Friday, July 20, 2012

Fragments of the Friday Sort

Here we are at Friday already- talk about warp speed! Holy Cow!

Mommy's Idea

One of my favorite Friday things to do is to head over to Mrs. 4444's place, Half-Past Kissin' Time and join in Friday Fragments! You can join in too- just click the button! Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy!

We got Birdie and Evwardo on the plane to London Monday. They arrived safe and sound and proceeded to post pictures of the food on facebook. I'm pretty sure I'd get on a plane and head over there for the fish and chips! I chatted with them via fb last night and on Monday they visited the Imperial War Museum, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square. Yesterday they visited the Tower of London and Blackbaud---Evwardo works at Blackbaud here in Charleston so they made the London connection! On Monday, they posted a picture of their first meal in London--I'm still craving some:

DoodleBug and I busied ourselves with some furniture transformations- she had an old dresser that belonged to the husband's grandmother (it had been sitting in a garage for YEARS) and we turned it into a window seat! My mother is making a covered foam cushion for the top and we've yet to go to Lowe's for some new drawer pulls, but you can get the idea.

Here's the bedroom furniture (the set my parents had when I was growing up that I let someone in the husband's family use and probably shouldn't have) I've been working on---it's in Birdie's room now. Then...(you can see the above dresser to the far right below).

And now---

And I'm painting the bookshelves next to the french doors the color of the walls in an effort to brighten up the area and make it look bigger. This project taught me that I know how to make it rain! Just put your painting project on your deck, get all set up, get the first coat of paint on and VIOLA! The heavens will open up.

I'm rearranging and purging nearly everything in the house. One thing having an empty nest does is make you want to simplify. This could take the rest of my life.

We're on countdown for DoodleBug's 21st birthday which is Tuesday. She and I are going to do some birthday shopping this weekend!

And that wraps it up for this week!

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!


  1. Loving that furniture. Would you come do a make-over of my entire house?? Lol

  2. Oh it just looks great!!! What fun to have a project like that. I love painting furniture.

  3. The window seat is a great idea! Very ambitions furniture work!!

  4. What gorgeous work you've done in rehabilitating that furniture! That must be especially satisfying when it's a piece of family history that means so much.

  5. Congrats on the restauration project, that furniture looks great. :)

  6. Furniture looks fantastic!

    Is that all it takes to make it rain? I know what I'll be doing this afternoon. ha!

  7. I enjoyed these transformation pics--LOVE the hardware you chose. These kinds of projects are so satisfying.

  8. I am impressed. What a great job you did on the furniture.
    I loved the fishNchips when I was in London!!!

  9. I love that furniture makeover. It looks so cool and elegant in the blue room. You guys got great taste!

    I do love fish and chips. Yum!

  10. The furniture looks amazing; y'all did good!
    that first meal in London looks a lot like mine did when I was there!

  11. The furniture is gorgeous. Isn't it amazing who much stuff we can purge our homes of once the children move out. I think I finally have just about everything out that I no longer need. Of course that's if I don't bring anything more in.

  12. You've done a fab job on the furniture, you must feel so proud. Would love to see the window seat with cushion when it's finished.
    Life is a constant purge here, just to keep (somewhat) on top of things. enjoy your shopping, lovely mother/daughter time.


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