Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Touring the Town: Day 3

There is a fantastic Farmer's Market downtown every Saturday from April to December 16. I LOVE going down there. So we took the family. That's the husband, DoodleBug, Niece2, Birdie, Niece1, the stepmom, my dad...

I was in search of a local farmer by the name of Joseph Fields. I've had some of his veggies from Whole Foods and they are terrific! He always has a booth or two or three at the Farmer's Market. And, his farm is certified organic!

Since my tomatoes were coming in at all different times, I never got enough to make more spaghetti sauce to put up. And then there's the fact that I was putting some oil and water mixture on the plants to keep bugs off and I did it in the heat of the day and burnt every single plant. Oops.

But not to worry. Mr. Fields had all the ingredients I needed and quite a few that I wanted, of course.

That's Mr. Fields in the picture below- he is my favorite local farmer!

 Charleston is full of old churches. Here are two views of the steeple on St. Phillips---

Oh, and the tomatoes I bought?

They got a hot water bath---

And skinned---

And boiled---

And turned into spaghetti sauce!

Our time together came and went in the blink of an eye. But it worth every sweaty minute!

Have y'all put up any spaghetti sauce? It's my first year doing it and the first two quarts were so good I did it again! It's time consuming, but very much appreciated when a jar is opened!


  1. Lovely pictures and a lovely place. Great family shot. Your tomato sauce looks wonderful. I doubt if my jars make it to the fall.
    My son has found his favorite snack. He eats it like crazy. My tomatoes are really feeling the heat so I don't know if I will get many more.
    I am so glad you like canning. Isn't it just fun?

  2. Perfect name for a farmer! His produce is beautiful.

    We don't ever have enough tomatoes ripe at the same time to make any kind of sauce. But our frozen tomatoes are wonderful to have on hand for soups all winter.

  3. Making me homesick...miss you all.

  4. Kim- Spaghetti sauce as a snack? That's a first! LOL I do enjoy canning. It's so time consuming but I do like it!

    Stephanie- I thought the same thing! I never thought of freezing tomatoes. I will have to try that.

    Suzanne- Miss you too! If I keep posting pictures of Charleston, will you come back? :)

  5. I love farmer's markets, and have bought a lot of tomatoes there, but never put up any sauce. Looks like you guys had fun.

  6. I've never done any canning but your sauce looks yummy!

  7. Since we didn't plant a garden this year at the new place, we're getting our tomatoes from the garden the Pres planted at his Mom's! We have a ton of farmer's markets in this neck of the woods...love them!...:)JP

  8. I love farmers' markets. You'd flip over our market stand, and our farm. We have a glut of tomatoes coming. My youngest and our apprentice's wife picked 700+ tomatoes of just one variety. Did I ever tell you about the time(while hubby was in Israel) I ran the farm and we had 1200 tomato plants? Note to self-plant less. Now hubby and apprentice make those decisions. Together with employee, they pick too. I just run the house and can like mad!

    Mailing picture in a couple of days:)

  9. Beautiful family pictures!
    That is some steeple, you wouldn;t miss it on a tour!
    I've never done spaghetti sauce, cos the waterbath thing scares me. But I've got organic pears to go with my blackcurrants (from my sister) to make chutney tomorrow. Gotta google recipe now and make my list if I'm missing anything!

  10. Visiting from SITS! Love your blog and have a great weekend :)

  11. It looks like you guys had a lovely time!! :) Great pics - I love buying fresh produce too! :) Haven't made tomato sauce from scratch though, kudos to you! :)


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