Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Scraps with Friday Fragments

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Mommy's Idea

Not too much going on around here- just a 21st birthday and Birdie getting back from her trip to London and preparing for ALL 4 of the lovelies and their boys to arrive tonight...but that's all.

I finally figured out how to get a picture on my blog header- FINALLY. And, big surprise, it was super EASY! It was one of those things that, when it did finally come to me, I said- out loud- "What an idiot."

The heat is blasting full force around here- although they are calling for a cool down soon with temps at 90 instead of 98. Gee, thanks. Please tell me that this is a precursor to a lengthy, chilly fall and cold winter!!! Tell me. Now. It's the only thing that makes this heat bearable.

I'm still vacuuming up dog hair from Birdie's dog, Strider, about 3 times/day. I'm not used to having dog hair around here. Tucker doesn't shed. I'm also not a fan of dog hair all over the dang place. But I am fond of Strider. He's such a great dog! Even though I just noticed that there's even dog hair on my cell phone. Hrmrph.

I've got TONS of summer reading to do- I've only made it through 5 books so far! YIKES! My list includes: Ready, Set, GO! (it's all about Sprint 8- very informative so far...probably reading this one slow because I know that when I finished it's ON);  A Year on Ladybug Farm- easy read but hasn't piqued my interest just yet; 4 more Harlan Coben books- I'm reading the entire Myron Bolitar series; The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve; World Without Cancer: the Story of Vitamin B17; and then there's the one I'm waiting for- Carol's new book Surfing in Stilettos-and when it arrives, everything else goes on hold!

Got the third bookcase painted. And lifted. And then my back starting yelling at me. I don't know when I'm going to learn to wait on help. Seriously. At my age.

I've got to go peel some shrimp for tomorrow! I like to get the hard part over with the day before!

Hope y'all have the most fantastic weekend! Watch out for that heat!


  1. i know--it is going to feel like 110 today they say---watch that back! those shrimp sound yummy :)

  2. Oh great, so maybe now you can tell me how to put a picture on my header, 'cause I'm kinda dense and haven't figured it out yet. I'm waiting for Carol's book too, got my finger on 'download now' on my Nook. Hope the heat gets better, you should move out to the desert, at least it's a dry heat (that's what people say around here when it hits 110F).
    Have a super weekend :)

  3. I fight the dog hair over here on a regular basis too. The Longhaired Dachshunds shed awfully bad!

  4. I can imagine just how excited you are to have everyone together again this evening. I love your new header photo of the waves crashing against the short. Now you've got the hang of it, we will look forward to a selection of photos being published for our delectation!!

  5. A tad warmish there? That's what you get for eschewing the northern clime. (I just had to use the word 'eschew.' It's one of my favorites and I so seldom get the opportunity. :-)

    I'm going to have to break down and purchase 'The Creature from Jekyll Island.' My regional library system doesn't have it and I've been wanting to read it!!!

    Don't whine to me about dog hair. Remember Bridger?? LOL

    Have a great weekend, Pam! LOVE the header photo. Nice job. :-)

  6. Shrimp sounds good...we had some fried ones for supper this week.

    Yes, this heat is UNBEARABLE! Makes me want to become a hermit :) Enjoy your weekend!

  7. And what a GREAT picture you chose for your header!

  8. Sure wish I could send you some of that snow I found.

    Love your header...that looks like a place I'd like to be.

  9. we got a break from the heat today. Nice header. Did you know you can also change the font and font color for the words written across your picture. I don't remember the details but I did it once and then forgot.

  10. We have had triple digit temps for so long, I almost think it's normal.

    Party time weekend...enjoy all the girls home again.

    Header looks great.

    I LOVE Harlan Coben!

  11. Try to stay cool and enjoy the Lovelies :)

  12. How lovely to have all the girls with their boys over tonight for dinner.

    Have a good weekend!

  13. LP-This heat has gotten out of hand! I’m being very careful now- you know, instead of stupid. LOL We do love shrimp!

    Alessandra-I’d be glad to help you with it----hopefully I can remember. LOL I can’t even imagine a dry heat. Although, the other day we had only 57% humidity-that was brittle for us. :)

    Diane- It’s just getting out of control. Like the heat. LOL

    Diane- It’s going to be grand! I just talked to Deanie and she’s on her way to Union station where they will take a train to Baltimore to catch their plane! And Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER are on the road! WooHoo!

    Judy- Yep, just a tad. LOL No one gets much of a chance to use ‘eschew’… I’m excited to read it, but it’s 4th down on the list. Thanks!

    Kathy- We do love our shrimp! Especially since we always get it fresh right off the boat! I HAVE become a hermit at this point! Hope you have a good one too!

    Keetha- Thank you!

    Stephanie- Me too! Thanks! It’s less than 5 miles from our house.

    bill- A break from the heat?! What’s that? I do know that I can change the color and font---why? Do I need to change it again? Does it look bad? Tell me!!!

    Gail- We are just now getting a storm which will bring the temps down for a second and then they’ll shoot right back up. Yep, party time! I’m so excited! Thanks! Me too- thanks to you!

    Lucy- I’m trying my best. Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Mrs- Not just for dinner---the WHOLE weekend!!!! WooHoo! Have a good one!

  15. Your header is really perfect. I love the picture. We use to have yellow labs when we were younger and the hair drove me crazy.

    Looks like your going to have a fantastic weekend. Enjoy!

  16. Our "cool down" is like yours ... highs of 95 instead of 105. ha!

    My hubby is reading all the Harlan Corben books that he can get his hands on! He wouldn't read a book if his life depended upon it until he turned 61 ... now he's a voracious reader! ;-)

    LOVE the picture on your header!!

  17. Great header pic, and well done on figuring out how to load it.
    Why do we do the heavy hulking and hurt our backs? Then we regret it bigtime as we're suffering!
    Hope your pain doesn't last, and that you've a nice weekend of celebration with your lovelies and co.


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