Thursday, May 10, 2012


I don't care for it. Most people know that about me.

I don't like to lose when I'm playing a game of any kind. I don't like the team I'm pulling for to lose. I don't the candidate I'm voting for to lose. I don't even like to lose a heated debate.

When I was really little, I was probably one of those kids who would take her ball home if things weren't going my way. I don't recall being like that. But I probably was.Though I'm not quite that bad now.

As a matter of fact, I'm very proud to say that I've gotten much better in my method of accepting a loss. I am capable, now, of keeping my disappointment to myself. Sort of. As long as you can't read my face or my body language. At least I don't carry on like a lunatic anymore. Or make the body language really easy to read.


However. As much as I hate losing, I am no where near as bad as Hubs used to be. And he's an even worse winner. When I win, I'm content with the win itself. I do not have the need to rub anyone's face in it. The win, in my opinion, speaks for itself. No so for the husband that lives in this house.

In all our years- 28- I've played Monopoly with him once. Just once. He won. Bad enough. But then he proceeded to rub that win in my face. Huge mistake. HUGE.

He's much better about losing now. But the winning? It has not changed one little bit.  He will sit there with that smug little hahaIbeatyou look on his stupid face and that annoyingashell-youlost grin. And then he opens his mouth and acts like he's accomplished some great and wonderful feat that is going to change the world.

 Good thing I win most of the time. :) 

What kind of winner- or loser- are you?


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This post is part of the NaBloPoMo for May. The theme is PLAY. The prompt that inspired this post was:  "How did you feel as a child when you lost a game."  


  1. Haha. Well, I grew up with two older brothers. They took Monopoly and Rook (a card game that Baptists played lol) very seriously. I hated being on their team, for if they lost, I got the total blame. So I grew up mostly avoiding team games. I hated competition that made people angry. Dutch Blitz is a card game that I used to love, for I'd play against others, not on a team. My daughter no longer plays Scrabble with her husband because he can't stand to lose. She's an excellent Scrabble player, but never plays it anymore for that reason. Crazy isn't it!

  2. I'm not competitive, never was ..never will be! I only like to compete against myself, that's why I like to run.

  3. Well, to tell you the truth, I won't play games anymore. When my husband and I are on opposite teams, the man is blood thirsty and I hate to say this but evil. There is nothing he won't do to win. I get so mad at him I am ready to just beat him up. So I quit playing. I thought you know to keep this marriage in tact. :)
    The kids are playing games every day and night now they are on a kick to find the best board game.
    He plays with them, not me though.
    Isn't that sad. :) This post made me laugh.

  4. Judy- My brothers and I were competitive but not to the death. LOL We LOVE Rook around here! My dad and step mom play it all the time! And yes, it IS crazy. :)

    Shawn- Maybe that's why I don't love running. LOL I'm kidding- I do love it now!

    Kim- Our hubbys must be related. Or else it's a testosterone thing. LOL Glad you saw the humor!

  5. My sons were always very competitive and it pretty much drove me up a wall. Finally my son told me he shared the same attitude as this... He told me about some race car driver I forget his name he was talking about coming in second place. He said you know what second place is, its first loser! Funny but I'd never really thought of it that way before!

  6. I am fine with losing as long as I got to play. It's always been that way. I think it stems from softball as a kid. I wasn't there on the day we got our t-shirts in the rec league and the coach used that as the reason she never let me play. The last game of the summer, she didn't show up and we had to forfeit, but we played the game anyway, even though the score didn't matter. I got to play! I hit 2 doubles and even caught a ball in the outfield. We all had so much fun that day, my teammates even said they wish the coach had let me play all season. But, yeah, winning or losing didn't matter - I got to play.

    That attitude stuck. My husband is the opposite. He plays to win everything! I usually want him to beat me because I'll take the loss better. :)

  7. jen-That's what one of my brothers says. Which always ruins the super bowl for me. LOL

    Nani- Geez how I hate coaches like that. Glad though, that you still like to play games! At least she couldn't take that from you. I'm like your hubby- I love to win!

