Friday, April 5, 2013


I remember the energy I had as a child. As a teen. As a young adult.

What happened to all that energy? Where did it go?

Did it get all used up while raising the lovelies? 

I think that maybe the energy level of humans should increase as we get older instead of decrease. But, since it doesn't, I've had to discover ways to keep my energy level up.

Here's what I've got so far:
  • Exercise- being active, and I'm talking about exercise-the kind that gets your heart rate up for a period of time-seems to be key. I know this because of the previously sporadic nature of my exercise efforts. The truth is, when I'm active, I have more energy. When I'm not, I have less. 
  • Positive attitude- making up your mind that you are going to have a good day, every day and then DO IT. It's not hard. I used to think it was, but it isn't. The trick is that every time a negative thought tries to creep in and thwart your efforts, you shove that b@tch right out of your head. Before you know it, they will all but stop coming around because they know it's not going to work.
  • Keep life simple- do what you can without adding stress. If you can and feel like it, then do it. If it's going to cause stress, don't. If it's a HAVE TO that causes stress (make sure it's a HAVE TO), then make up your mind to just get it done and do it. VIOLA! It's over. A good purge is helpful here too. 
  • Organize- let me tell y'all, I have tons to organize after raising four daughters. But it's quite a daunting task. This is another one that requires simplifying. I do it in spurts- a little at a time. The difference is not that noticeable at first, but the end result is fantastic. And it keeps the stress level low.
  • Healthy eating habits- I've noticed that when I cut the sugars (even the organic) and keep my foods organic (nothing processed), I have more energy and a clearer- mind. Amazing.
These are just a few ways that I find helpful while trying to keep my energy level up. I'm sure I have many more to discover.

What do y'all do to keep your energy up?

I'm linking this post to the fifth post of the April, A-Z Challenge!

Ok, let's see what y'all came up with for the letter 'E'!


  1. I know this is going to sound lazy, but a way to help keep my energy up is to take a 15 minute nap when I get home from work. I feel so much better when I do that and I have so much more energy for the evening.

  2. How I miss the energy I had even in my 40's. I think my friends would say I still have a lot of energy, but it's nothing like it used to be.

    Too much sugar and too little exercise are the biggest things for me...when I have less sugar and more exercise life is better.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. too bad sugar can't give us lasting energy--great advice today!

  4. Cathy, I power nap too! Got myself trained for 20 minutes. Cleaning is what wears me out. I was just thinking today I need to kick my family in the pants and purge.

  5. Cathy- No, it's not lazy. I know a lot of people who do that. I might do it myself except that I am so grumpy after a nap.

    Joyce- Same with me. I've cut the sugar to the bare minimum--in coffee and tea and it has helped. But sitting here with a meniscus tear has cut seriously into my exercise.

    Lynn- Amen to that cause it's so GOOD! :)

    History- I can't do the naps because I'm so grumpy afterwards, no matter how long it lasts. A good purge is needed here too. I don't think I'll ever get rid of all this stuff.

  6. Listening to my body has helped too. Sometimes pushing isn't the best thing. Sometimes,you just need to rest and relax and then tackle the project. I have learned just a 10 minute break can be enough to get the juices flowing,where before I would push until I was miserable.

  7. Lucy- Sure wish I had started listening before I got in such bad shape. I've always learned the hard way. I have found the same thing about a little break here and there.

  8. Hi! Just stopping in from the A-Z. My nest is still full; with three girls only a year apart. My house is currently not clean and my life is crazy busy. One day (all too soon) I know I'll be switching to the Empty Nest, just like you. Looking forward to any advice and great insights, from you :)

  9. I had to give up diet soda, it was killing my energy. Causing body aches and the caffeine was keeping me up at night.. what a killer!

  10. Simple and organized....that is my goal for life although I have been too tired to work on it!

  11. jaybird- Just enjoy every single second with those lovely daughters! We have 4 and they're all grown up but we had such fun while they were coming along. Preparation as they get older is wise, but it won't stop the shock of it.

    Jen- I can't even tell you when the last time was that I had a soda- diet or otherwise. It really does make a difference!

    Debby- Amen to simplifying. It is exhausting to work on it. Just chip away even if it's only ten minutes every day.

  12. Debs- You know, it's that stuff that comes full force when you're young and dies when you're not. LOL

  13. Damn! You've just reminded me that I didn't go for my walk today.

  14. Hi this is Nicole at Colie’s Kitchen. We are doing a 100 day weight loss challenge starting Monday April 8th. If you are interested in participating we would love to have you join us!!

  15. Nicole- Thanks but I'm no longer successful with challenges for some reason. They seem to make me rebel. LOL But I would love to visit and offer encouragement.

  16. just popped back to say I did go for my walk! Had a lovely 30 minute walk, chatted on the phone with a friend all during it, felt so much better after!
    Thanks for reminding me!

  17. Mimi- So glad you made it out! I'm hoping to get back out for a brisk walk tomorrow. We'll see how the knee holds out!

  18. These are really good. I have been working on a lot of these. Changing my diet is my most recent effort and I can see a big change. Feeling even a little bit better helps with all of the others.

  19. I definitely need Energy! Right now, I'm a coffee junkie. I don't think that's the right type of energy.

  20. Love the way you shake the energy pompoms - very inspiring! I used to be organized, but alas - no More! Need to make that happen again. Thanks for the reminder!
    Jess / Blogging on the Brink

  21. I just keep going. If I sit down, I get lazy! :)

  22. Robin- Thanks! It amazed me how much difference nutrition made.

    Cathrina- Hahaha! I know what you mean. I still start the day with a cup of Trader Joe's organic espresso blend. YUM!

    jess- I feel like I was more organized when the lovelies were coming along but maybe I was just too busy to notice. :)

    Small Town- The husband's grandmother always used to say, "If you sit down, you'll get rusty." :)

  23. I think your number one answer is the best for energy. Exercise has been the best thing in the world for getting over being tired. For depression too.

  24. Kim- Amen to that! I forgot all about the mental issue. It's amazing how activity brings mental clarity and positivity!

  25. Energy ... I thought that was just a rumour made by those girls who go to the gym just to depress me. Yes I still have two little girls at home and they sap mine! Wouldn't have it any other way though.


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