Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Sizzle- Week 7 Update; Week 8 Deets

It's time for the Summer Sizzle update for the end of Week 7 and the beginning of Week 8 and, no, I don't have any idea how the time is going by so quickly.

But I'm glad it is because summer is NOT my favorite season. It's just too dang HOT. And HUMID. And MISERABLE.

So speed on by summer and PLEASE let us have a very chilly fall and cold winter! At least down here in coastal SC where fall and winter passed us by last time around.

I know. And I'll stop fussing about the weather as soon as it gets cool. :)

This last week has been CAH-RAZY around here. Self inflicted crazy. I've decided to paint some bookshelves which led to deciding to rearrange some things which led to deciding to get rid of a whole bunch of things which led to...y'all know how this goes. You start with one little project and the next thing you know---BAM! All hell breaks loose and you're left with total freaking CHAOS!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So- food has been good and healthy. Mostly vegan; some vegetarian; a smidge of meat once or twice. As always, all organic/natural/non-processed/grass fed/wild caught/free range/etc. And I'm averaging about 100 oz of water every day. It's too hot not to drink the hell out of some spring water.

Still no calorie counting. And no change in the scale. Which is fine by me. Well, as long as it's NOT a gain. LOL

Exercise is as follows:

7 days/week: walk/run Strider and then walk Tucker (that's two walks usually for a total of 3 miles)
3 days/week: Sprint 8 (on the days I don't walk with walking buddy)
3 days/week: third walk with walking buddy. (on the days I don't do Sprint 8)
While sitting at the computer I'm either on the exercise ball engaging the core OR on a chair using the 8 lb hand weights while reading blogs--or other important work. 

And that's it. I plan to get back into C25k training as soon as the weather cools down. I HATE doing anything in this OPPRESSIVE heat. Especially running.

This week's challenge was to commit to and sign up for a 5k. I did NOT do this because we can't sign up for the Turkey Day Run until the fall.

Week 8 - (begin July 22) - EMBRACE A FITNESS FEAR...I am having trouble with this one because I'm not sure what fitness fear I have. Other than never getting fit and being overweight until the day I die. I'll pretty much try anything that interests me.

That's it for me- hope y'all have a great week!


  1. If you're like me, you'll get our mojo back in the Fall when the weather is more pleasant. But congrats on the no gain - its hard in the summer.

  2. Every morning, I think I will get back to my walking routine and by the time I get out there in this oppressive heat and humidity I say, one lap was enough. So I admire you that you are continuing to walk in the heat and humidity. Today has been one of the worst days yet.
    I like how much water you keep drinking, I need to up the water too.
    Hang in there, it will soon be fall.

  3. I can imagine how miserable summer can be on a coastal town. We don't get much humidity here in the desert, but when we do, it's almost impossible to go outside.
    I know how the small projects thing ends up, that's why I try not to start any....
    On the exercise front, would you rather put more effort (i.e. higher heart rate) for a shorter period of time, or less effort but longer time? Congrats on the water drinking, I don't think I could drink that much. :)

  4. I'm not loving this heat either! And it's suppose to be back in the 100's today. Ugg! Fall can't get here fast enough, for me! Have a great week!

  5. Pam
    I think you may have forgotten to add this link to my page for the challenge.
    It may still be open if you want to give it a shot.
    No one is digging this heat - that's for sure. It has been brutal! But I'm still not ready to give up on summer!I have a beach vacation coming up! :-)
    If it's any consolation, I did hear this year we are supposed to have colder than normal temperatures!
    Keep those cool thoughts in mind for the upcoming week. Have a great one!

  6. Kim-I hope so. I just can’t seem to get moving right now- not like I should anyway. And food? Whatever. I see it, I eat it. It sucks.

    Kim- I get out there but the weight is just not coming off. I’m reading a book now called Ready, Set, GO! and I hope it’s going to give me some insights. I am praying for an early, very chilly fall that lasts LONG and a cold winter!

    Alessandra- The humidity is KILLER. I tried not to start this project but it’s ON now so I have to keep going. I’m about to try the more effort in a shorter period to see how it goes. Supposedly it helps release your growth hormone? We’ll see.

    Shannon- Amen sista! Bring on FALL!

    Rochelle- I went over to link up but it wasn’t up yet and then---BAM! It went right out of my mind. LOL I’ll head over and put it up. If we have cooler than normal fall and winter temps I will be the happiest woman on the face of the earth!

  7. I read and didn't comment? WOW, that was naughty.
    I so love reading what you write Pam. I love learning from you and others as I read their comments. This is such an awesome bunch of people working hard at getting healthy.
    Still not liking the empty nest though, not at all. Meals are so hard. Oh well, I'll get use to it, life...I have too.
    Take care Pam and have an awesome week. Still can't believe I didn't comment.


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