Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 Annoying As HELL Sounds

This list was inspired by Stasha at The Good Life who hosts Monday Listicles every week. I always forget to go over there and join in. Even though I get an email reminding me. This was from a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn't resist.

Ten Sounds that Make Me CRINGE!
  1. S.N.O.R.I.N.G. and that could take up the first 5 slots all by itself.
  2. Anything shrill. Like screaming and whining.
  3. Smacking while eating.
  4. Barney. I wouldn’t even let the lovelies listen to him while they were growing up. They still thank me. Profusely.
  5. Operatic sopranos--especially when vibrato is involved. Like nails on a blackboard.
  6. Nails on a blackboard.
  7. Actors faking a southern or British accent. Really? No one would EVER believe they are from the south or England.
  8. Celine Dion singing anything. Or talking.   
  9. The popping of gum in someone’s mouth. A lady sitting behind us was doing this during DoodleBug’s senior band concert. I wanted to turn around and yank that gum out of her mouth and put it in her hair. 
  10. The crumpling of paper. You know what I mean. Those people who are opening a bag of chips or throwing away something that they have to crumple up first? They crumple and crumple and crumple and crumple like they're just standing there doing that over and over and over with no goal in mind and it gets old, speedy quick!  
Ok, it's your turn! What's on your list of annoying as hell sounds? 


  1. Hi Pam. Hope your weekend is going well so far! I'm completely with you on the snoring noise! Also the blackboard one. Ugh, that really sets my teeth on edge! Car alarms that just go on and on.Obviously the dentist's drill. On the flip side, I just love to hear church bells ringing!

  2. anything to do with mouth noises drives me insane. i hate it.

  3. Lol, that is a great list! I agree with them all. Especially #3. And don't forget sniffing. I work with a girl who sniffs and snuffs all day. Get a flipping Kleenex!

  4. Diane- Car alarms! Forgot about those. I love church bells ringing too. And they all ring on Sundays downtown Charleston. So pretty! It's quiet around here with no one visiting. But I'm enjoying it! Hope your weekend is going well too!

    jennifer- Me too! All of it.

    Kim- Thanks! ARGH! Sniffing! I did forget about that! :)

  5. I think you have covered most of the ones I would choose, right now the sound that bugs me most is I have a old cat poor thing but when she can't find me she starts this loud rowling. So of course I yell, Shut up Bobbi and she then knows where I am but as sounds go it drives me nuts. My kids keeps telling me to just have her put to sleep, but you know,she just gets lost nothing else is wrong, I think they will do that to me someday. :)

  6. Kim- Poor Bobbi! I can only wonder how she must feel when she's lost. She's so lucky to have you there for her. It seems harder to me with pets because we can't explain things to them. I hope your kids won't do that to you! You better come live here with us before that happens! LOL

  7. Yes times ten! Every single one but my favorites are the snoring and Celine Dion!
    Now I want to know what your 10 favorite sounds are.

  8. My dog barking at people walking by the window. Of course if she ever barks to scare away a burglar I will think it's a great sound.

    Also...chain saws and car alarms.

    Stopped by from SITS. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  9. The crumpling of plastic bags too!!
    I have a co-worker that wraps all her food in plastic bags, and when we are on our break she s.l.o.w.l.y unwraps her food, then neatly FOLDS the bag...again s.l.o.w.l.y!! Drives me nuts!! haha

    I love your list, and agree on ALL of them!!

  10. I loathe it when people chew with their mouths open...sharing all their smacking and crunching and gulping when they drink!!!! Otherwise, I think your list is damn good!!! It seems to have gotten worse as I aged!...:)JP

  11. Okay, along with 'all of the above,' I'd add a)children whining b)Americans portrayed by British actors - they always come across as loud and brash, which gives you an idea of what they think of us- c) any TV sitcom d)Country western music
    d)cars going around in a circle a.k.a NASCAR

  12. I think you pretty well covered it. My number one most annoying sound is any one whining. After that it's car alarms, a cat in heat, and a running toilet.

  13. Sniffing would be my thing. If I'm at the library studying and someone is sniffing then I have to move. I admit to doing a few things on your list (#1 and #9). When I was at my highest weight I would sometimes wake myself up by my snoring(!) but that hasn't happened in a year or two. Apparently though if you have two snorers on the bed, your partner and a cat, it's cute.

  14. ...well, I sit here and read your annoying sounds nodding in agreement. There is one tho, that you missed....someone eating and clicking their fork/spoon against there teeth. Oh and as for the snorers...they BREATHE hard and loud when the eat. LOLOLOL

  15. Someone with his hand in his pocket, jingling keys or coins.

  16. Stephanie- I'll have to post the ten faves! I cringe just thinking about some of these! LOL

    Cynthia- Car alarms! Yes! Quite annoying! Some of these do seem to have pros and cons, like the dog barking. If the husband is snoring, it's both annoying and means he's alive. LOL

    Betty- Oh NO! How do you stand it?

    JP- Yes! And Yes to it getting worse with age- mine too!

    Judy- Oh how I loathe NASCAR! Most ridiculous 'sport' EVER!

    Lois- The running toilet. I should have put that on the list. I have one of those right now. It happened AFTER the husband fixed it. LOL

    Me- Yep, sniffing. Hello? Ever heard of a tissue? LOL I probably snore too but not enough to shake the house like the husband does.

    Anni- YesYesYes! I hate that sound too!

    Kathy- Yep and sucking their teeth! I know someone who does both things! ARGH!!!!

  17. Great list, snoring is my #1 but the popping of those package bubbles really gets me too.


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