Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here I Go. Again.

I'm going to do it again. As in, I'm going to try a running program. This time, it's in the form of an app for my phone.

The last time I tried a running program, I got bored. Big time. And then I quit. But not before it got me running further than 30 feet before I died. The problem is, I still can't run very far before I have to stop- because of my breathing.

The 2-step method (you can read about it here) worked yesterday and I practiced it while fast walking this morning. It was great! Now that I can breathe, I might just make it!

I'm trying an app called Learn To Run. I'll start tomorrow since it is advised that, when training, it's important to have a rest day in between run days and I ran yesterday. I'm going to run on MWF and walk the rest of the week. Hopefully this app will help me stick with it.

The last program I tried was not a bad program. But I had to set my stopwatch on my phone and keep watching it until the time was up for the run segment and then keep watching it until the walk segment was over and then repeat. Ten times. That was annoyingashell to say the least. Plus I had to keep adding the times so I'd know when 1 minute or 3 minutes were up and then 2 minutes and 4 minutes all the way up to 45 minutes and then I'd get confused and it was just ridiculous.

With the Learn To Run app, I'm hoping none of that will be an issue. It is supposed to beep when it's time to switch from running to walking and vice versa. PLUS- I can listen to my own music and not that creepy techno crap that I hear on some of those apps. Sheesh. Anyone else out there find that music creepy? I don't like it. I think it reminds me of a porn movie. Don't ask.

Anyway, it is a free app so I really shouldn't complain if it doesn't work out.

Supposedly, I'll be able to run without looking at my watch or stopping for ONE HOUR in only 25 days. Right. Hey, if they can do that for me- it'll be a miracle. And I, for one, do believe in miracles!

Wish me luck!

Do you have trouble sticking with an exercise? Does it seem to take you longer than others to be able to reach an exercise goal?


  1. good luck my dear....I love to run but bad knees keep me from doing it whole-heartedly so I walk a song, then run a song on my I-Pod, and do that until I've gone 5 miles...seamless!

  2. I hope this one works and isn't boring. If I get bored then it is so hard to keep exercising. You know, I don't know what is up with me and exercise. I have always enjoyed it and then I hurt my feet, (I dropped two bricks on them trying to block a skunk hole.) I can walk awhile and then the pain starts and I stop. So I just try to work real hard in the garden and scrubbing floors and vacuuming. I know I should be doing some strength training too.
    I hope you have a good day today.

  3. Tracy- I've been doing that whole run a song/walk a song for a few weeks now. But I really would like to try a 5k. Who knows, I might have to revert back to the song thing but, I just have to give it a try. Thanks, luck is just what I need!

    Kim- Thanks! I hope so too. If my attention span wasn't so short, this wouldn't be an issue. I can't imagine working in your HUGE garden being anything less than exercise! Cleaning house burns calories too!

  4. GO get em PAM!!! I did the couch to 5K and downloaded music specifically for it from itunes. It told em when to walk and when to run. I NEED To be TOLD WHAT TO DO!! :) ANd yes, it did take me almost twice as long to get thru it!! I kept repeating weeks. (perfectionism?)

  5. Deb- Thanks! Oh really? You don't know how glad I am to hear that it took you a longer time! I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. Besides being older and overweight. LOL

  6. Although I sometimes break out into a run, I have to stop myself...bad knee (arthritis at 64)...:)JP

  7. That's like the C25K program on my itouch (really Mike's old one). It beeps to walk, to run and lets me play my music. I'm going to start that program over shortly and see how running can go again. I miss it, trotting isn't really good enough.
    Take care Pam and have a blessed day. Off to read today's post.

  8. I started running five years ago-and stopped 4.5 years ago after my knees hurt so bad I could barely move at all. I began by trying to run to the count of ten. And then I got up to 20 seconds. And then 30 seconds.
    Then I started going by street lights-try to make it 2 streets lights and then walk 2. Then I was up to a full song, then TWO songs even! And pretty soon I was running almost 4 miles at one time - SUPER slow running, but running all the same. It just felt so good-except for the knees, which felt so bad.

    I do hope you can make it through-it's great exercise. But be careful of knee pain. Don't try to push through the pain, that saying doesn't work for knee pain in women over 30 who are overweight! (or maybe anyone really)


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