Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fragments

Don't have a lot of time because it's a holiday weekend? Then Friday Fragments is just what you need! Hop on over the Mrs. 4444's at Half-Past Kissin' Time and join in the fun!

Not too much to report this week. Good thing this is Friday FRAGMENTS...

  • We have a wedding to attend this weekend. BestSonInLawEVER's youngest sister is tying the knot. I hope to have pictures to share next week. 
  •  I started a running trainer app on my phone- I think it's going to work out. Until it doesn't. Or until I get bored. Again. It says to only run three days every week and take in between days off. Gee, what a heart break (can you sense the sarcasm?). So, on the days I run I do level 1 of the 30 Day Shred and on the days I don't run, I do level 2. I'm beginning to think I'm either NUTS or a glutton for punishment. Or just tired of being overweight.  Anyway, I'll have a review of the app soon- not because they're paying me, just FYI.
  • I also started using the exercise (stability) ball for exercising while I'm watching television or reading. But it's actually FUN! 

  • The garden is growing like crazy! Tomato plants are up to my waist--some even taller! And the tomatoes themselves look great! I hope to pick some next week. The cucumbers and lettuces and spinach are doing well also. The guy at the landscape nursery told me that I couldn't grow leafy greens around here until fall. He was wrong. I have some sunflowers that are growing up taller than my waist too and there is one zucchini out there that will be ready to pick in a few more days! The yellow squash are still coming along. And all the flowers are doing great! Oh and the pumpkins! And the blueberries and grapes! WooHoo! I know it sounds like a lot but it isn't really. Just a backyard garden. But I love it! 

  • Birdie comes home this weekend! WooHoo! Can't wait to see her! If there's one thing I simply cannot adjust to with the Empty Nest is when the lovelies move too far away from home. I don't like it. Not one little bit.
  •  BFF's daughter got engaged! It's about to get real busy up in here! BFF also had a birthday this week! So it really has been busy around her house. I'm going to take her out to lunch next week after things settle down a bit from the engagement and the graduation--her daughter also graduated with a dual masters. It was after graduation that the boy proposed to her. And then it was birthday time. It's really more like family with our families- we've known one another for over 20 years! Goodness!  So we are all quite excited!

That's it for me! Hope y'all have a fantastically fun family filled Memorial Day weekend! Be safe out there!


  1. Congrats on the garden success. Sounds like you're going to be eating good this summer!

  2. Yes, the empty nest is definitely easier to tolerate when the chicks are nearby.

  3. have a fun time at the wedding---wow your garden sounds fantastic!

  4. It sounds like it is gonna be great. I am amazed at your garden already, very envious about the tomatoes.
    I can't wait to hear your review on the app.
    Have a great weekend too!

  5. One plus on having the lovelies a trip away is it gives you and them a destination for a trip. I've traveled to FL and NC more since our daughter and family have lived in both places over the years.
    have a great weekend.

  6. So many good things going on in your neck of the woods. Keep it up!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hope BSILE (BestSonInLawEver) doesn't get his hands on any electric fly swappers at the wedding - - -

    Your fresh garden veggies sound amazing - - - folks like me who practice unintentional botanical homicide have to wait for gardeners to pass along some of their produce or stop at those little roadside veggie stands to get ours.

  8. I enjoy the relaxation of gardening. Have fun at the wedding!

  9. Diane- Thanks! I hope it continues to do well- last year things went south on me. LOL

    Kathy-I know! But with Birdie coming home, maybe I can work on the other two who are far away. LOL

    LP- Thanks! It'll be great if I don't have a heart attack from the husband's driving. LOL

    Kim- I'm getting really excited about the tomatoes! Well, everything else too. LOL

    Bill- That would be a fantastic point IF I liked to travel. LOL We have one in DC and are planning a trip up that way at some point! That will be a fun one!

    Debby- True---except for that tropical storm off the coast. LOL It's not supposed to be bad though and probably south of us.

    Keetha-Oh gosh, that would be interesting. LOL His mother would KILL him. So we're safe. If everything keeps going in the garden, this will be the first year I have NOT killed everything out there. Some skilled gardeners have told me that I coddle it too much. So I'm letting it do it's thing this year.

    Wayne- There's something therapeutic about gardening, isn't there? Thanks!

  10. Wow--That's quite a green thumb you have! I'm impressed.

    I let the air out of my exercise balls this week; they're in my classroom (I let the kids use them as chairs), and one of my students kicked one all over the room when he was ticked the other day. On Friday, he exclaimed, "Why'd you let the air out of these?!" He was very disappointed. I asked, "Do you really want me to answer that question?" He did. How soon they forget!


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