Saturday, June 9, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The garden is coming along nicely what with all this rain we've been having. You won't see any pictures of the squash and zucchini because all those plants died again this year. I don't know WTH I'm doing wrong there but this is the third year in a row this has happened. There are no pix of the spinach and Romaine lettuce because we ate all of it and it's all done. You also won't see any pictures of the cucumbers or pumpkin plants because I forgot to take pictures of those- my really nice neighbor was outside and I was distracted talking with her. and the sunflowers haven't bloomed yet though something is really eating up their leaves- dang it. It's a good thing we love tomatoes.

DoodleBug and I LOVE cherry tomatoes--

and 'regular' tomatoes----

but cherry tomatoes are our favorites---

I'm just really glad to see all the tomatoes are coming along nicely---

the green beans are doing well this year too--

so is the red lettuce...

I have some flowers planted in between some of the veggies like nasturtiums---

these are RED! I thought they were dahlias but now I'm not so sure...(anyone know?)---

anyway... you can never have too many cherry tomatoes!

What's happening in your garden?


  1. I miss having a garden - especially the tomatoes. The only thing we have growing is raspberries which I must look at today.

  2. So you don't like tomatoes at all is what you're saying?
    I used to love gardening and so did my husband but now we pretty much live in forest and there isn't one, single spot in our yard that gets enough sunlight for a garden. The only flowers we plant are impatiens because they don't need much sun. The other thing about living where we live is the high acidity of the soil, caused by all the pine and spruce trees.
    We LOVE living by the river and I love the big trees – wouldn't trade them for anything. But I do miss the garden.
    Don't miss the weeding!

  3. We haven't been able to have a garden because our dogs liked to help themselves to our tomatoes. Maybe now that we're dogless, we can have a garden next year.

    Your garden sure looks like it's doing very well!

  4. We have a smallish yard so we don't have an "official" garden - BUT we do plant cherry tomatoes because I love them too! We all do herb pots of all kinds and my husband has had some success growing hot peppers in a large pot.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor - the tomatoes look great!

  5. Lisa- I think I would miss having one too. Especially the tomatoes. LOL

    Cathy- Right. LOL The weeding is minimal this year because I laid down an organic barrier before planting. FINALLY I got smarter about that. Though, to live where you do might just be a fair tradeoff.

    Kathy- My FIL's dog used to do the same thing with the asparagus. Crazy dog. LOL

    Betty- I know I don't have a green thumb where the squash is concerned.

    Rochelle- I need to try the herb pots! I grew so many peppers last year that I skipped them this year. The freezer is still full! Thanks!

  6. It looks great!!! Your pictures are wonderful. Could your dogs be eating your sunflowers? My dog loves to eat the leaves. Sometimes she will just eat a plant down to the ground. There must be oil or something that they need. In fact all of my dogs have eaten them.
    I am amazed that you already have ripe tomatoes.
    I have been looking forward to your garden pictures all week. :)
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Those pretty little red flowers are Dianthus, or Sweet William - a member of the carnation family.

  8. Kim- It's not the dogs because the sunflowers are in the fenced garden area. Well, except the ones in a container but Tucker can't reach those and Strider isn't interested in them. Not sure what it is but I am putting some organic repellent on them. The tomatoes are so yummy!

    it's- OH YEAH! Now I remember! LOL Thanks for telling me- I knew it was a 'd' flower. :)

  9. I just have a little herb garden with a few tomatoes. Everything is doing very well this year because of all this rain!

    Love your photos - it looks like you will be feasting on tomatoes!

  10. Beautiful! I think I should head to the Farmers Market today. My beans...I have one! No zuchinni, it's dying. Cucumbers and tomatoes are doing okay but will never amount to much produce.

  11. I am seriously jealous of your tomatoes! Since I'm considering knitting blankies for our tomato plants, you can guess that it's cooler here than in your garden. Rain doesn't help when it's cold, too.

    I love nasturtiums but in our garden, I'm convinced that the seeds come with little black insect spores already to flourish. So, I just admire other people's.

    It's not all doom and gloom, though. Peas and beans are happy enough and the flowers are gorgeous. Now you know!

  12. Aw, Pam, my poor garden is in a bad way! It has rained almost non-stop here for a week, and I'm not going out to weed in the rain! So, weeds have flourished. Rhubarb is doing fairly well, and my berry bushes are laden, but will need sun (not rain LOL!) to ripen.
    Your cherry tomatoes look yummy! I love cherry tomatoes too, not so much the full-size ones. I baked some last week with a topping of parmesan and breadcrumbs, they were delish.
    Nasturtiums, you can eat those too, can't you?

  13. Wow! I can't believe how far on your garden is... we are at the very beginning of ours, but hoping for some nice tomatoes later on in the summer.
    We grew zucchini for the first ltime last year (we call them courgettes here in the UK) and they grew so well.
    Lovely to 'meet' you
    Anne x

  14. Stephanie- It's not cool here at all, that's for sure. But we have been getting rain- in our case though, everything loves it. Because it's not frozen. :) I planted the nasturtiums because I read that they were good for keeping pests out of the garden. Oops.

    Mimi- I'm sorry it going in a bad way. I wouldn't weed in the rain either. I really need to research this rhubarb- I have several recipes that sound so good! I'm not sure about eating the nasturtiums but I'll check it out!

    Anne- I think I'm the only person around here who has trouble with the squash and zucchini. I was really hoping that this would be my year- we eat so much of it.

  15. Lisa- Ours have enjoyed the rain as well. And the drip irrigation is working perfectly- so far. Thanks!

    Debby- Sounds like you have the same problems I do. Hoping for some cucumbers- the plants look great so far. This is the first year the beans have been good. But the tomatoes are great every year. Go figure.

  16. I just posted my garden too but it is no where near as far along as yours is. My plants aren't more then an inch or two tall except my tomatoes and peppers and I cheated this year and planted them 8-10" tall.
    Can't wait to get goodies from my garden.
    Thanks for sharing Pam. Blessings!!


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