Saturday, June 16, 2012

Organic Baby Puree Cafe

Yep, that's the name of it- IT being the new restaurant that my wonderful friend and I patronized on Tuesday. Let me tell you, the name is the only problem I have with the place. Everything else- and I mean EVERYTHING- is fantastic!

When we arrived, there were firetrucks there- with lights going and all. Thankfully, it was just a false alarm. Whew.

Tuesday was only their 11th day being open.

They were having an issue with something on the oven hood so they couldn't LEGALLY prepare us anything that had to be cooked. Frankly, even though I wouldn't have cared if they just didn't tell us and went on as though nothing was wrong, I greatly respected the fact that they did inform us.

They gave us options of only having salads or a wrap or coming back at a later time --all with a discount.

It was decided that we would just take a sampler of what their choice. Boy o boy did that ever work out mighty fine! They brought us spinach pie- which is usually heated up but quite tasty cold.

They brought us THREE salads- from the top and clockwise- quinoa salad, citrus and ginger slaw, barley salad with kalamata and tomato.

And their tuNO wrap was TO DIE FOR. They can wrap it in nori or a tortilla. Ours was in a tortilla.

We had no intentions of ordering a dessert but, when we got to the counter I spotted the baked goods case. No problem. Until I saw the coconut cupcakes. I bought one. It was TO DIE FOR. Hey, they don't use any refined sugar or processed foods in there so it was fine.

There are times that I am so glad I'm not a grandmother yet. This is one of those times-CUTEST CLOTHES EVER!

Not only was the food delish, but the staff is just wonderful! So friendly and they go out of their way to please! The food could have sucked and I wouldn't have cared. They are just that nice.

We're planning a trip back soon. And we're taking DoodleBug with us. She LOVES organic food and my wonderful friend- who was her GT teacher in elementary school.

We're thinking of going for breakfast next time---maybe we'll just sit there until it's time for lunch. I already know what I'm going to order. I can't wait!

If you live in our area, Organic Baby Puree Cafe is located at 1034 Chuck Dawley Blvd. in Mount Pleasant. Give them a try- you'll only be sorry if you don't!


  1. Okay, I'm headin' out the door right now. Can you wait til I get there?

    That place sounds awesome, alright!

  2. What a delight! Such people are rather rare these days, lucky you!

  3. That does sound like a worth-waiting for place. We had a child-centered-food restaurant close by for a while...til they decided that the adults would rater drink wine. It was called Baby Peas and it didn't last long after that bad decision. Hope yours is there for a long time. It may take me a while to get there LOL

  4. Looks like a place I would love to visit! Your food definitely looks delicious. Yes the name does kinda throw it off a bit. How about Organic Cafe! I was thinking it was a baby store.

  5. It looks and sounds wonderful, but I would not be wild about the name either. I really thought you went to a place filled with babies eating baby food.
    It looks like a really cute place too.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  6. The food does sound and look great!...:)JP

  7. It's a weird, off-putting name, but it does sound and look like a wonderful place.
    I love the outside of the building, wood always does it for me!
    And I love the American service culture, it really is like no other...a discount on everything just because of the cooker hood issue...WOW!
    I would certainly go there! Could you persuade them to open a branch in Dublin? I'd even buy some of their baby clothes, I've 4 friends who had/about to have babies!

  8. Judy- I will definitely wait on you! Oh, please bring soap. LOL

    Chantel- You got that right!

    Stephanie- I think they'll stay in business for a while- once they catch on. There are a lot of organic oriented folks in the area. We'll definitely go when you get here! :)

    Debby- Yeah, I still haven't gotten over the name. But it's so worth the visit to eat there!

    Kim- Well, they do have baby food. But no babies while we were there. Which was almost disappointing since I love to watch babies. LOL

    JP- It was! So was the atmosphere, the staff, EVERYTHING!

    Mimi- Isn't it? I don't find it catchy at all. Guess I'm missing the point somewhere. If they'll open a branch in Dublin, I'm coming to man it for them! :)

  9. What a wonderful place, it looks so welcoming, wish it was closer to me, I too would have had to try the coconut cupcake.

  10. The name might turn off some people, but I think it's weird enough to get more people in. The food sounds and looks so yummy, besides, if it's organic it's good for you, desserts included...


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