Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Freaking Lessons Learned

No matter how long I stay on this weight loss journey, I'm always learning something new.
  • Whatever type of journey I am on, it's always hard. Until it's over and then it seems like it was so easy.
  • Buying Russell Stover sugar free toffee squares is a BAD idea. I ate them all in two days.
  • The same applies for the Russell Stover sugar free coconut candy. And the mints. 
  • Changing our daily diet is time consuming. Everything is made from scratch now. 
  • Those Orville Reddenbacher 100 calorie pop corn packs are only 100 calories if you eat just one bag.
  • Changing to a gluten free/sugar free diet does not mean I get to stop counting calories. 
  • Turbinado and Coconut sugar have more calories than Splenda. But they are probably less likely to be a factor in contracting cancer. PLUS when I eat things sweetened with the Turbinado or coconut sugar, I don't crave more and more and more and, before I know it, have eaten 5 lbs of sugary goodness! In other words, these sugars are NOT saboteurs. Refined sugar is a saboteur.
  • Eggs are not eggs. God only knows what gets injected into them.
  • Beef is not beef. Same as above.
  • Even some natural, less processed/not injected meats spark in my microwave. ALL 'regular' meats do. WTH?!
  • If I don't go to bed when I get sleepy, I will eat to stay awake. I get sleepy around 8:00 pm. Again- WTH?! (In my defense, I do wake up around 5:30 every day).
  • When buying new underwear (because it's no fun when the old underwear slides down and the only thing keeping them from hitting the ground are my pants) make sure to measure. I went down one size. Should have gone down two sizes. 
  • Based on the above underwear fiasco, I bought two sizes down on new yoga pants. Won't it be fun holding those up while walking or not doing yoga? Should have gone down three sizes. 
  • I have given myself several time consuming projects to complete and am hoping they keep me so busy I don't fill the emptyonceagain nest with bad eating habits of old. I shouldn't, but I never know with me. I can be quite unpredictable. 
Don't think that I am almost home on this journey. I am not. It's going to be, at the earliest, Christmas this year before I reach that point. And that's IF I don't fall off the wagon. There are saboteurs all over the place out there- I just ignore them. My family and friends (and that includes every one of my most wonderful bloggy friends-all of you) are the ones who encourage and support. The rest of them can go suck an egg. A big, fat, rotten one.

Yes, it's a long, boring, drawn out, sometimesIthinkIwillnevergetthere kind of journey. But it's the one I'm on and it's one that I plan on finishing. Do I still get frustrated? Yes, but not very often. I just try to take it one day at a time.

What kind of journey are you on right now?


    1. That;s funny! Hang in there! Stick with'll be happy with the results!

    2. I love your lessoned learned. I have to stay away from my pitfalls and it is not easy.

      My journey is kinda like a lifelong treadmill... never ending. Hopefully the walking won't wear me out!!

      Check in is onMonday but I will post by Sunday in case ppl wanna post earlier.

    3. My journey is uncertain, working, living, being. All a jumble it seems.

    4. Great advise and a few giggles too for someone whose just starting a journey to a more healthful me!

    5. Great list of lessons learned. Congrats on the lower sizes!!

    6. That's so true about the foods we eat. What are we really eating? If we could just look beyond the 'now' and see how what we eat today affects our health tomorrow or 20 years from now. I get so grieved seeing so many obese people at the grocery store with their carts full of absolutely nothing nutritious and then see their children severely overweight as well. Breaks my heart.
      Sounds like you're on the right track. Keep it up!

    7. You have come so far Pam from when I first joined you. You have learned, you have taught, you have shared all along and I for one am very happy to have you in my life.
      Take care my friend and have a blessed weekend. There's something on it's way to your house, mailed if off on Thursday. :o)

    8. Wow Meat sparks in the microwave? Carrots do too if they are touching.
      Everything you said is so interesting. I am impressed with how much you have lost and all of the new things you have had to buy but were too big. True story, the last time I got skinny, 26 years ago, I was walking in front of rows and rows of one way glass,I couldn't see in, I was wearing a dress, I felt my slip starting to slide, I was a LAX and I said to my husband, " Ron, my slip is falling off what do I do" He said, just keep walking and it kept slipping until I had to step out of it and I don't know or what was on the other side of those darkened windows but I reached down grabbed my slip and threw it in my purse. I got new slips. :)
      I think you are doing so great.

    9. You have been an inspiration, and touched so many lives, by sharing your journey. I'm sure you have felt support from your blogging friends, please know what a support you are to us!

      I'm still eating eggs but only those that I buy from one of our Doc's who has laying hens.

    10. Not only is cooking from scratch time consuming but more expensive, I found.

      It has to be good news that you can choose new underwear :)


    11. Do eggs spark in the microwave? I've never put eggs in the microwave but I haven't bought eggs from the store in years. We have hens now (and too many eggs!) but bought them from family before.

      Eating meat I/you didn't raise/source locally is turning into a scary thing.

