Saturday, May 19, 2012

Misleading Thoughts

I have them all the time. And they can lead me down a dark path of negativity. Which is not good for anything.

Negativity makes me grumpy. Mean. I don't like it.

Part of my attempts to get healthy and fit includes mental health and fitness. This week, I've been working on recognizing negative thoughts when they first pop up in my very active mind. I've focused very closely on each thought and have been pretty darn successful in stopping them dead in their tracks. You wouldn't believe how many negative thoughts cross my mind on a daily basis.

Some of this is changing the way I look at things and change it from the wrong way to the right way.

Wrong thought process: This is going to suck. I have to unhook the Wii and hook up the DVD player every single day in order to do the shred. And THEN I have to do it in reverse so that we can watch Netflix if we want.

Right thought process: I'm quite lucky to have the opportunity to do the shred right here at home!

Wrong thought process: I can't do this. It's too hard. (In reference to the shred or running)

Right thought process: I can do this! When I first started running I could hardly go 20 feet--look at me now! And it will get better and better! When I first started the shred I couldn't do every exercise all the way through- now I can do all of level 1 and I'm getting there on level 2! Everything gets better if I work hard at it!

Wrong thought process: I'll be doing this crap the rest of my life. (In reference to diet and exercise).

Right thought process: With this lifestyle change I'm going to live to be 150! (Ok, maybe a stretch, but who knows?!). 

Wrong thought process: I have to go on the side of the house to turn that darn pump on every day.

Right thought process: I'm not going on the side of the house to turn that darn pump on every day anymore because I saw a snake over there!

Ok, I'm kidding on that last one. Sort of. But you get the idea. I have to change the way I look at things. And this gets me away from all that negativity which, in turn, makes life so much more fun!

Of course I now have to figure out what to do about those people I come into contact with on a daily basis who are not only surrounded by negativity (the type who walk about with that dark storm cloud over their heads and want everyone to know it's there) but also seem determined to bring the rest of us down with them.

They can only change themselves just as I can only change myself. Meanwhile, I'm going to continue working on changing my thoughts and making life that much more pleasant! 

How are your thought processes? How do you protect yourself from cloudy people?


  1. This is a great post. I need to work on this too. I know negative thoughts are not good, but I think I've been there quite a bit lately. So my positive thought for today is that I'm going to try (just for today) to be more positive and squash those negative thoughts. Then maybe tomorrow I'll do it again.!

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. It takes a lot of work - for me, anyway - to change that thought process. Sometimes I give myself permission to just be cranky and grumpy - but only for a little while and then I feel better and can get back to being positive. :)

    As for others' negativity - I struggle with that. I let it get to me more than I'd like...

    It's all a process and even though it's hard, I'd still rather know I'm at least trying to improve than to just give up. :)

  3. That is a good question. I don't know if I keep in contact much anymore with rain cloud people.
    I hate it so much about myself and when I get that way, I really try to not do it. Being married to Mr.Positive helps so much. He can always find something good to focus on and I think that has helped me so much. Exercise is really the best way to keep my attitude in a good place, not to mention my daily quiet time with the Lord, maybe does the most.
    Reading your question, I realize since I started blogging, my life has done 180 degree turn.
    I have met people like you. You inspire me and challenge me, you may not see how much you inspire but I do, every day. Thanks.

  4. Every time I read one of your posts, I learn something new! This, for me, is one of your best because it talks to me!
    I need to focus on the positive because the negative thoughts drag me down into a funk that is unbearable.

    I will try your suggestion on turning a negative thought into a positive for the next few days. Hopefully, I will see a change!

  5. You can just hang out with all us bloggers...we're a pretty positive bunch :)

    I admire your focus, Pam. You'll make 150 - easy!

  6. It's not easy. The mind can be hard to control. Our daughter has OCD/BDD and spent time in therapy. It's congnitive behavioral thinking. It is very hard to oversome. She has not been able to master it but still works very hard at it. Wishing you success.

  7. I agree that we are all happier when we are able to focus on the positive. And surround ourselves with people who do. Negativity sucks energy.

  8. I think your process is exactly right...I would not be going over to the pump if there were a snake over is better for both my and the snakes future!

    I have to guard myself against negative influences and that is one of the hardest lessons to teach my children as well!

  9. i have been keeping songs and bible verses in my head, to go to when the negativity shows up--and it helps!

  10. Cathy- Thank you. I feel like I’ll be working on it for some time. But any improvement is good. It’s definitely worth the effort!

    MMS- It takes a lot of work for me too. But with others, I tend to either attack them or let their negativity over take me. Either way is not good. Amen to never giving up!

    Kim- That’s one thing we don’t have in common- I’m married to Mr Negative. At least when his family gets to him. They spread it and he picks it right up. Hate that. You know, you’re right about the blogging. I feel the same way! And you are one of my inspirations!

    Shawn- I do the same thing. But this is really helping me a lot! Let me know how it goes! I’ll put the website up that’s helping me.

    Stephanie- Too funny. I was thinking that very thing when I wrote this post! Thanks!

    Betty- Exactly! Thank goodness we are still getting back up and trying again!

    Debby- Thanks! Changing the way we think is not easy at all. Your daughter is very courageous.

    Robin- You’re right. It sure does suck energy. And it sucks it right out of us.

    Bella- LOL I was freaking out when I saw that thing. I hate them! Luckily I did not have a heart attack. It really is hard to guard against those negative influences. Sometimes they do a sneak attack.

    LP- So far I’ve just been redirecting my thoughts to more positive ones. But keeping bible verses or songs handy is a great idea.

  11. I also tend to be negative and it stinks! A friend suggested I read What If It All Goes Right. Great book about 'uping' your what if's. I started with small things and before too long I was able to stop that stinkin thinkin before it got too far out of control.
    I would avoid that snake, too!

  12. I don't like to hang with 'Negative Nancy' all the time and if someone is constantly whining or always negative, I limit my interaction but to be honest, 'Positive Patty' gets on my nerves too. Meaning, I like a balance. You know, sometimes, you just got to get something off your chest and then move on, I think that is the key, not belaboring or wallowing in the negative :)

  13. I like Stephanie's idea!
    I think you've been very positive (at least since I started following your blog...ah, maybe that's the key!!), and I like your idea of focusing on the thought and changing it around. As Louise Hay says "it's only a thought and a thought can be changed". Like your new blog look!

  14. Amy- The little exercise I've been trying is working for me. I've got those negative thoughts stopped before they get out of control. But that book sounds like it's worth checking out!

    Lucy- Yes, I know exactly what you mean. And I guess I'm kind of a mixture. But hubs? He's Negative Nate all the time- mostly because of his family- and it's getting on my last nerve.

  15. Mimi- It's much easier to be positive on the blog than in real life I guess. :) Glad you find it positive! Thanks!

  16. I like to read quotes that help me through those negative thoughts. I like to post them on my wall as well. And I try to avoid negative people, so they don't drain you. Love your new blog look too!

  17. Lisa- I do that too. I'm trying my best to completely surround myself with positivity! It's like a big project! LOL Thanks!

  18. Crikey, that was interesting. What on earth prompted you to work on your thought processes in such an regimented way?

  19. My sister mastered this about twenty years ago. She's one of the nicest, stress free people you'd ever want to meet. She always puts a kind and generous light on things, so she's awesome to spend time with. By comparison, I realize how negative I can be. I guess I need to do what you're doing. I know Wendell has to!


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