Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Run and a Crazy Laughing Lady

What's funny about Saturday morning run? 

Well, we had just finished the run and while Tucker was doing this:

while this song started playing on my ipod:

And it struck me as being hilarious. And I might have been laughing really loud. And hard. And other people out there might have thought I was a bit on the crazy side.

Who knows? They might be right!

Happy Saturday y'all!


  1. Ha! Weren't Saterdays made for unrestrained laughter??

  2. Tucker is cute. My Tucker likes to chase squirrels too.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh, 'crap'...that is too hilarious. Tucker saw something up the tree....

    OSPREY's 'catch of the day'...come on over to view a couple of magnificent images of the regal bird if you have some time!!!

  4. Moments like this are the best aren't they? I would have loved to have seen you though! Us crazy ladies stick together! Hugs.

  5. Hi Pam,
    That was too funny and what a great tune, great running tune really. I started to do my primiere run in the park this morning. It was fantastic :)
    Have a lovely Weekend!


  6. Chantel- I think you're right about that!

    Kimberly- Tucker lives for chasing those squirrels. Which is why I leash him when he's not in the yard! I have to wonder what he'd do should he ever catch one though. LOL

    Anni- It was his favorite- a squirrel! He loves chasing those things!

    Barb- Yes we do and that means we're in good company! In our own minds anyway. LOL

    Eva- So glad you got a run in today! I'm liking it better and better every time I go out!

  7. Hi Pam. Tucker is too cute, and I loved the song you were running along to!! We all know you're crazy anyway, so nothing new there then!!

  8. Hah, I had a run this morning but mine was very uneventful......getting ready for the A to Z Challenge so checking out blogs that are involved. It was lovely to meet you!

  9. EmptyNester - I am behind here, I had to do some catching up. 79lbs! That is fabulous. I have been considering exercising for the past 10-15 years...I am getting real close to making a decision. :)

  10. Diane-Thanks! I knew you'd understand. LOL

    Tracy- So glad you stopped by! I'm getting excited about the challenge.

    Kipp-I'm behind too. Actually, I've just been totally sucking at visiting and reading blogs! I'm awful! Hey! I thought about it for about the same amount of time. LOL

  11. Tucker is a cutie, I have a dog that loves to bark at the squirrels too!

    I would have love to seen you laughing at your inside joke and not knowing why and thinking, "Has she lost it?" LOL


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