Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fragments!

I was working diligently on a post for today when I realized- IT'S FRIDAY! And that means- FRIDAY FRAGMENTS with Mrs. 4444s over at Half-Past Kissin' Time!

Mommy's Idea

This week flew by speedy quick! I had to get my journal out just to remember it! Whew! Blink and you miss the weeks during the summer months.

I started the C25k running trainer this week. Today was Day 3 of Week 1. Week 1 wasn't too bad. All you have to do is run for 60 seconds and walk for 90 seconds. And you do this for 30 minutes. Well, 20 because the first 5 minutes are a brisk walk to warm up and the last 5 minutes is a cool down. Except that this morning, it was really hard. The weather was gorgeous- only around 65 degrees and the humidity was only 83%- perfect day for training. So why was I having such a difficult time with it? Because, last night I was skimming through the various weeks (I don't know why, so I could have something to dread maybe) and I never put the thing back on Week 1, Day 3. So I was trying to do Week 3, Day 1. Idiot. I figured it out rather quickly, however, and set that darn thing right that very second!

I got to go to lunch with a dear friend on Tuesday. She was the lovelies' SAIL teacher-that's the GT (gifted/talented) program in our schools. I'm here to tell y'all that she was one of the most phenomenal teachers I've ever had the pleasure to know. All four of the lovelies learned so much from her! Shoot, I learned a lot from her! She's getting ready to move to California. And the only reason we aren't trying to sabotage this move is because she's about to become a grandmother for the first time and her son and DIL live out there. Anyway, we went to a brand new restaurant. I'll have a review soon!

All of my yellow squash and zucchini bit the dust. SAD. I was able to buy a few more plants to try one more time. But, since this is the third year this has happened, I'm not really holding out much hope. Anyone out there have an explanation as to what I'm doing wrong?

That's about it. Not much going on around here right now. We do have a milestone birthday coming up in July- DoodleBug will be turning 21! My baby is going to be 21. I can't believe it! Seriously, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? AND Birdie and Evwardo are going to visit London in July also. AND Deanie and Breezy will be coming home for a visit! Looks like July is going to be the happening month around here.

Have a fantastic weekend y'all!


  1. I downloaded the C25K app a few months ago and am still on day 1... I so need to actually get out of the house, especially since I want to run the marathon at Disney. I have a long, long way to go! Happy Weekend.

  2. July sounds like a fun filled month.
    LOL about the "have something to dread maybe". hahaha
    You continue to inspire!

  3. I will have to check out your App. It sounds intriguing.

  4. GB- Uh, yeah. You pretty much do have to get out of the house for it to work. LOL I just finished Week 1 and I'm thinking I might do it again next week. Or maybe I'm just not a runner.

    Betty- You know I'm not happy if I'm not dreading something. LOL Thanks!

    Wayne- It's a pretty good one. Hope y'all are enjoying Canada!

  5. awwww that's too bad about the squash--i have only grown the white kind--they were pretty easy--just needed lots of sun--happy birthday to your little one ;)

  6. Something to dread - ha! That's SO me!

  7. AH, your Baby is turning 21, it happens fast, doesn't it?
    Good Luck with your exercise program.
    And goodness, I couldn't help you with your vegetables, I can't keep simple WAVE Petunias alive, I mean, seriously, who kills WAVE Petunias? LUCY the idiot does, that is who!

  8. Good for you with the running. I should look into a strolling program. Have a fun July - I hope to get in a road trip.

  9. What is it with the zucchini. Mine keep getting these huge yellow flowers but not a zucchini in sight. I bought some peppers and a strawberry plant to see if they will produce anything! Sounds like a nice lunch and how awesome that she will live near her grandchild!
    Have a fun weekend.

  10. Sounds like you're going to be busy for a while. Thank you so much for the jar, I received today, it was so nice of you to do that, I think I'm going to have to use it a lot this summer.

  11. She is turning 21? Wow. It seems so far away, but I bet it will feel like a blink when Izzy hits that age. Meal out sounds lovely - looking forward to review!

  12. You may have something in your soil, fungus or critter. Do you have like an extension office or greenhouse you can test the soil. May help.


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