Monday, July 23, 2012

The Good and the Bad Concerning Birthdays

It's birthday week around our house. I may have mentioned in some previous posts that DoodleBug will turn 21 tomorrow. Stasha at The good life hosts a cute little hop called Monday Listicles and this week the list theme is BIRTHDAYS. With that in mind, I made a list of the good and bad concerning--BIRTHDAYS.

The Good:
  • It's a birthday! We are born! We have arrived!
  • There will be TONS of cake!
  • There will be presents!
  • Everyone is nice to us!
  • IT'S a PAR-TAY!
  • My parents are still having birthdays!
  • There will be ice cream!
  • There will be balloons!
  • There might be a pinata!
  • It will be recorded by dad on video.
  • You get to wear silly hats.
  • Someone tells you that they are very glad you were born.
  • The smiles!
  • The laughter!
  • The nostalgia of birthdays past.
The Bad:
  • We get old- fast. 
  • Coming up with new, creative ideas for kids' birthday parties gets old- fast.
  • Cleaning up after all those parties SUCKED.
  • Our kids age at warp speed.
  • Our kids grow up and move out on their own and we are faced not having them home to celebrate their birthdays.
  • We are expected to mature in behavior as we mature in age.
  • People don't always mature in behavior as they mature in age.
  • That gray doesn't look as bad on men.
  • Not everyone gets wiser as they get older.
  • Figuring out the perfect gift.
  • Keeping up with the dates.
  • Getting the cards in the mail---on time.
  • It takes several strong men and an aluminum baseball bat to open the damn pinata. Or a chain saw.
  • It will be recorded by dad on video.
  • You wear silly hats.
  • The spills!
  • The tummy aches.
  • The nostalgia of birthdays past.
Stay tuned- tomorrow is all about DoodleBug's special day!

What's on your list of the good and bad about birthdays?


  1. I think that's a pretty exhaustive list, you hit the nail on the head. My b-day is coming up soon and I don't want to think about all those additional grey hair I'll be getting. Happy Birthday to Doodlebug, that's a milestone. :)

  2. great lists---i always wanted a big deal made about my birthday--not so much now :)

  3. I love birthdays : ) Happy day to your Doodlebug!

  4. I think what I miss most about birthdays is the shopping trips when we all loaded up in the car and drove to Toys R Us and they would have such fun roaming the aisles. The others had such ideas for the birthday kid. I loved that part and I do miss that part.
    Sometimes, I think I should load them all up and do that again. Crap, now I am sitting here crying.
    Have a lovely day tomorrow!
    I love both of your lists too.

  5. You nailed it!! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly LOL but as my mom always says, "The alternative is much worse, no birthday to celebrate is sad."

    Anyway, I can't wait to read about Doodlebug tomorrow!

  6. We have started to make birthday celebrations simple now that everyone is grown. We go out to dinner (their choice) and have dessert there too! As far as my always full calendar with family birthdays it gets harder each year to keep up but I do. Everyone gets a card and I have to make sure I check each week so I don't forget anyone. Beside the six of us everyone else is still out of town.
    The ones who still get gifts get money or gift cards.

  7. The worst bit was the cleaning up, for sure.
    favourite bit? Cake, candles and singing Happy Birthday. That's myu favourite, but these lot here do not share that view!
    I love birthdays! especially mine!!

  8. I love this list!!! So many elements we can all relate to. Hope you are doing well!

  9. Wow - great list! I have a birthday coming up, and don't even want to think about it! Happy Birthday to your DoodleBug!

  10. Happy Birthday Doodlebug. Mike asked about your girls the other day. He remembered me sharing their picture this past winter.
    Birthdays, I love them...the age part really doesn't bother me. Not to thrilled with the gray hair or the empty nest yet but learning.
    Take care Pam and have a blessed week. Good luck with all that you're doing.

  11. Alessandra- I just covered my grays yesterday. With the baby turning 21 I didn’t want to look like I could have a child that old. LOL Thanks!

    LP- Thanks! I’m the same way!

    Joyce- Me too! Thank you!

    Kim- Oh gosh, I haven’t been to Toys R Us in AGES! Oh NO! I didn’t mean to make you cry! Although I was crying myself. 

    Lucy- Thanks! My dad says that too! Every time I say something about getting older he says, “It’s better than the alternative!” And they’re right! 

    Debby- Ours are a bit simpler too but they still want their favorite meal if they’re home. It really does get harder to get those cards out on time. The immediate family isn’t too bad but when we expand out …well, you know. I LOVE getting and giving gift cards!

    Betty- Yes you do! LOL I don’t miss the clean ups but the parties were such fun for the kids that I couldn’t help but enjoy myself.

    Mimi- Well, you’ll just have to come over here and join in our celebration! We make such a big deal and we’d love to have you!

    Nicole- Thanks! How’s it going? I’ve been reading at your place but haven’t commented each time! I’m headed your way today.

    EM- Thanks!

    Lisa- Thanks! I don’t really like to think of mine anymore either. DoodleBug told me yesterday that I don’t look old enough to have a 21 year old daughter. Then I said, “Have I told you that you’re my favorite?” LOL

    Julie- Thanks! How sweet of him to ask! He’s such a sweet young man. Some young lady is going to be quite lucky to snag him! I’m not a fan of the gray hair either. I just covered mine yesterday.


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