Monday, April 2, 2012


If you've ever been on a weight loss journey before, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about here. I might not be Queen of the backsliders, but I probably ranked high on the list as far as weight loss goes. There was that time in 2009 when I attempted to lose weight and the whole thing turned into a lifestyle change that resulted in a loss of 83 pounds.

Until the whole backsliding thing.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been doing just fine. No sugar, carbs were whole wheat, brown rice, lots of fuits and know the drill. And then Christmas rolled around. And my dad brought his delightfully delicious so-good-if-you-don’t-eat-one-you-will-face-certain-death homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. And, wanting to avoid certain death at all costs, I ate one. And then another and then another and…get it?

Not too bad, right? Just a couple dozen cookies at Christmas. Just move on afterwards.


That bad decision led to the mother of all backslides in my world of weight loss. Little by little I slipped right back into those same old bad habits of carbs and sugar and whatever the hell I wanted to eat.
It took some time, over one year, but I put every last one of those 83 pounds right back on. And, just to make sure, I put on about 10 more. You know, for good measure.

This time around, the backsliding has not hit. And I’m down 79 pounds. I was worried for a while that the backsliding would rear it's ugly head again at some point. But now I don’t believe that at all.

What’s different this time? It’s the mindset! The mindset was absent last time but not now.

I made up my mind that this was it. That I was tired of being fat. That I was tired of avoiding going out and having fun because of my weight. That I wanted, truly wanted, to improve my health. That I wanted to be around this wild, wacky, wonderful world for many, many years to come. 
And so the journey has become about health and fitness with a mindset that knows this is one sure way to a better, longer, happier  life. 

Is backsliding a reality in the weight loss journey? Yep. Does that mean we should just give up? Nope. We just keep on keeping on. One day at a time. And maybe, just maybe, we might even come to enjoy the journey. 

This is the second day of the A-Z April Challenge. I thought I might try a theme this year and focus on health and fitness, including weight loss.

Today's letter is B and my word for the day is BACKSLIDING.


  1. So true--and so applicable to every area of life. The goals we set, be them of mind, time, or body, rarely are achieved on one steady staircase.

    No, we must trip and stumble our way up the hill...but from the top, the view is lovely.

  2. You can do it, You can do it...I'll be here to cheer you on! Backsliding can be okay as long as it doesn't take over. I have a 20 lb. weight loss and working on the last ten and I ha a backslide about a week ago and ate a lot of things I knew weren't good for me, but am now back again and doing well. It helped that my hubby took me shopping yesterday becuase he was tired of my baggy clothes :) Keep working it!

  3. Sound like a difficult situation to handle!But if you've done so well then my guess is then that would be a motivator to get back on track.

    Hey what do I know? For me I'd actually have to commit to weight loss first :( something i've not been able to do yet!

  4. Yay--good for you! No backsliding--just remember the damage these things do to you. A friend of mine says the thing that helps her stay on track is to not cut these foods out of her life completely, to keep the occasional cookie or chocolate or whatever (sorry--never been on a diet myself) so that the craving is less and the urge to binge is controllable. And--79 pounds, girl! You're my hero!

  5. So, the certain-death of those cookies comes when you eat them, right? Funny how we always used to get that wrong.

    You are doing so well *high five*! And I know that once you change your mindset you change your life. I'm determined never to wear anything bigger than size 12 jeans again!

    I was listening to a doctor on 60 Minutes lat night explaining how sugar is toxic and we should do as much as possible to get it out of our diets. I feel better not having it. I can hear that you do too. Now I worry about what I did to my kids before i got smart.

  6. Chantel- YES! And you put it much more lovely than I did! Thanks!

    Tracy- I've got the baggy clothes issues now too. I just don't want to buy too much until ALL the weight is gone. Meanwhile, I guess I'll use a rope to hold up my pants like Jethro did. LOL

    Jen- It was all about the mindset for me. Once that changed, no more backsliding! Getting started to begin with was hard for me too.

    Guilie- Nope. No more backsliding. Hasn't happened since June of last year! I cleared the pantry even before that and don't buy anything that's processed. All foods from scratch now. Thanks!

    Stephanie- I have thought the very same thing about my kids. I fed them what we thought was good food- but a lot of it was processed and we used sugar and...following the food pyramid was just dumb. LOL

  7. You've kicked Backsliding to the curb!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!

  8. Shawn-Thanks! It's been easier this time!

  9. I wish I knew for certain I would not backslide again. It´s always at the back of my mind and I hope this will help me to NOT backslide again. I´m back to tracking and that helps me the most.
    And there is no quitting this journey! We are in this together, that helps me too!

