Sunday, July 29, 2012

A 'Lovely' Weekend- Part 1

The first thing I forgot was that, when there are boys in the house, 'sports IS sports' and if SPORTS are happening, SPORTS will be on the television. AND- there will be commentary. So, yes. The Olympics were on at my house.

Saturday morning went something like this:

Me: Walk the dog.
Them: Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep...
Me: Cook, cook, cook, cook....
Them: Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep...
Me: Wondering when they are ever going to get up and get moving.
Them: Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep...

Later in the morning:

Me: Cook, cook, cook, cook...
Them: Groggily wander through the house.
Mimi arrives.

Me: Put food out.
Them: Eat, eat, eat, eat...

Me: Clean up.
Lovelies: Laughing/cutting up/chatting/trying on new dresses Mimi made them.
Boys: Watching Olympics WITH commentary.

Early afternoon:

The Lovelies: Let's go to the beach!
The boys: Let's watch the Olympics!
No movement.

The Lovelies: Let's go to the beach!
The boys: Let's watch the Olympics!
No movement.

The Lovelies: LET'S GO TO THE BEACH!
Everyone leaves to go to the beach.

And that was before dinner.

There was a bit of picture taking going on...surprise, surprise. I chose a few to share that show the highlights of our weekend with the Crazies Lovelies!

We've had storms with torrential rains twice last week. Once was Tuesday, DoodleBug's actual birthday and second was Saturday, the day she celebrated her birthday with her sisters. This could give someone a complex...the picture was taken around 5:00 pm, when the sun should have still been shining.

Birdie loves her Strider pup...

This is Deanie- she certainly was having a good time...

Breezy and Deanie-

There were plenty of attempts at getting a group shot- sometimes they cooperated...(Birdie, DoodleBug, Breezy, Deanie; the boys are (from left to right) BestSonInLawEVER, Nicolass, Evwardo)

But, mostly, they just got silly---

Making me go through an awful lot of horseplay while attempting that group shot---

And they think it's so funny---

And so do I, as long as I get my end result. Which I thought I had here...until I saw Birdie's face---

And then, it was on again---

Y'all can probably tell that the boys fit right in with our family- we couldn't have done better for our girls if we'd picked them ourselves (DoodleBug's boytoy had to work doubles all weekend so he was MIA)...

My goodness but the silliness abounds in our family---


And again...

And what birthday celebration would be complete without the birthday spanking?

I titled this post Part 1 because the Lovelies went out last night downtown Charleston- and I MIGHT share some of those photos too. Might being the keyword there. You just never know what those kind of pictures might look like. :)

Hope y'all are having a fun weekend too!


  1. That was a fantastic post ..... I loved seeing all the horseplay in the pictures ... they have all so obviously got a keen sense of humour, as well as being beautiful ... you must be so proud!!

  2. What a fun time!!! All those beautiful girls and those " hairy legged boys hanging around." That is what my husband said as I was reading and he was looking over my shoulder. Your days sound just like my days, all they do is sleep and eat. :) It is true about the Olympics too.
    Well keep having fun. :)

  3. Hi Pam. Loved the first part of this post, when you were cooking, cooking, cooking, and they were all sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, etc. etc. So funny!! Fantastic, silly, crazy photos, but such a lovely family you have there, and how wonderful that they all get on so well like that. You must be one very proud mum. All the 'lovelies' are just beautiful!

  4. They are awesome! I love being around my kids when they stop being "grown-ups"...:)JP

  5. I always love to see pictures of your beautiful family!

    We've been glued to the Olympics! Right now we are watching the Women's Beach Volleyball.....I think this is Hubby's favorite event...must have something to do with their "uniforms"!

  6. Betty- You can be anyone you want to be! We would LOVE for you to be a part of our craziness!

    Annie- They are a bunch of nuts..which means they came from a nut tree. LOL Thanks! Hope you're enjoying Cypress!

    Kim- We had a fabulous weekend. It ended far to quickly. It seems that no matter how many trips to the airport I make or how many times I say good bye, I just can't get used to it.

    Diane- Thanks! Aren't they just a bunch of nuts?! it's so great having them around! And very, very quiet when they leave. I am quite proud of them.

    JP- Me too! Just a bunch of kids having fun!

    Shawn- Hey! Thank you! Oh yes. The boys were quite enjoying beach volleyball this weekend. I made the comment that if the women can wear skimpy uniforms the guys ought not wear shirts. LOL

  7. Those group shots are hilarious. I bet there is never a dull moment at your house!

  8. You had a house full! Looks like they had a ball. So glad you got to see the girls.

  9. Laughed at the play-by-play of the morning. Isn't it so typical of when the 'kids' are home! :-) What a fun houseful you had. Recharges our batteries, doesn't it!

  10. Silliness in a family is a 'lovely' thing : )

  11. What a crowd! They definitely had fun!

  12. Kim- They are a wild and crazy bunch, that's for sure! :)

    Debby- It certainly was full! Now it's just me and the dogs. The time went by so fast.

    Judy- It is typical! But we just keep on doing it, don't we? It recharges me until they leave. Then I tend to collapse. LOL

    Joyce- Truly it is! You have such a clever way with words! How are your girlies?

    Jill- They did and so did I! They are just crazy when they get together- it's nice to see them horse around!

  13. This is my first visit to your blog. I followed from Julie's post on the virstual 5k.
    I loved reading this post and seeing the photoes. More people should do blog posts like this.

  14. Ronalee- Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look! I'm so glad you liked it!

  15. Those photos are great and they really do say it all,such happiness :)

  16. You have a beautiful family! Oh, what fun you must all have together! :)


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