Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Balls

As if that darn 30 Day Shred of Jillian Michaels' coupled with running wasn't enough, I've added one more form of exercise to my daily routine.

The exercise ball.

Mine looks like the one in the picture and I've had it for YEARS. It's seen way more action from the lovelies playing around on it than it ever has from me. But all that changed this week.

I've started doing a few exercises on it while reading or watching television. And I've also started just sitting on it while doing the same activities. It's amazing how engaged your core is even if all you do is sit on it!

My biggest fears concerning the exercise ball are two-fold. First, I'm afraid the darn thing is going to pop while I'm sitting on it. I don't like loud noises. Nor hitting the floor hard. Second, I'm afraid that, while I'm walking out to a plank position as my torsopelvisthighkneescalvesankles roll across the ball, my face is going to hit the floor. I'm not fond of my face hitting the floor either. Let's just say that it's a safe bet I won't be doing many exercises requiring lying on my back on the ball--for obvious reasons.

I found a TON of ball exercises at FitnessBliss. Like the one below---which, I SWEAR, is one of the hardest one of all: 

 And this one, which seems to be one of the easiest but she is on her back so...:

And this one which is not nearly as bad as it seems...Bah hahahahaha...yes it is:

And then there's this one- which is one of those that might have me end up on my face but very doable:

I love their little illustrations over there! PLUS, they have an incredible list of exercises that utilize loads of different equipment as well as some that only require you to use--YOU! AND they provide a checklist where you can make up your own daily routine and check each exercise off as you go as well as keep track of your progress. Awesome site!

Anyway, the exercise ball is a great way to continue firming up and burning an extra calorie or two while I read or watch television! And, as long as I don't end up on my face, it's fun too!

Have you ever tried using an exercise ball? What do you do while reading or watching television?


  1. YES! I have an exercise ball and I don't use it as often as I should but it definitely is core-aiding! I just love those animated exercise demonstrations, by the way. So helpful.
    And good luck keeping yourself from doing face plants! I hate doing that too!!!

  2. I love, love my exercise ball. I love how it makes me feel and how it helps my back when my back is so tired.
    I love doing stretches on it too.
    I used to use it for my chair instead of a computer chair. That way I was doing something when I was on the computer. I maybe should change back.
    I need to use it way more than I am doing right now. I am so glad you are using yours.

  3. Cathy- I'm trying to make it a daily habit! It's fun so that helps. But yeah, the face plants still worry me. LOL

    Betty-If you can get them there, try it! They are big fun and you can mess around with them while you watch tv!

    Kim- I'm totally digging mine too! As long as it doesn't pop! LOL

  4. I had one of the balls for years. We did Brett's PT on it. Why I didn't put my ample ass on it I have no idea.

  5. Oh Pam, you are such an overachiever! What do I do while reading? Haven't you ever heard of Ritter Dark Chocolate???? lol

    Love these illustrations. And I have one of those balls downstairs. you've inspired me to go get it and get moving on it!

  6. Michele- Give it a shot while watching television. It's easy and fun. Although you probably don't have time for watching television! How's the website coming?

    Judy- Not really, I'm just sick of being fat! Mmmmm...chocolate....must have some...LOL YAY! Let me know how it goes!

  7. nope i haven't ever used one--they look kinda hard to me---and if i am truly watching tv i am usually not doing anything else---)

  8. I had one but never really used it.
    It looks like fun to me!

  9. I have never tried one. Probably because I am scared to end up on my butt or face. Maybe someday I will get brave (and wear a helmet) lol

  10. LP-That's me too- just sitting and watching when I'm really watching it. Now, I'm fooling around with the ball while watching. I hope it's worth the effort. LOL

    Debby- It is fun! Get that thing out and give it a shot!

    Kim- Ahhhhh...a helmet...why didn't I think of that?! LOL

  11. I used to be afraid of it popping but got over that...I don't do all those though!...:)JP

  12. JP- I try not to think about it but I just can't help it! I have about 10 different ones that I'm working on. As I master them (yeah, right) I will add more intense ones (yeah, right. again.)LOL

  13. Hi Pam, I wish I had your enthusiasm and drive to exercise, I haven't been able to do it consistently for so long now, I can't even remember how much I used to enjoy it. Thanks for your kinds words on fb, I hope to be around more often, I miss reading about your great adventures.

  14. The exercises look like fun, loved the animation! I think you need to change the name of your blog to Superwoman takes on the World! You are an inspiration to so many..when are you going to post some pictures, do we have to wait until your first marathon photos?

  15. Alessandra! It's so freaking great to 'see' you! I hope you are doing well! Wow, this has just made my day! I've miss you- hope you're back!

    Shawn- I'm not so sure about that but I do appreciate your kind words and encouragement! I just never get in front of the camera. I'm so used to being behind it that I don't think about it. Plus, I'm still way overweight. It takes a long time to lose 150 lbs!

  16. It's a great tool, and those exercises are effective.

    In my broad experience with exercise balls popping (Yes, I've seen a few pop.) they don't pop as quickly as balloons--You'll land on your kekster (?), maybe, but you usually get a Fffffffff sound to warn you that the ball has a hole in it. Good luck! :)


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