower than that. Thanks so much for mentioning it though! I appreciate it!

    MC-I enjoy walking too but feel like I want more. I have been running just a bit for a while but I don't think I'm accomplishing much and thought a scheduled program would help. Thanks for your support and encouragement!

  5. Stephanie- Yes, the walking is slow and does get boring. Even a fast walk. I'll take a look at your link-maybe, since it's a 10k the plan will be slower and over more time. These other people think I can run a freaking 5k in a mere 9 weeks. NOT going to happen!

  6. Wowzers! I l love you are working on a running plan. I used to run/walk miles until my back surgeries. I sure did love that feeling you get from running. Now I swim! Miles and miles and miles. Funny but I don't get that raisin wrinkle thing on my hands and toes like you get when you stay too long in the tub...hmm. I have no recommendation but I do agree slow is the way to approach it.
    Glad you had a delicious time (in so many ways) with your available lovely!

  7. Hello Pam! I think it sounds like a good plan to start out slow, otherwise you will get tired of it and frustrated. Your body needs to get use to it, and to get in synch with the breathing while running. I found that to be the hardest part in the beginning, but as you go along the easier it gets. I know you can do this :)

    And stay Hydrated! Good Luck!


  8. Looks like a lot of snow! That dessert looks wonderful. The nuts sound delicious.

  9. I am going to suggest you read the blog A Deliberate Life (you can find it in my sidebar). I am not the person to offer up weight loss/exercise tips. However, Chris is uber-inspirational and very smart. The only place I run is in my dreams. So there you go. The strawberries looked awesome. The other places looked cold. Brrrr. Makes me glad I live in the south. I do think the most important thing is that you decide on a plan and then work your plan. Period.

  10. Ah...beautiful dessert. No wonder you need to run. :-) Seriously, I can't run because of physical issues, but I can walk. You plan sounds good. Might work for me, too.

  11. Sush- I love that feeling too. It's the only reason I have decided to run. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

    Eva- YES! The breathing is quite a challenge. I've found a site that is helping with that. Thanks so much for stopping by and always offering a word of support!

    Debby- They've been in Utah since the 19th and it's snowed every day. The dessert was so yummy! And easy to make! Bonus! LOL

    Robin- I did go and find her blog and comment on it. Hopefully she'll have some good ideas. I will figure it out and stick to it! So very sorry to read about your aunt. Hugs to you!

  12. Pamela- Hahaha! I only had one! I promise! LOL I am hoping that starting slow will be key!

  13. Oh, Utah looks like a lot of fun!
    That dessert,yummy!!!!

    I could never run, it was one exercise I just couldn't do. I wish you the best of luck and I hope the runners you give advice because I am clueless on running!

  14. Lucy- Thanks! I hope so too! They are having a blast in Utah and won't be back until Sunday! Nice to be young, eh? LOL

  15. Over 50? You?! Surely not!!! Those peanut thingies look wonderful, and I demand the recipe - pretty please!! That sounds really sensible for you to make some sort of plan for your running. My admiration for you knows no bounds! Me? I'll just have another chocolate and a glass of vino I think!!

  16. I did have the desire to run the other day. Walking five miles is too long, so I thought what if I ran the last mile, I could do it pretty fast.
    When I first started walking I was much younger. I did start out with that same schedule. It did work. I remember how excited I was when I could do it.
    I think why I don't do it now is Do you remember ever watching that video of that bridge collapse? The Tacoma Narrows Bridge? I always see myself out there jogging and the flab will start a rocking motion and I might end up in the neighbors yard. :)
    Plans always work best.

  17. Diane-I'll be glad to share the recipe! It's so EASY! I figure a plan might prevent my death by running as opposed to flopping around out there aimlessly. LOL

    FG- OMG! You are hilarious! That's exactly the kind of thing I thought about my own running. I kept visualizing people stopping dead in their tracks thinking the earthquake had hit!

  18. I posted the green chile quiche recipe today. Care to share the chocolate recipe? Looks delicious!

  19. Brenda- I will do that! And thanks! I'm headed your way to get it now! Yummy!

  20. Utah looks sooooo lovely, I want to go there! Been longing for just a few days of skiing, but not happening this year, unless I win the Lotto (which is not happening either, as I don't buy the tickets, ha!).
    Your dessert looks yum, any chance of sharing recipe for the chocolate bit?
    And re running, I'm not exactly a runner, but I do run on my walks, for 1 minute at a time, then walk for about 5. I've never gone beyond that, but wouldn't fancy the pressure of "upping" it every day, I'd think each week or 5 days would work better.

  21. I don't run. I think it's bad for the knees. lol. When I did do it I would do it barefoot so I wouldn't strike hard at my knees....You could try that...with vibrams. It was also much funner for me, and it slows you down because you have to keep your feet under your center of gravity..I always do my exercise this way...I wait till it feels easy and make it a little I would what they say and if it isn't hard after a while move up to the next stage. Do it at your pace. Your life, your pace! Good luck!

  22. Couch to 5 k is a good program. I used the Jeff Galloway run/walk ..he has several, doable programs. Also, for inspiration, read John "the penguin" Bingham books.
    Good luck on the running.
    I had orthotics made and was able to walk/run 3miles today. I have a long way to go before I can think about another race!

  23. I would love to be able to people watch at Sundance, though my skiing days are long over! The dessert looks delicious, and if I knew it was waiting for me, I'd be willing to run as fast as I could to get it too! Best of luck with your running plans and remember to stretch, stretch, stretch! Julie

  24. It's not nice to make your bloggy friends lick their computer screens because you post such a yummy looking picture! Get the Windex!

  25. I hate to run and those peanut butter treats look delicious. Perhaps the two thoughts are not unrelated? : )


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