Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Update Number 1

Time for the weekly update for the Spring Chick Challenge hosted by Stormy at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here's my update:

RUNNING: Nope. The knee simply stopped hurting on Thursday but I'm still afraid to push it just yet. SOON though. Very soon!

  • Monday: 4.5 miles
  • Tuesday: 2 miles
  • Wednesday: 2 miles
  • Thursday: 4.5 miles
  • Friday: 2 miles
  • Saturday:  3 miles
  • Sunday: 3 miles
(Wow, somebody was a total slacker this week. Must step (haha, no pun intended) this up!)
    • Monday: 72 oz
    • Tuesday: 64 oz
    • Wednesday: 88 oz
    • Thursday: 80 oz
    • Friday: 80 oz
    • Saturday: 64 oz
    • Sunday: 64 oz
    • Monday: 1336
    • Tuesday: 1227
    • Wednesday: 1216
    • Thursday: 1227
    • Friday: 1148
    • Saturday:1327
    • Sunday: 1212
    WEEK TOTAL:  8693

    TRACKING: YES- every single day.

    EATING AFTER 8:00 PM: There were two days that we ate later than usual due to anniversary and birthday!
    ORGANIZING: Working on it.
    SUPPORTING OTHERS: I can do so much better on this one.
    DAILY WRITING: Yeppers!
    WEIGHT: -2 lbs

    1. Support and encouragement off others
    2. Exercise- need to add some strength training in there somewhere. AND either add distance while walking OR get back to running.
      To help with my running/fast walking, I've joined Julie in her running challenge for 2012! We've committed to fast walking/running at least 650 miles this year! (Just click the bunny button to go to Julie's blog).

      Ok, y'all: ONE DAY AT A TIME!

      The winner of Mari's Most Musefull Journaling Tips (spiral bound) is:

      Doylene Brents at A Gracious Home for comment number 4!



      1. What about weight lost? You don´t post that anymore? :(

        But it is all looking good. I´m sure you did lose.

      2. You are doing great. I totally fell off the wagon this weekend. I went to a dinner party Friday night (french cuisine menu) and then grazed the rest of the weekend. Trying to get back on track today. Hopefully I can have a good week.

      3. Betty- It's there! Just above the needs improvement part- minus 2 lbs!

        Kim-You can do it! Just take it one day at a time and do NOT dwell on the past! It's done and today is a brand new day!

      4. Inspiring. I am just trying to stick to the walking bit. ;-)

      5. I gave up running a lot of years ago due to a bad knee. My doctor told me that brisk walking would be as good for my heart as running and way better for my knees. Seemed like good advice.

      6. Kara- Thanks! If anyone gets inspired to be healthier by anything I'm doing, then it's all worth the effort!

        Nicole- We have to start somewhere! And walking is a great start!

        Stephanie- BestSonInLawEVER is a chiropractor and he tells me the same thing. Problem? I LOVE running and I am stubborn. Wait. That's two problems. LOL

      7. Go slow with that knee kiddo. You'll get there. And the streets will be waiting for you.

      8. What a fantastic job! Don't stress running with a bad knee, that's just not worth the risk!

      9. I think you had a great week! Way to go.

      10. Michele- I'm trying. But this is yet another area in which I am impatient.

        Maren-Thanks! I know- but I really am itching to get back out there.

      11. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Excellent job! You are doing great! Can't wait to see what you accomplish in this challenge!

      12. Good job on the loss for week 1! An awesome start to the challenge :)
        Keep up the great work this week.

      13. You're great!
        I'm not into running either, and unless you run on grass/beach, it's hard on your joints.But walking, that is just the most brilliant exercise!

      14. great job!!! My knee is bad too, but I do all kinds of work outs that don't
        stress my knee.

      15. Congrats on the loss. I think your mileage is awesome .... Have great week....

      16. Wow that is so good and you lost 2 pounds!! really that does amaze me. You loose or have lost every single week.
        What did you do to your knee? I was walking this morning thinking about jogging and I just wondered how you hurt it.
        Great Job!

      17. When I read your posts , I wish I had pom poms so I could cheer you on!! Your weight loss is fantastic, have you ever hit a plateau during this journey? It seems like you have continued on the slow and steady which is the best, and safest, way!

      18. I think you did great!!! 650 miles with a bum knee? Get that knee better then kick it :) till then walking is good

      19. Great job on the walking and water. Hope that knee allows ya to run soon:-) Welcome to the 650 miles club... I'm part of that too:-)

      20. Yeah you're smoking on this! Great goals
        A lot of walking for sure will work for ya. Sorry about your knee.

      21. WHen you said "wow someones been slacking" I take it you were referring to me cuz youre doing amazing ;0) Hope your knee is in better condition this week.. i'm a little late getting to reading all the updates! <3


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