Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Squirrels Are Screwed

So I thought...

When Birdie came home from Texas, she brought her dog, Strider. Tucker is delighted to have someone around to help with those pesky squirrels.

The squirrels come into the yard to rob the birds of their food. Tucker does not like this so he tries to protect the bird seed.

Tucker works hard at this job so it's nice to have a little bit of help from Strider.

Strider thinks that maybe he should check the birdbath...just to be sure...

"NO! They're over here in the tree!" shouts Tucker.
"Where?! Are you sure?"



"Ok, cause I was thinking...lalalalalalala."

" Ohhhhh lalalalalalalala..."

"Wait, what was I doing? Oh, right! There they are!"

Poor Tucky. His job is not getting any easier after all.

And I'm pretty sure the squirrels don't have any extra worries in our backyard.


  1. LOVE these images!!!! I bet, just bet that they became best buds in a very short time.

    Reading your hodgepodge post below....your daughter left again? But only for the summer, right, she WILL return shortly?!!!


  2. What gorgeous puppy dawgs!!!! Beautiful, beautiful photos. Yup, I'm pretty sure the squirrels have absolutely nothing to worry about.

  3. Dogs are so funny. My pup would love to come hunt squirrels with yours!

  4. Poor Tucker ... it's a tough job, guarding the bird food from the squirrels, but someone's got to do it (and it doesn't look like it's going to be Strider). ha!

  5. Hahahahaha!
    Great post!
    We get pesky squirrels in our back too; I don't like them either! And, cos we've no Tucker to chase them away, hubby end up refilling the bird feeder very frequently.

  6. Anni- The pups love each other! Those two have always gotten along quite well. Yes, Birdie has left us again- but just to work soccer camps for a month, then she'll be back to work them here in Charleston!

    Cathy- Right- those darn squirrels are sitting out there laughing their butts off. LOL

    Joyce- Aren't they? Tucker would truly appreciate the help. These squirrels drive him nuts! No pun intended. LOL

    Kathy- Nope, it's not going to be Strider. That's for sure. LOL

    Mimi- So glad you liked it! I do have the Tucker and I'm still refilling those feeders very frequently!

  7. I just love dog conversations. I also loved your pictures. Isn't it fun to watch all of that going on?

  8. Kim- It is fun. Until they come in the house and Strider sheds all over anything. LOL

  9. Such a fun bunch of photos. You've captured their personalities so well! Tucker has to try so much harder...hard when your friend is so easily distracted from the real work of the day. Wish I could go roll in the grass for a while. It'd be nice...sigh.

  10. So cute. And so relieved to NOT see the remains of a squirrel. We have quite the hunter in our dog pack. A terrier. Let her loose in your backyard and your squirrel problem would be History! Gah! She is faster than a cat. Let's just say that the word has spread through the squirrel community and they all know to avoid our backyard like it has PLAGUE!!!

  11. This cracked me up. The two doggies are so cute. Mine do the same, one goes crazy over the squirrels and the other one watches all the action.

  12. Stephanie- They are so much fun! Tuck is so serious about the squirrels and Strider is serious about the fun. LOL

    Robin- Nope. No remains. Tucker has never caught one but he has chased one right into the mouth of a neighbor's dog. Ew. I wish they would avoid our yard!

    Lucy- Too funny! They are fun to watch- almost as much fun as the lovelies were! :)

    LP- Sure are. One at chasing squirrels, the other at having fun. LOL

  13. They are so cute! Those squirrels drive my Yorkie nuts! She is determined to catch one of them. They even had a head on collision in the yard one day. Neither one knew what had happened! LOL

  14. Shirley-Thanks! Oh gosh, that is so funny! I bet Tucker would be the same way!

  15. I forgot how cute your dogs are. Poor Tucker, his work is never done....Thanks for everything Pam.

  16. Love the pics! And the captions, too!


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