  10. I think what has helped me is like you said "the journey has become about health and fitness". When I began taking my mind off the weight and began focusing on health, it triggered something. Have I lost all I need to lose? No, but I know my body is healthier and stronger. And that last elusive 15 or so pounds will come off eventually because of the new mindset.
    Keep on!

  11. Good for you for keeping going this time and not giving up, and NOT backsliding! I'm very proud of you. Hope Deanie had a lovely birthday.

  12. Good for you, that's awesome! I worked really hard to lose about 40 pounds a few years ago, and lately I have felt some backsliding going on. It can be very frustrating! I'm looking forward to your health and fitness topics, that's something I am trying very hard to incorporate more into my life. Great meeting you through the challenge!

  13. Betty-I know what you mean. It took me a LONG time to get to this point. And, of course, now that I've said I won't...I probably will. LOL You're right, we are in this together. And I'm so glad to have you with me!

    Brenda- Amen Sista! Well said!

    Diane- Thanks! A lot of the credit goes to my wonderful bloggy friends like you who keep encouraging me! She had a great birthday! Thanks!

    Julie- It's taking a lot of research time but I'm finding many things to do that help lead me to fitness and health! Funny how the weight loss journey turned into a health and fitness journey. :)

  14. Keep at it and never give up. :) That's the only way to win.

  15. When things get rough as they sometimes will
    When the road you trod seems all uphill
    Remember, above all, just one little clue...
    There's nothing more important than YOU!...:)JP

  16. I never wanted to ask you how much you had lost so far. I am so impressed you have lost 79 pounds? That is so incredible, but I ask you, it wasn't the cookie was it?
    It was life and what was going on. I was at W.W. and the leader talked about when her Dad passed away and she said she started eating and eating and couldn't stop.
    I always think now, it isn't the cookie or the cake, it is what is hurting inside and it comforts us.
    Then we wake up. It always happens like that for me.
    I come back from that far away place.
    It sounds like you have made so many good changes and it really does give me hope. So do boxes that come in the mail.
    I am going to write you an email. :)
    Thank you

  17. I believe that weight loss is like getting clean. It requires the person to finally admit that the way they are eating is not "just a diet until I lose this weight," but a lifestyle change and the knowledge that the way you are eating will be for life. Sounds like you are on your way. Congratulations and stick with it.

  18. OH MY GOD - this is exactly what is going on in my head right now! Here's to strapping on some golf shoes (or something picky) to keep us from sliding backwards! Best of luck on your journey and congratulations on all your hard work!

  19. 79 pounds!!!! Yeah, girl. I'm so freaking proud of you. I totally understand the backsliding thing. I think the thing that really helps keep the whole thing from snowballing (like an avalanche) is forgiving yourself. If you allow yourself to feel to bad or guilty after a backslide, then you get down and start munching away. You just have to keep getting up. There is an old Japanese proverb (I think )- it says fall down eight times, get up nine. You just kept at it this time and you are on this great journey to more health and happiness. I'm so happy. I'm high fiving Wendell! He's proud of you too!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful box! You didn't have to do that, but I'm glad you did. The girls loved their journals. They all surprised me with the ones they picked. I was sure I knew their taste better than that. They send their thanks. I love the recipe cards best.
    Big hug, my friend!

  20. Ugh,, I backslide EVERY YEAR: I lose the same 20 lbs over and over & over... I am waiting for the magic CLICK.. that will help me overcome this.. sigh... I'll be watching you for motivation! :-)

  21. FG-It's kind of hard to say about the cookie. There really wasn't anything going on at the time. I am just what you might call a sugar addict. It's my worse trigger, or used to be. Just one taste would send me back to a sugar frenzy that lasted months...years. Kind of like an alcoholic with booze. The cramming of food in my mouth like there's no tomorrow, that's where the deeper issues were with me. Now, I try not to give anything/thought/person have that much control over me!

    Patrice- I think you make an excellent point there. It's way easier to forgive others than it is myself. I'm so glad the package arrived! And that the girls liked their journals! Enjoy!

    AN-I haven't had a backslide episode (LOL) in nearly one year. Let's hope I can keep it at bay! Thanks!

  22. scmorgan- You might be right. But, the first time around I did make the lifestyle change. It wasn't until the mindset was right that it all stuck for me!

    Cathy- YES! Fantastic idea! LOL Thanks!


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