Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fragments!

TGFFF! What doe THAT mean? Thank God For Friday Fragments! And Mrs. 4444's, of course! Just click on the button to join in the fun!

Mommy's Idea

It's been an interesting week what with TWO dogs instead of my one little Tucker. But both Tuck and Strider have been such good boys. And quite busy too as you can see HERE.

We've had a good bit of rain- though probably not enough to make up for the deficit. But the garden has enjoyed it immensely! Pictures to come this weekend!

I joined a summer weight loss challenge that started on Sunday (read about that HERE). This week was all about getting back into the habit of tracking food intake. I'm using this time instead of I think I do like better. The only thing, so far, that I like better about is that they have a greater food database. That's really it though so I'm sticking with for now.  

We went to watch DoodleBug's ultimate game last night. It's city league so it's a co-ed team. I'll leave you with some pix---

That's DoodleBug on her rear- again. But, hey! It resulted in a point for her team! 

 She looks fierce on the field, doesn't she?

Those guys are rough- but the girls keep up just fine--

Some of those guys can get some height when they go up for the disc--

But so do the girls---

DoodleBug and good friend Chloe.

Have a fantastic week-end y'all!


  1. What cool pics. I especially like how doodlebug keeps her hands and fingers open on both sides to catch all the action! Our youngest did Ultimate in high school. Great sport. I'm gardening and loosing pounds that way. I don't usually get much exercise.

  2. Well a happy TGFFF to you too. Great pictures of Ultimate Disc.

  3. My trainer just told me about Myfitnesspal this week. Have to check it out.

  4. Very great actions shots. I love that last picture. What great smiles.
    You have a great weekend too.

  5. Great pics! Looks like it was a great game!

  6. I have never watched a frisbee game like that. Seeing the first pic I thought it was soccer with a blurred ball. The last pic has an interesting shot of someone in the background.

  7. awww this looks like such a good time--such cool pics!

  8. Sounds like you are doing well with tracking this week! Yey! So happy to hear it. Awesome sports shots, by the way! Anytime I take action shots, mine always get so blurry.

  9. Rosemary- It's quite the sport for sure! Gardening is a good way to exercise- it's also good for our mental health!

    Wayne- Thanks! Have a great weekend!

    Jill- Look me up on there if you do! I think you can find me as Momaloft!

    Kim- Thanks! They had such a great time! I'll have pix of the garden up tomorrow!

    Betty- She's our youngest and our smallest and she is FIERCE! I guess it's true what they say - better watch out, dynamite comes in small packages. LOL I will! Thanks!

    Heather- It was a great game! Thanks!

    bill- I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out. LOL

    LP- Thanks! We had a great time!

    Rochelle- I have been tracking faithfully. Unfortunately, I don't think the scale has moved. We'll see on Sunday morning. The trick with the action shots is my camera! That thing is awesome!

  10. I've kinda quit losing weight and it's probably because I haven't been tracking what I eat. I definitely need to get back to that. Love the pictures of your girl playing. Cool

  11. Cathy- Tracking does seem to help whether I want to do it or not. And mostly, I don't want to. LOL Thanks!

  12. I love the pictures, looks like they were all having a bunch of fun and getting exercise :)

  13. Yeah, tracking. I messed up big time today because I totally lost track of a full day of munching. I hate when I do that.

    My youngest kid the the fiercest athlete in our family, too. She bikes and runs, when her ankles aren't all wracked up.

  14. Those frisbee sports are really getting big - - - looks like they get quite the work out!

  15. Pam, I really enjoyed this post!
    Doodlebug is so athletic looking, she has that lovely graceful movement that I always wished for but never had, lol!
    It's good to see boys and girls playing sport together too.
    Lovely shots!

  16. Lucy- They did have fun. And they sure did get some exercise! I was worn out just watching. LOL

    Ann- I mess it up sometimes too. And I also hate it when that happens. Sure wish this whole thing was easier. With our four lovelies, two the two youngest are athletic the two oldest are not. Well, the two oldest do watch sporting events. LOL

    Keetha- They truly do get quite a workout!

    Mimi- The boys are so much rougher than the girls out there but they are quite respectful of that fact. Every time they knock one of the girls down they help her up and apologize. LOL

  17. Looks like a lot of fun!
    Enjoy your weekend too.

  18. I love the contrast between Doodlebug's game face and her relaxed face! She does look fierce.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend....


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