  8. I love to win, but don´t mind so much if I lose. As long as someone will PLAY with me. :) My family all seem to hate games...I wonder why? Maybe because I usually win? haha

  9. Betty- We all play games all the time and have a great time! I just don't play when Hubs does. It's never worth it. :)

  10. Lol. Cute post. I am a sucky loser. I don't take it well at all. And sadly, I think I'm a smug winner too :)

  11. at games and cards, i am afraid i am a wonderful loser but not such a good winner!

  12. Haha that's too funny! I'm too modest I think...and every time I win I just wanna find the hole in the ground so that I can hide [haha] However, when I was a part of the rowing team back home...we did win a few times and then I had to stand there in line to receive the gold medal and getting our winning t-shirt [was a custom] and that felt really good of course.
    Have a great day!


  13. Hi Pam. Now you know why I used to throw the Monopoly board up in the air, because that's exactly how my hubby behaves when he wins. Sits there like the cat that's got the cream, whilst he proceeds to count all his money, and his hotels and houses!! Grrrr!

  14. LP- I'm a much better winner than loser. And some people around here take advantage of that. LOL

    Eva- Wow, you were part of a rowing team? Now that's impressive! We were just watching that on tv a week or so ago and commenting on how difficult that must be! Good for you!

    Diane- Yep. Now I get it. LOL

    Michele- I understand. Completely. :)

  15. Thinking...I'm not sure how I am!
    In sport I don't care at all whether I win or lose. In arguments I hate to lose, but I hate arguments anyway and generally avoid taking part. In games (Monopoly) I don't care if I win or lose, but love to play!
    Funnily enough, my daughter and sister love arguments; both would argue as a sport!

  16. Oh Monopoly has a tendancy to create arguments. I used to work with two people who were siblings. They never had an argument, with one exception. Playing Monopoly at work on a cellphone. Sorry that your husband is a poor winner. I guess I'm not perfect, when I'm disagreeing about something, and I know I'm right, I have a tendancy to say "want to bet?". Usually I win my bets. Must be annoying to partners.

  17. I'd like to teach you a victory dance you could use the next time you win. It involves wiggling the tush and pointing the thumbs at the nipples.

  18. I do my little happy dance inside when I win. I decide I don't like the game when I lose. Unless I really do like the game and I usually win. A loss here and there I can live with. Not happy but I'd rather do that than not play.

    Hate those crowing winners, though. Maybe it's a guy thing.

  19. I will admit to getting mad years ago when I would lose but not anymore. Too many more important things in life than winning a game.
    However I certainly don't want it rubbed in my face!

  20. I'm really good at LOSING- my mind, my car keys, and my way, when driving in the city!

  21. This is the kind of post that makes me want to WRITE a post. I get so many ideas floating around that my comment is bound to be excessive. I will say this: I read in one of your comments that you don't play games any more with Hubs, but the rest of the family does play games. Well good. I wouldn't play with Hubs, either. I love playing games, but I can't stand playing with sore winners or losers. I think everyone should get the experience of winning and losing and becoming good at both. Also, everyone should understand that they are good at some games and others not so much. And that is freakin' life. And the world spins round and it is okay. Some people are going to kick butt on word games, skill games, math games, etc. And some are going to suck feet on one of the above. But, you play along anyway. Because it makes someone you love happy. And that is life. Games, in many ways, are metaphors for living. And the people who are just so comfortable in their own skin, with their win or loss, is called honor. They are the honorable ones. If I play a series of board games with someone and they respond well, win or lose, no matter how it turns out. They are genuinely happy for the winner, they truly enjoy just playing the game, and they play with integrity.... that is a person who likely lives their life the same way. Games. An excellent way to assess someone's character.

    Like I said, I should have saved it for a blog post. Sorry.

    However, I also wanted to say that children often struggle with being sore winners and losers. Overcoming that feeling is a sign that they are growing up, maturing, getting the big picture, understanding that life is more than just them. And that there will always be more games. Most importantly, it isn't whether you win it is HOW you play that is important in the end. That is what people will remember.

    Can I steal this stuff for my post? I haven't sounded this smart in months!!!!


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