Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The only thing I used to know about the coconut is that my grandmother used them to make her fabulous coconut cakes from scratch. She would drill a hole in the coconut to get the water out and then crack the entire thing open and shred the meat. Those were some amazing cakes!

Along this health journey of mine I have, through readingreadingreading and tryingtryingtrying, discovered that there are health benefits of coconut products.

For example, coconut oil does not release toxins when heated and, when mixed with a bit of lecithin, nothing sticks to your pan. I also use coconut oil for my daily oil pulling, baking, moisturizing, hair care…As a matter of fact, I buy coconut oil by the gallon from Tropical Traditions!

I use coconut sugar, flour and oil for baking as well as coconut milk---be careful when buying coconut milk, the stuff in the dairy section in milk cartons IS NOT coconut milk but coconut drink. Coconut milk comes in cans.While I have yet to master the art of baking with coconut flour, I have found that I can substitute coconut (or palm) sugar in any recipe that calls for refined sugar or brown sugar--my favorite thing to do is use half coconut sugar/half Turbinado in these recipes. Coconut milk is easily substituted for cow's milk--or soy, almond, etc. milk. 

Just leaving white, refined sugar behind made such a difference in my mood, focus, clarity, energy…but I had to leave the substitutes behind too. And the difference became even greater. And more so once we left the gluten behind- but that’s for another post.

I have also starting buying other coconut products for use such as insect repellent, shampoo, deodorant, etc.

Ah, the coconut. How did I ever live without it?

My favorite sites if you want to readreadread and find some amazing recipes:

For products and more recipes:

This is the third day of the A-Z April Challenge. I thought I might try a theme this year and focus on my personal journey to health and fitness, including weight loss.

Today's letter is C and my word for the day is COCONUT.


  1. Coconut is a good choice, both for A-Z and health. It's used a lot in Indian cooking too, and they use it for hair conditioning too.
    We used to use olive oil for cooking, till I discovered it's not good to heat it (for cholesterol).
    Your journey is an inspiration, great choice for A-Z theme.

  2. I love coconut, absolutely love it, and it smells so delicious! When I was a little girl, we always used to have a coconut at Christmas and I remember drinking the liquid from inside it. Mmmmm! Good choice for the letter C as far as I'm concerned Pam!

  3. Mimi- Thanks!I discovered the same thing about olive oil. But the coconut oil tastes better anyway! LOL Didn't know that about Indian food or that they use it for hair conditioning. I'm doing that too and I really like it!

    Diane-Christmas was the time I remember seeing them too! My grandmother never made anything that wasn't from scratch so no bagged coconut for her. LOL Thanks!

  4. Forget the health aspects... just give me some coconut cake & cocnut icecream... YUmmm... back to that backsliding. LOL

  5. I'm a big believer in coconut oil, and use it almost exclusively. It tastes great in brownies! I'll bet a coconut cake made with fresh coconut is delicious!

  6. We have coconuts growing in our backyard!!! You would be so happy here. When we first came to Costa Rica (twenty years ago) the old women in the area still made the oil in their outdoor kitchens, boiling and boiling it down until it was clear as crystal. It had a slight smokey flavor from the wood fires and was scrumptious.

  7. AN- I made a coconut cake that everyone LOVES! And it's gluten free to boot! Still though, not as great as my grandmother's!

    Darlene- Grandmother's cakes were to die for! My gluten free coconut cake is good too but her's was the best!

    scmorgan- NO! I'm so jealous!

  8. Great post for C! I quit sugar and its substitutes three weeks ago, and I was considering using coconut milk as a substitute for some recipes. Now you have me convinced to try it in a lot more. I'm going to my health food store later and see what they have in stock!

  9. I just love coconut - always have. There were a few years there where m-i-l raised her eyebrows when I chose coconut because it was supposed to be bad for your arteries. Now I know it's so the opposite. I figure my body knows what to do since everything I like is actually good for me. And the opposite is true more than enough times.

  10. I love coconut...in fact, my friend makes her own lotion and one I buy is coconut/banana...it is so luscious! Everyone comments about how good I smell (in a good way)!
    great C word!

  11. rebeca-Thanks! Make sure you get coconut milk in the cans. Otherwise, it's not coconut milk!

    Stephanie- I loved it when my Grandmother made her cakes. LOL Now I use it every single day!

    Tracy- Me too! I just use coconut oil- I haven't used the lotions yet. Thanks!

  12. I am drooling for a piece of coconut cake about now. Can you believe it my husband can't eat it? He's allergic so it's something we never ever have in the house, whenever we're at a church reception or party I'm all about the coconut cake or pie, just love it! Even love it in my skin products and suntan lotion!

  13. jen-To be allergic to coconut would suck! At least you can have some when you're out somewhere! I love it too!

  14. I love coconut and had no idea it could be used in so many different ways. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

  15. Coconut would make my list of top ten favorite tastes. My mother used to make a coconut cake from scratch. I'd like to try it but I don't think it will happen this Easter : )

  16. I love coconut and was always amazed to have just flavorable delight come from a big hairy nut!

  17. Joyce- I keep trying to get my Grandmother's recipe from my aunt but she keeps forgetting. I don't know that I could make one just like hers though. It was perfect!

    Gail- LOL How true!

  18. Okay, don't hate me, but I have 3 coconut trees in my yard here in Manila. All of them have a bounty of their delectable fruit. Heck, I may never return to the United States!

    Here, the natives are very fond of coconuts. They are sold nearly everywhere for approximately fifty cents, cheaper if you locate a vendor who is having a bad day.

  19. Jeremy- Well, I don't hate you. But I AM jealous! You lucky duck! And a mere 50 cents?! I don't blame you. I'd stay too. LOL

  20. oooh coconut cake, from scratch... wish my grandmother had been half as talented.. she could just about manage a piece of bread spread with butter!

  21. WOW, I didn't know all of this. I have been looking at coconut oil and more. Thanks for the teaching.
    I just bought Almond milk for the first time, I'm venturing.
    Take care Pam. Blessings!!

  22. My mother is from the Philippines, and she LOVES fresh coconut!

    As for me, I use it a lot - my husband and sons are all gluten and casein intolerant and my younger son is allergic to sugar cane, so I use pretty much every part of the coconut for all kinds of things. It's my own personal "superfood"!

    I found you through the A-Z challenge - nice to "meet" you!

  23. So many benefits. I used it as sunscreen this summer at the pool. Felt good not slathering on chemicals.

  24. I bought the oil recently from Tropical Traditions. I am still learning how to use it. Can you find the real coconut milk in the can in stores or do I have to buy it from them? I need some for a recipe and didn't see any in the store yesterday.


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