Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump Day HOPS!

Wednesday has arrived again and that means it's time for the HOPS! Click on the buttons below to join in the fun! Come on! It's too dang hot to go outside anyway!

1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving? I've never really thought about this. When I was in elementary school I would send cards to those serving in Vietnam. I got several back telling me how much they appreciated them.

2. Besides a flag what is something you own that is red, white and blue? Nothing. I purposely avoid clothes that are red, white and blue. On July 4th I wear white pants with a red and blue shirt but I don't wear red, white and blue any other time.

3. Does love really conquer all? I doubt it. But it sure makes it easier.

4. Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie? Strawberry shortcake! Yummy!

5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser? I don't have a hairdresser. They are too expensive down here- to get your hair highlighted is nearly $200! A cut and style- $80. No thank you. 

6. Does money lead to selfishness? It doesn't have to. Maybe it depends on whether or not the person is just naturally selfish. Some people are selfish and have no money at all. Most of the people I know who have money---wait a second...I don't know any people with money. So I have no idea. LOL

7. What piece of furniture in your home most needs replacing or refinishing? I have a favorite chair that needs to be reupholstered. Everyone loves this chair and it's starting to show. Then there's the chair that used to belong to my MIL- it needs to be reupholstered. But I've already taken care of the refinishing projects.

8. Insert your own random here. The wedding was big fun! You can see pictures here. And Birdie is all moved back in here at home! She will stay with us for a couple of months before moving into her own place. Guess who's tickled pink about that?!

  1. Do you have any musical instruments in your house? If so, which ones do you have? No, the lovelies took their instruments when they moved into their own houses. Wait! We do still have some percussion instruments. Some are antiques and some are from Africa. But the piano, cello and drum set are gone. Guess which one I don't miss? LOL WAIT! I forgot the husband's guitars and Dobro! Oops!
  2. When you take a walk, what are you likely to pick or pick up from the ground? Nothing. I used to pick up Tucker's poo while walking over at the ponds but, since they started constructing monsters of the new home sort, I no longer pick it up.
  3. They say to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. I guess that means you have fuel for your body to get through the day and don't have a full tummy when you go to bed. Are your meals like that? Not really. I got in the habit of making dinner the 'king' meal because that's when we were all here and sitting at the table together. This summer, however, I think we are going to go RAW just to check it out. So, every meal will be extremely healthy but light. I just felt like summer would be a good time to try it out.
  4. Do you prefer iced coffee or iced tea? Didn't even have to think a millisecond on this one- iced tea. I am southern, after all.
  5. How do you handle doing things you'd rather not do? It all depends. If it's something that doesn't necessarily HAVE to be done at all, I just skip it. If it's something that HAS to be done, I dive in and do it right away/first thing to get it over with. I can't stand things like this to hang over my head. 
I'm going to catch up reading your blogs today! Traveling over the weekend put me way behind! Have a great Wednesday y'all!


  1. A daughter at home for the summer-lucky you!!

  2. $80 for a cut & style??? YIKES!!!

  3. So happy for you that Birdie will be with you a couple months!! And also glad to hear that the dreaded wedding turned out to be fun after all. Sorry you're already getting hot weather. But I don't feel quite so sorry for you now that I know you're pretty close to the beach. :-)

  4. I am not Southern but I've learned - unfortunately?! - to love sweet tea. :) But iced coffee is probably more my drink of choice.

  5. I am so 'with you' about catching up on the blogs! I didn't go away, but I was away from home every day for hours!
    The wedding location is beautiful!

  6. Other than the quilt I'm working on, I don't own anything red, white and blue either. It's not like I dislike those colors, I just am not a fan of the 3 of them together.

    $80 for a cut and style? I thought it was expensive here at almost $30! Yikes!

    How nice that you'll have Birdie with you for the next couple of months!

  7. Joyce- I know! I'm so happy to have her here! Especially since she's been so far away! The lovelies that live in DC and NC are happy she's back too- isn't that crazy? I think we're just glad to have her back in the southeast!

    Mary- yes! It's CRAZY!

    Judy- Yeah, well I do get that constant sea breeze so...LOL It's so great to have Birdie here!

    MMS- I know- it's so good but the calories...not so much. LOL

    Dreaming- I plan to sit here and do it until I've read everyone's. So I may still be sitting here tomorrow. LOL

    Kathy- I can't wait to see the quilt. Birdie is teaching herself how to do it and she's working on one that is lovely! Oh goodness but it's expensive to have one's hair done here. Ridiculously so. Which is why my hair looks like it does. LOL

  8. Oh Wow you guys have a Dobro? I did always want to play one of those. My Grandpa who could play anything and would meet with the guys from his band when I was a kid loved to watch the guy with the Dobro.
    When I am upset which has been my state of mind lately, listening to my husband play music is very comforting to me. My son will play the piano sometimes for a hour or so and it really comforts me too.
    I always enjoy your answers and I love getting better acquainted with you.
    So glad you have a chick to come back to the nest for the summer. Yay for Momma!!!

  9. Kim- We not only have one but the husband built it from a log! He is a luthier by trade. I enjoy it sometimes. Unless he starts singing. He can play music but can't carry a tune in a bucket when it comes to singing. LOL Everyone around here is sick and tired of hearing me say, "I WANT CHICKENS IN THE YARD." ;)

  10. so happy your daughter is going to be home for the summer--and i am so like you about tasks--can't stand to have something waiting, gotta go ahead and tackle it!

  11. Your hubby plays Dobro? That is very cool - love that sound.

    I can't believe that a haircut is $80!!! Wow.

  12. LP- Thanks! It's a real treat! Yeah, the problem here is that the husband is not like that at all. Makes life real interesting around here.

    Stephanie- He plays it and he built it. From a log! He's a luthier by trade. $80 bucks is the least. You can get them for $20 and under but you'd look like a two year old cut it. LOL

  13. Woah! I need to become a hair dresser and move to Charleston! LOL

    Loved the wedding pictures. Such a pretty place!

    I always think of you in the summer, and how close you live to the beach. I'm envious :)

  14. Kathy- Hahaha Some of the hairdressers live downtown Charleston! Where it's very expensive. It's crazy! Come on down and we'll go hang out at the beach!

  15. $80 for a hair cut! Forget that! lol

    You are too funny about the poo :)

    Here's my Hodgepodge and Chat:


  16. gasp! Recovering from the shock of $80 for a haircut! Though there are lots of places here that charge that and more, there are also lots that charge maybe 50 or 60. I pay 80 for colour and cut.
    So, you got one of your lovelies back, great! Is Birdie the one who moved away and took up sewing?
    I'd freak at the thought of only eating raw, even in summer! I love a slice of brown (wholemeal/wheaten) bread toasted for breakfast. Will look forward to reading how it goes for you.

  17. Enjoying your answers. I pay about $125. every 3 months and it's a crime! I will be over to read the wedding post soon. I am behind a few days and always try to read my WHodgepodges first on Wednesday. So glad you have your Birdie home.
    Enjoy your time with her.

  18. I know the feeling of being behind, life has been interesting lately.

    So glad Birdie is home for a couple of months, I know you will enjoy it :)

    Oh, I just knew you were going to say iced tea LOL

  19. collet- Right?! It's crazy! Thanks!

    Mimi- Yes, it terrible! Birdie is the one who moved to Texas for grad school and she did take up sewing! Your memory is superb! I hope to start within a week-will keep y'all posted!

    Debby- I'm just getting caught up myself! Life does tend to get in the way of blogging, doesn't it? :)

    Lucy- It does get that way, for sure. Me too and she's just a joy to have around! You were right!


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