Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday---Fragmented Style

Got sweltering heat like us? Humidity kicking your butt? Is the rain getting you down? No worries! Just head over to Half-Past Kissin' Time and join in the fun with Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea
Whew! Is it just me or is summer flying by at warp speed? I hope it is anyway because I'm sure sick of the weather. But then, I'm sick of the weather every summer. Until August shows up and NFL Preseason begins! The first Carolina Panthers preseason game is on August 11- my dad and I were talking about how there would finally be something worth watching on TV once preseason starts. And then we both said, "Wait. We don't know if it'll be worth watching yet or not!" Come on Panthers. Y'all have been dragging your feet long enough! Let's have a winning season boys! (Otherwise, I'm going to have to watch football just because I love it and not have a team to pull for, SO--FIND YOUR GROOVE AND WIN SOME FREAKING GAMES ALREADY!).

Stifling weather and all, I was still able to get some running in this week without killing myself! YES! That's quite an accomplishment in this heat. I've tried three days of the Sprint 8 and that went well---although I did sweat about 10 buckets of water each time. And then came right home and stepped on the scale. LOL

We have had several storms that included thunder, lightning AND rain without any damage so that was WONDERFUL! The garden was particularly happy!

I've been working on throwing out a whole bunch of old stuff that hasn't been needed or used in about three years! I do love a good purge!

I'm vacuuming every single day at least once to keep up with Birdie's dog's (Strider's) shedding. I love Birdie and I love her doggie but I do not love the shedding. Tucker doesn't shed. And there's a reason I picked a dog that doesn't shed---I don't care for the shedding. There's dog hair EVERYWHERE. (Sheesh, how many times can you use shed or shedding in one sentence...)

Birdie and I attended a farewell gathering for a dear friend/teacher this week. I will post those pictures later. It was bittersweet but so good to see everyone.

Speaking of Birdie, she and the boytoy leave for London on Monday evening. Prayers for safe travels are welcome and greatly appreciated! I know they'll have a great time!

We have a 21st birthday coming up on the 24th of this month and all the lovelies will be HOME! WooHoo! It's not even MY 21st birthday but I feel as though I'm the one getting a gift. :)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and has an even better weekend!


  1. i will pray for their safe trip---and congrats on the purging--i gotta do some of that soon :)

  2. London - oh the Olympics - great place but I suspect it will be packed. Birthdays are even more fun at those low numbers.

  3. This Friday fragments is a great idea, I'm going to do it too. Will Birdie be back for the birthday celebrations? I hate shedding too, that's why my shepard is usually outside. How about a pic of Tucker pretty soon? I miss that boy! :)

  4. Have a great weekend. I will put them on my prayer list. Us Mom's do that worry thing so well, I even worry about other people's kids. :)
    So post when they land okay. :)
    It's nice all of them will be home for the birthday party. Good job on running in the heat and then the Sprint 8 you are braver than me. This heat and humidity has me whining like a little baby. I don't mind heat but humidity and heat just really gets to me fast.
    It all sounds really good.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi, I just entered a self-imposed empty nest. Moved away from my four kids to be with the guy who's making all the money! Love your blog and the way you bring your personality! Nice post! Safe travels for your family members! We have a 21st birthday next month, too!

  6. It must be nice to enjoy football and look forward to the season. I try but just can't get into it. I do however love the summer when Big Brother comes on! We have been over 100 this week and we have some strange humidity going on which is very unusual for us. I feel like I'm in Florida right now.
    We use to have yellow labs and I don't know how I delt with the hair. I was young at the time!! Now we stick with the non-shedding terriers and it's wonderful. I will pray for Birdie and hope she has a great trip.

  7. LP- Thanks! It is greatly appreciated! A purge just feels so great, doesn't it?

    bill- They are not going for the Olympics. They just wanted to see London and will be home 3 days prior to opening ceremonies. You're quite right about birthdays.

    Alessandra- They will be home the day before the birthday! I can't bear to put Strider outside because it's so dang hot out there. Otherwise, that's right where he'd be!

    Kim- Thank you so much! I'm the same way about kids- mine or someone else's. :)Your heat is way hotter than mine- our highs are in the low 90s now...I'm just whimpy. LOL

    no- Thanks! Ah, those 21st birthdays are so special. Now they can drink. Legally. LOL

    Debby- It is and I LOVE it! We have only been in the 90s this week but the humidity has been outrageous! Thank you so much for your prayers!

  8. My shepherd would die outside in this heat (close to 100 degrees), and much prefers to stay indoors in the AC so he can shed hair on every rug and places in between.

    Doesn't it feel great (and a little OCD) to get into a cleaning frenzy!

    I hope Birdie et al. enjoy London.♥

  9. I am convinced my flowers know the difference between rain water and hose water, and the latter just isn't cutting it during our Northern Illinois drought.


    Enjoy your showers!


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