      Great list!

    12. Keep up the good work.

      Maybe I will be inspired as I drink my Sweet Tea.

    13. mom- Thanks! I try to see the humor in everything. Which is not easy sometimes. LOL

      Stormy- Some days are easier than others, that’s for sure! I like your analogy of the lifelong treadmill. We’ll all take the walk together so it won’t wear us out! Thanks so much for hosting the challenge!

      MT- It’s true, sometimes it all does seem that it’s all in a jumble. But, on the other side will be smooth sailing! I’m sure it’s soon to be the case for you!

      jen-Thanks! It’s been quite a journey so far- ups and downs- but one that will pay off with a longer life and a better looking body…I mean, a healthier body. LOL

      RCL-Thanks! Now that I’m finally learning the lessons sent my way, life seems a bit easier. LOL

      Brenda-Right?! So much of it is so bad for our health in so many various ways (how many times can I use the word ‘so’ in a sentence?). And, mostly, I think it stems from the people in control of our food being greedy for the big bucks! Their fat wallets at the expense of our health.

      Julie- Ooooh! I can’t wait to get the ‘something’! I have come a long way but I sometimes wonder if it’s ever going to end. If I get frustrated, I just go to your blog and get a dose of your positivity!

      FG- YES! Makes me wonder what the hell they are putting in the meat! Did not know that about carrots. Is it a naturally occurring metal/mineral or something in them? Your slip story reminded me of the scene in YOURS, MINE AND OURS where Lucille Ball is in the bar and loses her slip! I was imagining you in that scene! LOL If I had the thin body I think I hold up my slip and yell to everyone, “I’ve lost so much weight my slip just fell off!” LOL Thanks!

      Shawn-Thank you so much! If anyone can get healthier by reading about my journey, then the journey is definitely worthwhile! We are buying eggs locally too- from a guy who raises cage free hens and are vegetarian fed, etc.

      Carol-It is more expensive but, I don’t buy as much because the healthier foods do not stimulate whatever it is that causes my cravings. So we don’t seem to eat as much. Thanks!

      Maren- Thank you!

      Alecia- I don’t know about eggs sparking in the microwave. I’ve never put any in there either. You have hens?! LUCKY! That’s what we need to do too! The meat thing is turning scary. I did find a local farm here to buy meat from though- grass fed, nothing injected, etc. Thanks!

      Gail- Thanks! Doesn’t tea count as water? I’m gonna say, yep! LOL

    14. I love buying new underwear! What a positive result - three sizes? Fantastic!

      We have found that the contents of our fridge, freezer and pantry have changed dramatically. Everything is made from scratch and I rarely use the microwave. But that may just be me.

    15. Stephanie- I haven't enjoyed buying new underwear in YEARS! But I can see that, with every size down, it's getting more and more fun! We are thinking of getting rid of the microwave and putting in a convection oven. The main question I have is, what is in the meat that I heat up that causes it to spark? It can't be good!

    16. I try to buy my meat and eggs at Whole Foods - but it is so expensive! And I had never heard of coconut sugar before. I'm going to look for it!

      I need to take that first step on my journey - which is the same one you are on. You are my inspiration!

    17. You have shared some wonderful information. I haven't been good at dieting. Right now I am cutting down on carbs and refined sugars.
      It's a start!

    18. How wonderful for you that the lessons are learned! Me I'm struggling with facing up to the lesson.
      You are doing so well and the honesty you bring to your journey is inspiring!


    19. All in trial and error and what works for you, what you really like and what fits into your lifestyle.

      Oh, and way to go with the smaller sizes, now that is always fun and good thing!

      Good Luck with your journey!

    20. Lisa- I shop there too and they are expensive. I've recently found a local CSA that I'm about to start buying from. Maybe there's one in your area too?! Taking the first step is easier than you think. It's the second and third and fourth and...LOL Good luck!

      Debby-Dieting sucks. It's just that plain and simple. It helps to call it a lifestyle change. Sort of. LOL That's the same way I started!

      Sush- Thanks! It's taken me all these years to start learning these lessons. I tend to be a bit on the stubborn side.

      Lucy-True. Thanks!

    21. I totally get all of your lessons learned -- except I am not gluten free. However, I have been strongly considering it. I feel like even though I am about 2/3 to my goal, it's still so far away... hopefully next christmas time we'll both be telling each other it wasn't as bad/long/hard as we thought!! :)
      --awesome on all of the smaller sizes - bet that feels amazing

    22. Yeah, I've also learned that just because nuts are good for you, a whole bag probably isn't such a great idea when a few would suffice (for health's sake, not for appetite's sake). And I do think it's true that artificial sweeteners affect my blood sugar just like regular sugar, so there's not much point in using it. If may not have as many calories, but it's not just about calories. And I've been there, eating the whole bag of Russell Stover's sugar-free mint patties. :-((

    23. Great list. You always make me laugh.
      You've been tagged.....go to my blog post for the instructions!


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