Monday, June 11, 2012

Join the Senior Center? ME?!

WTH?! When exactly did I become old enough to join the freaking SENIOR center?

Oh yeah, 4 years ago. When I hit the big 50 sucks.

I've been having an inner debate over this whole join the freaking senior center thing.

Me 1: When did I get old enough to join a senior center?
Me 2: When you turned 50, duh.
Me 1: I'm not going to do it. It's somewhat embarrassing.
Me 2: You need to join a gym.
Me 1: I'll just join ESAC.
Me 2: That's like $75/month. The senior center is only $72/year.
Me 1: But it's a SENIOR CENTER.
Me 2: There are people there your age and younger and you know them.
Me 1: But what about the eye candy in the weight room at ESAC?
Me 2: You have a point there. I mean- you need to get fit you don't need eye candy.
Me 1: But the SENIOR center? It's a SENIOR center.
Me 2: You simply MUST lose all the excess weight.
Me 1: I know.
Me 2: And the scale is not moving.
Me 1: I know.
Me 2: And it's not like you ever went to a gym filled with eye candy before you were old enough to join the senior center.
Me 1: I know. 
Me 2: Case closed.

So, I'm going to join the freaking senior center. Soon.  Most likely this week or the next--I want to use it for next week's focus on the Summer Sizzle Slim Down which is something about trying new equipment/exercises.

And I'm just going to have to accept the fact that I am indeed old enough to join. 

AND- there better not be any of those 70 and 80 somethings showing off on that freaking elliptical when I get there either.


  1. Age is how you FEEl not a least that is how the argument in my head starts.

  2. Cindy- LOL You're too funny girl!

  3. After visiting the nursing home every other day for six years, I'm steering clear of the senior center. I'm old enough that I think the recruiters from the nursing home would see me there and haul me off.

  4. I go to the Senior Center for Line Dancing - and yes, some of the older ladies dance circles around me. But I never worry about what I look like or dance like because we're all there to work out and have fun. So get over yourself and join!

  5. 'Senior' is just a word. And, remember, this is all about you. One of these days you're going to be the hot seniorette showing off on the ellipticals.

  6. Just wait until you get there--you never know what kind of "eye candy" you might see--of the "senior kind" LOL

  7. Betty- I hadn't quite thought of it that way! :)

    Judy- LOL I doubt it! Too bad we all live so far away- wouldn't it be a hoot if we could all join the same one together?!

    Suzanne- LOL I'm coming! Hopefully this week! Looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

    Stephanie- Ha! I can see it now- LOL Thanks!

    Kathy- Senior eye candy----LOL That would be something, wouldn't it?

  8. Ha-hey, some of them are in far better shape than I am! Might as well enjoy some of the perks that come with getting older, right?

  9. Well, look at this way, if there were some 70 yr olds showing off on the elliptical that would be MOTIVATION. It might not seem like it initially, but the more you thought about it... could you really let yourself be shown up like that???

  10. It is cheaper, to do those things they offer and they offer so much stuff. I don't know if I could do it though. :) I like living in denial. :)

    Well blog about it when you finally do it and what you think.

  11. This totally cracked me up! Reminds me of my Dad, he comes in the house, saying, "the Old man driving in front of me really shouldn't have his license." I stop him mid-sentence, "Um, Dad, how old would that so called OLD MAN be? You are 82!" I get a very nasty glare and then he proceeds to tell me the guy can't drive. Period.

  12. Joyce- They're in much better shape than I also! True- it's just hard to believe that I've hit this age.

    Robin- Yes indeed! Thanks for that!

    Kim- It really is cheaper! But I'm like you about denial. LOL I will!

    Lucy- My grandmother was the same way! She would never go to the senior dinners because "those are for the old people." And she was in her late 80s. LOL

  13. Sorry to be the bearer of what you may construe as bad news but just wait til you hit 55. That's when it really slaps you up the side of your head.

  14. Think about it like your going to help the real seniors who are there. You will bring them your friendship and make them happy.

  15. You definitely do not look or sound old enough to join a senior center. I'm sure those senior citizens will be motivation enough and you'll lose the weight in no time. Very funny post :)

  16. LOL!!! That's the first step to really enjoy life!...:)JP

  17. LOL Pam! You're so funny! The only number you should be thinking about it the number that you will see going DOWN after you start working out (at the SENIOR CENTER). Don't get crazy about it - I bet you feel way better today at 50 something than you did a few years ago before you were technically able to join... go for it girl! Cant wait to hear how it goes...


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