Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Quit You Pandora

I am NOT playing with Pandora any more. They suck.

Seriously. Frist, who comes up with the artists/songs related to the station you make? An idiot, that’s who. Do you really believe that Jimi Hendrix belongs on The Black Keys station? Really? Or that I want to hear RAP when I'm listening to the Maroon 5 station? Dumb asses.

And the music keeps skipping or hesitating or fading in and out---whatever the hell these things do these days. Back in the way day, records skipped. It sounds kind of like that. And it’s annoyingashell. Oh yeah, buffering. It buffers itself about 5 times every 10 seconds. Tell me that’s not annoyingashell. Go ahead. Tell me.

I don’t care about the ads. I just mute it or take my earbuds out. But that buffering crap has got to go.

And Netflix is just as annoying. It's like the morons who do the write ups on there never paid attention in fourth grade English. They cannot get their grammar correct to save their freaking lives. I’m sick of it. Not to mention (or maybe I will) that the dang thing is constantly interrupting itself to---what is it called---is this buffering also? Whatever.

I'm over it. 

Anyway, not playing around with Pandora was not an issue because I had my own music. Until my Zune died. Completely died. Wah!

I need my Zune because it has all my music on it and my running playlists (that's right playlists- PLURAL- why more than one? Because of my short attention span that causes me to get bored with the same one over and over and over and over...). 

But it died. Completely. 

And I was sad. VERY sad. Until Mother's Day rolled around. 

Have I ever told y'all how fantastically wonderful the lovelies are? They knew that my Zune died (completely) and this is what they got me for Mother's Day:

That's right! The lovelies gave me a brand spanking NEW white iPod touch baby! 8GB! (Whatever a GB is---I think it means I can have a really lot of music on there).

And so Pandora (you too, Netflix), I blow raspberries in your general direction! 

Hey, it could have been worse. I could have done this instead of the raspberries(if you don't want to see the whole clip, just start at 1:40):

I guess y'all can tell we've been playing around with my blog design. We might get one that I really like at some point. Sorry y'all have to see all the 'construction' but we can't figure out how to make the changes without them showing up when my helper is all the way in DC! Please bear with us!


  1. You tell them Mom! They do that stupid buffering so you can't copy the crap. Netflix is horrible yet it's better than what's on TV! Sad. You are so worthy of that Ipod! Your lovelies love their Mama! What a great gift. I bought Bruce a Zune for Father's Day one year and 2 months later somebody stole it out of his truck right in front of our condo living room window!!! I was so pissed. Anyway, enjoy your new toy and all the gadgets/apps whatever they are called. I'm so behind on that whole concept! Hugs.

  2. LOL! That clip is hilarious!! Gave me a good chuckle and totally shows where you're "coming from". hahaha
    Would love to have one of those ipod thingys, I still use a MP3..that's almost as old fashioned as a cassette player! hahaha

  3. oh, and P.S. LOVE the new design of your blog!

  4. I hate buffering!! At one time I thought Pandora was so awesome....then the buffering started and now I'm so over it. Your post cracked me up!

  5. Love your new Mother's Day gift! Enjoy your music in style :)

  6. NOw thats an awesome Mothers Day gift!!!!!

  7. Well I think it looks great, your blog I mean.
    I am so glad you got a new IPod, I am telling you right here and now, my life as I know it would be over if I lost my IPod. I would say next to the dog, it is my companion.
    I spend more time listening to that and podcasts.
    Well it looks good, I have never done Pandora, my husband does at work, but I have never been interested and now you wrote what you did, I bet I will never use Pandora. Have a great day!

  8. Noticed the blog changes and I think it looks so fresh. Spring cleaning is always good!
    Since I have no idea what - or who - Pandora is, I can't say anything intelligent. Except that I love my iPod. Shuffling through the playlists is so much fun. I, too, have an itty-bitty attention span. I also like listening to be-bop next to classical next to C&W. Satisfies my sense of fair play.

  9. Barb- I'm pretty far behind on the concepts too. Good thing DoodleBug is close by! Otherwise, I'd be screwed. LOL Thanks!

    Betty- Thanks! I felt that way about my Zune- very outdated, but very efficient. Until it died. Completely. LOL

    Amy- So glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, the buffering sucks so no more Pandora for me! Let's hear it for iPods! LOL

    Kathy- Thanks! This thing is fantastic!

    Deb- Thanks! I love it!

    Kim- Definitely don't waste your time. It's just too frustrating to try and listen to something that keeps cutting in and out. This new iPod is amazing! I can do all kinds of things with it. Once I figure it out, I'll be quite impressive. LOL

    Stephanie- Thanks! We tried one and I thought it was too young looking for me. I like this one though. So glad I'm not the only one with the short attention span! I'm in good company! :)

    LP- Thanks! I love it!

  10. Oh how cool is that gift....yeah! I don't care for Pandora either and we use to have napster until they were bought out by Rhapsody and now don't like them either...URGH!

  11. I must be living in a cave I don't even know what a zune is Pam! But you will love your new I-Pod your kiddo's rock for getting you one.
    Now dear Jimi Hendrix can be in his rightful place.
    And Pandora and all the others can go on the rack! Do you remember that Monty Python skit? One of my favorites...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Tracy- No wonder people don't want to spend money on these site, right? Sheesh.

    jen- I do remember that MP movie! We actually own it...with all the others. LOL Even the lovelies can quote those movies...though that wasn't really appreciated when they were in elementary school. LOL The Zune is a MP3 player that came out at least 5 years ago. Things get outdated quickly these days!

  14. I don't know what Pandora is, haven't heard of it. Sounds like you got an excellent Mother's Day gift. I do love Maroon 5! I have an MP3 player that I really enjoy.
    I also put songs on my phone now or should I say in the cloud!

  15. Great gift!!!

    I was wondering if Netflix had the buffering issue? Thanks for answering LOL

    You are all set now :)

  16. Hi Pam, I've never done the Pandora thing, but ExFm is great. Once you build yourself a playlist (which is super easy) you can just hit "play all" and you have music all day long if you want it. You can add as many songs as you want and there's no ads and no buffering. If you want to check it out you can click on the icon in my sidebar. (no, I don't work for them. LOL) Love the clip from Monty Python too. Total blast from the past. :~)

  17. Ooops... Almost forgot. You can create a "test blog" in Blogger that you can use to try out new designs for your main blog. That's what I do anyway. You just make it a private blog (in settings) and if you have someone helping you with your design, you can just add them as an author (also in settings/permissions) and they'll have the same access as you do. As long as it's set as private, search engines can't troll it and it won't show up on your profile page. Just an FYI. :~)

  18. Gosh, what's a Zune? I have my IPOD and love it and I have playlist(s). Love it. I've never used Pandora before but have listened to it and found the oddity of mis-matched music. I like my own music too. Nice present!


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