Sunday, May 20, 2012

On a Positive Note--

Since I've been working on my positivity this week, I decided to put a new ringtone on my phone. That way, every time it rings, I'll be reminded to think positive thoughts!

Anyone remember this one?

We're under a tropical storm watch. I can hear the surf from my bedroom windows and it sounds pretty rough. The storm, Alberto, is predicted to stay in the Atlantic. It's like a perfect storm-a few effects (which I enjoy) but nothing serious. So we have storm without fear!

Hope y'all have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Haven't heard that in forever. Love it.

  2. Great song for a ringtone!

  3. Happy Happy! Hope all is well, and share a little of that posivity! :-)

  4. wow back in my day--i love it--gotta get me a new tune!

  5. I would answer every call with a happy voice. Heck, I might even still be singing along. Guaranteed positivity!

  6. Jill- Me too! Let's see how positive it keeps me when the phone rings while I'm preparing dinner. LOL

    Cathy- I haven't either. It just popped in my head when I was thinking of changing my ringtone to something that might keep me positive.

    Kim- I thought so too!

    Nicole- I'm trying! :) How are things over your way?

    LP-I love it too! Let's hope it works!

    Stephanie- Uh oh. I didn't think that I might sing along...that might stop people from calling me. LOL

  7. You can hear the ocean from your house? That is so awesome. I am glad that you won't have any problems from this storm. It seems early for them.
    I am glad you got a nice ring tone.
    Have a lovely day.

  8. I keep thinking that the next library book needs to be one on Zen practices and meditations, etc.

  9. I start my day singing Zippee Doo Da with my grandson! So great to have little reminders all through our ring tones. Great idea.

  10. Love that song, one of many like that on my I-pod they're my happy songs from my childhood days on the beach. Music is such a soother of mood for me I hope it helps you too!

    Pretty sucky news about the storm. I do hope it doesn't hit ya'll to hard or hurt people- damage property. It just started raining here in Virginia { we're two hours east of the beach} right this very minute.

  11. I have never heard this song? Loved it!!


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