Monday, January 16, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Check-In: Week 2

Time for the weekly update for the Spring Chick Challenge hosted by Stormy at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here's my update:

RUNNING: Nope. the knee is still fine but the warm weather stuck around long enough for me to get sick so I'm not really running again- yet. 

  • Monday: 4 miles
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday: 1.5 miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday: 1.5 miles
  • Saturday:  4 miles
  • Sunday: 3 miles
Ok, so NOT going to call myself a slacker this week due to being sick. I do recognize the difference between slacking and not being able to breath. :) 

My TOTAL HOURS of exercising for the week (which included walking and Just Dance 3): 7.6

  • Monday: 88 oz
  • Tuesday: 64 oz
  • Wednesday: 96 oz
  • Thursday: 80 oz
  • Friday: 104 oz
  • Saturday: 72 oz
  • Sunday: 72 oz
My goal was 64 oz/day. Water intake was up this week because I like to hydrate BIG TIME when I'm sick. I have heard too many horror stories about people who become dehydrated. Not for me!

  • Monday:1129
  • Tuesday: 1466
  • Wednesday:1302
  • Thursday: 1404
  • Friday: 1459
  • Saturday:1377
  • Sunday: 1230

I wanted to keep the daily under 1500 so a big YES on that one. Although I really should keep them closer to the 1200 mark. But I always want the weekly total under 10,000 so YES! on that! 

TRACKING: YES- every single day.
EATING AFTER 8:00 PM: There were a couple of late dinner nights but I think I made the cut-off.
ORGANIZING: Working on it.
SUPPORTING OTHERS: I can do so much better on this one.

  1. Support and encouragement off others
  2. Exercise- need to add some strength training in there somewhere. AND either add distance while walking OR get back to running. 

I'm linking this post up with Inspire Me Monday with Ramona over at Create With Joy because all of you are an inspiration to me and I hope that my journey will inspire y'all as well! Just click on the link or the button below to hop over there and be inspired!


Judy at Cranberry Morning! Congrats Judy! Margaret will be contacting you!
Judy won a copy of Margaret's book, When Ties Break.


  1. Another great loss. Your discipline constantly amazes me. I´m happy for you!

  2. Sorry to hear you had been sick! Hope you're feeling better now. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway - which I won!! :-))

  3. What a fantastic week-you are on a roll!

  4. Great job...I just started the challenge today but have been exercising since August. Love your blog and thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Those are some AMAZING numbers - all of them! Walking, ounces, calories... oh my! I hope you feel better very soon.

  6. Betty- I'm kind of like that...once I FINALLY set my mind on something, I steam roll my way through it. I think it's called being stubborn. LOL thanks!

    Judy- I am feeling better! Thanks! And congrats on winning the book!

    FIS- thanks! I hope this roll continues!

    lonely- Thanks! Good luck with the challenge! They sure do help me with this journey!

    MissA- O what a way with words you have...LOL thanks!

  7. Hi Pam. Hope you;'re feeling much better again now. Well done on the weight loss. That's certainly the best and most sensible way of doing it. Keep up the good work.

  8. Diane- I am feeling better, thanks! I am hoping all this watching of the weight stops at some point and I just enjoy my healthier lifestyle without watching every single morsel.

  9. Wow I am impressed!! Your were able to accomplish all of that when you were sick.
    Not to mention you have lost 4 pounds!!
    I hope you are back to feeling better this week.

  10. Great work! I think you are doing so well, and kudos on the water intake! I need to get better!! :D

  11. Great job this week! It is so hard when we are sick, but I'm glad to se ya hung in there and kicked butt! God luck this week!

  12. FG- I am back to feeling better. I actually hope to start running again this week! Thanks!

    Maren- The water part becomes easy when it becomes habit so just keep on trying!

    Ry- Thanks! Yes, sick doesn't help but we can stop it from hindering! LOL

  13. Wow! You can hold to the plan even when you're sick! I'm one of those "feed a cold, starve a fever" people I think. Colds make me hungry. Breathing not necessary to eating LOL

  14. Stephanie-LOL So true! I have eaten more I just try to keep the calories under 1500.

  15. I am so happy to find another empty nester blog... It's a cute place. Our four have also flown the coup - 2 girls, 2 boys - only one married. 2 grandangels. Happy nesting!

  16. 4lbs in two weeks is excellent - you are obviously on the right track!

  17. MK- Thanks! I'm always delighted to meet other empty nesters!

    Enz-thanks! I just hope I stay on the right track!

  18. You are FANTASTIC!
    I definitely would have given up for being sick.
    And you're still losing so much, fair play to you. And doing it in a measured, healthy way with lots of exercise involved.
    Did I say you're fantastic? You are!

  19. You did great even though you're sick.....feel better.

  20. i hope you get better soon! great to see that it didnt affect your weight though, great loss :)

  21. Hope you feel better soon. Congrats on the loss. You are in the zone and doing great. Have an awesome week...

  22. Love your organizational skills. My 2012 word is healthy so I read this with extra interest. I hope I can learn your discipline!

  23. You rock girl!!!

    Please get to feelin' better...we can't do with a sick chick ya know!

    Have a blessed and beautiful day!!! :o)

  24. I was sick this week too, but got in the exercise anyway. It showed on the scale. Great job.

  25. I love the idea of making the cookbooks of your favorite recipes - and gluten free. I did that a few years ago, using little photograph albums and slipping my recipe cards inside. I wonder if ANY of my kids have used ANY of the recipes!

    It is comforting to see your desk looking a lot like my desk, Pam. :-) Hope you get that snow you're wanting.♥

  26. WAY TO GO!!!!

    Oh, I love your cookbook idea. I should do that for my two kids!


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