Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Bittersweet Farewell

Wednesday evening, Birdie and I attended a going away gathering for a dear friend to me and teacher to the lovelies. She was their Gifted/Talented teacher in elementary school. That's her on the left. On the right is one of the funniest, sweetest people you could ever hope to meet-AND my new walking buddy!

In our schools, the GT program is called SAIL (Students Actively Involved in Learning) and the students get to go to the class several days every week. In our entire, county...there is none better at teaching these kids. None. Nada. Zip.

She was, hands down, THE best. I doubt anyone will ever surpass her.

I loved the way she told the kids that they were gifted but the minute they acted special and better than everyone else, she would remove them from the program that very second.

She taught them how to think for themselves. She allowed them to make discoveries for themselves. She challenged them and encouraged them and guided them all with love, care and patience. Which is not easy with these kids- all thinking outside the box because they aren't aware that there is a box...

Through the years- from kindergarten through their senior year in high school, the lovelies have been touched by some of the most amazing teachers I've ever come to know.

Wednesday, we were privileged enough to be amongst some of them.

Not all of those in attendance taught the lovelies but they still touched our lives in a positive manner. It was because we were a huge family back then- all of us- students, teachers, staff, parents, the principal...we all worked tirelessly- together. See the one in the black and white stripe top? She was the one who recognized Breezy's artistic talent.

When I saw Breezy, Deanie and Birdie's kindergarten teacher (all three of them had the same one) I asked Birdie if she remembered being a kindergarten student. "YES!" she replied. "I remember loving Mrs. B!" That's Mrs. B getting the food ready to be devoured! And, yes, I got rather sentimental remembering all those elementary school years...

DoodleBug's kindergarten teacher was there too. MM is the reason DoodleBug has always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. She is now in her senior year as an Early Childhood Education major- how's that for influence?! That's MM on the right.

The influence of these wonderful women on my daughters has lasted through all the years. The solid foundation that they helped lay for the lovelies has been beneficial is many different ways--life lessons, if you will. See the one in the orange-ish top? She gave us our golden retriever, Buddy, that we had for 13 years. The one to the right of her? I could do an entire post on her and it would take you hours to read it. She is amazing and that word doesn't really do her justice. The one to the left of SB? Only the best elementary school librarian ever!

All of these women went beyond the extra mile. They left those merely going the extra mile in their wake (not dust--we are coastal after all..) The one on the right? If she ever retires, the school will crumble. She's the glue.

They were kind, compassionate, caring...

They never gave up on anyone or anything.

The lovelies and I love these women with all our hearts.

And, Suzanne, we will miss you terribly. But we wish you nothing but good things on this new adventure.

And that granddaughter who will be arriving soon? She's blessed a thousand times already just having you as her grandmother.
We love you!

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  1. What a nice tribute to such dedicated ladies. Wish more parents felt that way about their children's teachers. :)

  2. It's nice when your special family gets together to wish you well. Change is always so hard even when there's an exciting future.

    My three kids all had the same K teacher even though they were spread over 11 years. An advantage of staying rooted, I guess.

  3. Alessandra- We couldn't help but feel like this towards these wonderful ladies! They were/are so wonderful! All in all, if you think about the teachers that all four of the lovelies had from kindergarten through high school---I don't need all the fingers on both hands to count the ones we didn't like. We were truly blessed in this area! Even in college there were only like 5 profs that should probably not be teaching. LOL

    Stephanie- Good point. We have been in the same house since 1988 and moved into it just because of the school the lovelies would attend. Good decision I'd say!

  4. Thank you Pam. The only thing that could get me to leave the Low Country and these wonderful friends is the upcoming granddaughter. I will miss you all and miss my former students - but hopefully I can keep up with them on Facebook. Thanks again for taking such wonderful photographs - those memories will stay with me forever.

  5. Awww .... what an absolutely fantastic post ..... it pulled together all the influences that made your daughters into lovely young women! I have now got a big smile on my face .... I wish I had met more people like that when I was at school ;-)

  6. Hi Pam. What a lovely post in tribute to all these dedicated ladies who, as you say, have always gone that extra mile. Your lovelies were blessed to have them as their teachers. It really does make such a different to our childrens' education if their teachers really do step up to the plate, rather than just coast along. Great post today!

  7. Really a lovely thing you did. I don't think many teachers get that. It says as much about you as them. Awesome!!!

  8. How very nice. It is so nice when you find people like that who blessed your life as well as your kids. It sounds like a very special kind of day. I loved all of the pictures. It was like I got to meet them too.

  9. What a wonderful tribute. My oldest sister is a retired teacher. She still teaches my grandchildren and gives them the love of learning.

  10. That is really awesome. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  11. Such a lovely post. How blessed you and the girls have been to have such wonderful woman in your lives. Wishing Suzanne all the best!

  12. Suzanne- We are going to miss you as well! And the only reason we aren't trying to sabotage your move is because there is a granddaughter involved. :) Safe travels my friend- and you better keep in touch!

    Annie- Thanks! I wish I had had more teachers like them as well. I can remember that most of mine were not kind or compassionate or even human. LOL

    Diane- Thank you! I do realize how blessed the lovelies were to have these women touch their lives in such a positive way. We're really going to miss Suzanne!

    Robin- You're too sweet! These teachers made it quite easy to feel this way! They are the best!

    Kim- Thank you! You're so right- it does make all the difference! I'm so grateful for each and every one of them.

    Betty- Thanks! I'm sure she will miss us...LOL She is the one who will be missed. I am so grateful for all the memories!

    Gail- Giving them the love of learning...beautifully put! But then you always put things beautifully. Or humorous. LOL

    Nicole- We did have a nice time! They are all so wonderful!

    Debby- Thanks! Truly we have been blessed from knowing each and every one of them! You're so sweet- I'll pass your well wishes on to her!

  13. What a wonderful post and looks like everyone was having such a great time!

  14. What a beautiful, beautiful post! As a teacher, I especially appreciate it. I also really loved the pure joy in these faces. (Yes, that might be because of the summer vacation and all, but I'm sure there's more to it.haha)


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