Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sizzle Summer Slim Down: Update- Week 1/Goals- Week 2

 Week 1 is a done deal. Our focus was to be on getting back into the habit (or getting into it for the first time) of tracking our food intake. This is not a problem for me- it's one of the few things that I can/will/do, do.

But the scale didn't move one iota.

I think it was due to too many of these:

Followed by too little of this:

Which didn't burn enough of these:

The caloric intake was under what recommends for me. It was also under the 1500 that I was going to set for myself. But now I'm thinking that I have to go back to the 1200 daily calories if I expect to lose any weight at all.

The exercise has to change also (That day with no exercise? It was raining like crazy and not one time did I think to do the Shred--my brilliance astounds me at times.). It's going to have to go like this:
  • walk either Tucker or Strider
  • walk whichever dog didn't go the first time out (Tucker doesn't enjoy walking with Strider)
  • go back out for a training run
  • 30 Day Shred, level 2 OR Tae Bo OR Yoga Booty Ballet (will probs mix it up)
  • Get myself over to the senior center and join (inner debate to come)
Yes. It's going to be a huge pain in the rear.
Yes. I have to do it anyway.
No. I've not lost my mind.

But I've also not lost any weight. And that sucks. Completely. Totally. Without a doubt. It sucks.

Water intake was fantastic! Wish that was all it took to get the job done!

 So this week we are supposed to focus on exercise. We are to try to get in 6 hours for the week. I'm hoping this won't be a problem since I have to change what I'm doing so drastically.

Also this week, I am going to try a little menu planning. I'm going to try a few new RAW recipes. Here's the menu for this week:

MONDAY: Zucchini spaghetti (gluten free)
TUESDAY: Sweet n’ Creamy Tomato Soup (RAW) and RAW Fajitas
WEDNESDAY: Portobello Mushroom Burger (Vegetarian/gluten free)
THURSDAY: Spinach and Raw Mushroom Quiche
SATURDAY: Baked Broccoli Burgers (Vegetarian and gluten free)

I'm setting up a page tab for a list of all the participants in case anyone would like to visit and throw some much needed encouragement their way- there's no doubt in my mind that any and all encouragement is more than welcome and greatly appreciated!

Have a great week y'all! 


  1. Pam
    I love your post - your honesty is fantastic. I know this week will be a REAL challenge for me too. I never get in 6 hours of exercise (sadly) and I have upped my goal to 7 hours (gulp!). I have done well with caloric intake but think the exercise thing will be key.
    Here's to the scale moving for both of us this week! Good luck and stay strong!
    P.S. Thanks for making the participant list

  2. Rochelle- Thanks! I'm going to try to do the 7 hours too- I've got one in for today, so that's a good start. Food wise, it's ok but I know that, to lose, I really need to keep the daily calories to 1200. That is not so easy right now for some unknown reason.

  3. I'll encourage you all...then again since i finished competing my diet has been horrible, so joining up probably would be a good thing...but no, i'll stock to cheering.

  4. Betty- I hope I'm still committed. Some days I don't feel it, ya know?

    Sandra- What you should do is come down here and be my trainer! That would get this fat off for sure! :)

  5.'re hardly eating anything at all! I like the seniors center plan...some of those fitness groups really move. I was in a dance fitness last year and we really sweated to the oldies!

  6. Stephanie- I watched a couple of classes and they sure do move in there! Plus, my BFF is a member and teaches a class- don't think I'll take hers though. She's BRUTAL no matter how old you are. LOL

  7. Wow, that's a low calorie count - I'm surprised that you didn't lose anything - maybe those scales had a bad day?

    Here's to week 2 and big thanks to you for joining this challenge otherwise I'd never have known about it.

  8. Kia- I wish it was a scale problem. But I don't think so. Maybe I'll replace the batteries just to be sure. I'm glad you're in it too! The more the better!

  9. Isn't it obvious when you look at it on "paper" like that? Calories up, exercise down, weight lost none... Duh. Then it becomes time to rethink the plan. What I like is that even though you are planning within a reasonable calorie range, your meal plan still looks tasty. So hard to "diet" when the food is bad, you hate the exercise, everything is just dreadful. Instead, everything should be GOOD. It should be stuff you enjoy to eat, to do, etc. That is the best way. In all things in life. Not just losing the weight.

  10. Pam, I am pulling for you, your dedication is legendary. You're such an inspiration, I wish we were closer geographically.

  11. Robin- I agree, it should be stuff we enjoy! I'm hoping to enjoy exercising one day. LOL

    Alessandra- Thanks girl! I wish so too! We could make each other get out there and enjoy some sunshine!

  12. I know how frustrating not losing can be. I really hope you have a great week 2 and see a loss next week. Good luck!

  13. BW- It really is. I absolutely hate it. I've slowed down so much. Thanks, though! I'm still trying!

  14. HOpefully this next weeks challenge will kick the scale in the right direction!

  15. So well organized and factual, lady! I"m sorry you didn't see the scale move. The food your eating looks FANTASTIC. Love it!

    There is a great website that I've found really helpful for pushing me past a little plateau or for when I get impatient with my progress. It's tabata style workouts. Hard stuff, but fast and REALLY effective! :) It's all so modifiable too!

  16. I have been eating so much crappy food. I need to go back to ASU because it keeps me from grazing.

  17. No movement means no gain so that's a good thing!! Keep up the good work!! I am a new follower from the Summer Sizzle!! I am looking forward to following your progress all summer

  18. Good luck with week 2, Pam! I really, really hope you see a loss after this week! It's so frustrating when that dang scale doesn't budge!

  19. christina- Fingers crossed! Thanks!

    Nanette- Hey, THANKS! I'm definitely going to check that out! Thank you so much!

    MT- I haven't been eating crappy food, but I've been eating WAY too much of everything else. What the hell is it with all this eating?

    Kody- True, I actually didn't think of it that way this time. Thank you for that reminder! Good luck to you!

    Shannon- Thank you! It really is frustrating. I might try to change the know, just to be sure. LOL

  20. With all that you do you tire me out just reading it. You have got to be in pretty good shape to do all of that.

  21. I love that you posted the graphs. That really helps picture how you do. I know you are going to do great this next week! Good luck :)

  22. Yep. The graphics tell it all. I am betting you will win the exercise this week. Here's to hoping you can Just do it!!


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