Monday, May 21, 2012

Pace Yourself

I've never been very good at this. At least as far back as I can remember.

I think it all started with having children though. You know how it goes. The kids come along and your life is all about their needs/wants and you put yourself on the back burner. You do it gladly. Willingly.

And the results are amazing! As far as the kids go. Not so much for myself personally.

It's been three years since the youngest lovely moved out to attend college and I still haven't learned how to pace myself. I rushed the things I needed to do for 25 years so that I would always be available to the lovelies and I cannot seem to find my groove in a slower pace.

This seems to be a problem on my path to health and fitness as well. I want it all. And I want it now.

Am I afraid to work for it? Nope. I just don't want to wait for it. I want it NOW. It's not going to happen that way. So I'm going to try to slow down, pay attention and get this thing done.

This week I am going to focus on my running. I have gotten quite annoyed with this process. In my mind I should be running a 5k by now. And I'm not. It's attitude adjustment time, y'all. Again.

The first thing I did was sit down and figure out the thing that makes the running hardest for me- and I don't mean the heat or the humidity or the bugs--those are excuses.

It's the breathing. I cannot seem to sync my breathing.

Research time.

Some of you may recall that I discovered a new-to-me website, DailyFeats where they offer challenges in the form of lists and you check off each feat you complete on a daily basis. One of my challenges is through the site, Greatist, and they have TONS of info about exercising. Including how to breathe while running! WHAT?!

According to Greatist, it boils down to is this: there doesn't seem to be a 'rule' for breathing while running. Oh. HOWEVER, they do suggest taking one breath for every two strikes of your foot. For example, breathe in for two steps (right, left) and then breathe out for two steps (right, left). Apparently this will keep your internal organs from putting pressure on your diaphragm which will, in turn, make breathing easier. (Just click the links and you can read all about what they have to say).

Ok, armed with this information (which Birdie did tell me to try a couple of months ago and I forgot), I went out for my morning run.


I'm not even kidding, y'all, one little bit. It made all the difference. ALL. THE. DIFFERENCE.

Yes. It IS a bit difficult to focus on monitoring the breathing. Even so, this was incredible. At least for today. And, should I find a little patience, this will soon become second nature. I won't have to focus so much and will be able to just enjoy the run. That's my plan anyway.

I'm looking for two things now--
  1. A good running trainer app for either my android phone or my iPod. If you have suggestions, please let me know.
  2. A summer weight loss challenge.
And now---it's time for day 19 of the 30 Day Shred. I'm not scared of you Jillian Michaels! Bring it on girl! WooHoo! 

How do you pace yourself?


  1. I really do admire you and all your efforts. I hate running, always have done right back to enforced Cross Country runs at school. So this is a way of keeping fit you will never find me tackling. Keep up the good work fellow empty nester.

  2. Lindy- I heard about the earthquake over there! Was it near y'all? Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement! It means so very much!

  3. Betty- I'm looking and I will share if I find one! Please do the same! It's kind of hard to find one that 'fits' me.

  4. I don't think I have ever paced myself, I have one speed, and it is run until you drop.
    I don't run anymore, but when I did, I had a watch thing with a heart monitor in it and I found the place where my heart beat at the best rate and I could run all day. I can't remember but I think it was about 120 beats per minute. Does that sound right?
    You will get there.

  5. Kim- I have the same problem. And I find that now, I'm running in circles. I really have no idea about heart rate. As long as I'm not dead, I figure I'm fine. LOL It just seems to be taking me way longer than it does anyone else.

  6. Pacing myself means not procrastinating! I am pretty good at getting the things I enjoy done first - then I'm left with all this yucky stuff. But I always know exactly how long the yucky stuff is going to take...leaving those things to the last minute is irresistible.

  7. Stephanie- I will do the stuff I don't want to do first. And save the fun stuff for after. Most of the time. But not today. Today, it might not get done at all. LOL

  8. I admire your tenacity! Sure could use a dose of will power for myself! Hope you find the Ap that you are looking for.

    I couldn't help but think of you yesterday, when old Alberto showed up! No ill effects this far away, just some over-cast skies...and yes, I remember "It's a Beautiful Morning"--loved it!

  9. Debby- Thanks!

    Kathy- I've got Birdie looking for it now. There are too many and I don't really know what I'm looking for anyway. LOL We got lots of wind and strong surf- the surfers (idiots) loved it. :)

  10. Unfortunately I always have to complete all my tasks before I make time for I'm a planner & a doer...then on Mon, Wed, Fri mornings I hit the gym for cardio, then all the resistance machines & throw a few weights in there...but I do it at a rapid pace to give me additional cardio...I'm 64 and only deviate from my workouts for special occasions. Oh, I also walk nearly every morning with the dogs!! Keep up the good work!...:)JP

  11. JP- Come down here and put me on your schedule! Please!!! LOL You are fantastic!

  12. Wow, just reading these comments and your responses is inspirational! Keep up the good work, and I hope you can do it early before it gets beastly hot.

  13. Hi kiddo. I like your new look. Very clean and crisp. Sorry I have no suggestions for you though. How's my Goddog?

  14. I just recently started running and did my first 5k last weekend. I run slower than honey in winter, but I am trying--I too have pacing problems, I am all or nothing, but surprisingly, running is one activity I don't feel the pressure. It's strange, and wonderful...;)

  15. Judy- I do get out there early. Except for today- we didn't go until close to 7:00 and it was already quite warm.

    Michele- Thanks! Tucker is great and sends many puppy kisses your way!

    Lisa- Excellent! I'm hoping to do one by Thanksgiving. I'm really slow at learning this. But I finally have my breathing under control. Strange and wonderful sums it up nicely!

  16. Plumb amazin' how a little focus breathin' can change things up for ya! You go girl!!!

    We're all so stinkin' proud of ya!

    God bless and have an amazin' day!!!:o)


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