Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chattin' it Up

It's time for a little chattin' on the porch with Patrice at Everyday Ruralty. Just click on the button and head over there to join in the fun!

Everyday Ruralty

  1. What's your favorite kind of sandwich? I rarely eat sandwiches anymore but, when I do, I still love a BLT!
  2. Do you have more photos or artwork on the walls of your home? Photos. Who can afford artwork? Breezy is our artist and I do have a couple of her paintings up- if I see something I like, I send her a picture and she paints me one. It's quite nice to have someone in the family who can do that! The last one I saw was in an art book and it was selling for $875. I tore the page out and sent it to Breezy and VIOLA! I have an even better one hanging over the sideboard!
  3. Do you switch your wardrobe(clothing) when the seasons change? Yes. Though the colors don't change. I don't wear bright colors so most of my clothes are black, brown, navy or gray. Year 'round. Except for white. I do wear white in the summer.
  4. How do you keep your recipes: books, cards, computer? I keep them in book, cards AND the computer. Oh, and let's not forget the little scraps of paper here, there and everywhere. And then there are the ones in my head...
  5. What are you looking forward to the most in the month of September? I am looking forward to cool weather! Though, if the current temps are any indication, I'm headed for certain disappointment.
Thanks Patrice! Please give hugs, ear scratches and carrots to Wendell from me!


  1. Scraps of paper. yes! I have those. And shelves of cookbooks that I rarely look at but can't seem to part with. Searching for what I need on-line is so much easier and I get more choices...and those scraps of paper LOL

  2. How lucky are you to have an artist in the family?!

  3. Forgot how much I love BLT's. Only problem is I like mine with out the L and without the T. Guess that negates the BLT idea. You are blessed to have someone so talented in the family. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Oh I hope you do get some cooler weather this year.
    I like that you have your scraps of recipes everywhere, you should see where I have things stuffed, every cookbook has at least 3 in it.
    I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  5. I completely forgot that I also use the little piece of paper method for recipes. Efficient, at all times! That's me! I'm still trying to get over you tearing out the page in the art book. I guess you meant the painting was $875, not the art book. Talented daughter! Have a great week!

  6. I keep my recipes on scraps of paper also. As a matter of fact, I am organizing my recipes into binders right now, and my extra bedroom bed is covered in paper with recipes on them. All organized of course. :) I should be done by the end of this week. Fingers crossed!

  7. I keep all my recipes in a 3 ring binder. I just make copies of things that look good or I have all my mom's recipe cards in there. The thing is like 5 inches think.

  8. I went digital when it comes to recipes, it's so much easier to just google a recipe when you need it. Good thing Breezy is an artist, you should show us some of her work. :)

  9. If I have a sandwich, grilled cheese and tomato is my favorite!
    I can totally relate to number 4!! :)

  10. I am not a huge sandwich eater either, my two favorites are: BLT and Peanut Butter and Jelly!

    Recipes are mostly in my head and scraps of paper I need to get a system. I do have a few on the computer now from blogs.

    Artwork, um,no. No money for artwork but I put the cheap stuff up with some photos it works LOL
    How great you have an artist in the family, that would be cool :)

    I hope you get some cooler temps soon. I know you missed winter and you are dying for some cooler temperatures so I will keep my fingers crossed for a nice fall for you!

  11. BLT's are so good. Of course, anything with bacon is good! I hope you get that cooler weather soon. Have a great rest of your week.

  12. Stephanie- I finally parted with quite a few of those cookbooks that I rarely looked at. It wasn’t too bad- I just handed them over to Breezy. The scraps of paper, I have transferred most of them to a homemade cookbook but I still keep those scraps. I like them.

    Kara- Very lucky! And I take advantage of her every chance I get. LOL

    MBee- I’m no stranger to the bacon sandwich. With mayo please. LOL Thanks!

    Kim- Me too! I’m praying so hard for it! I have transferred most of my scraps but I keep them anyway. I really like my little scraps.

    Patrice- Heck no! I wouldn’t pay $875 for a book if I had it to spend! LOL It was an art catalog. Guess I should have made that clear. haha How’s it going with your college baby?

    Teri- I made each of the lovelies a cookbook in binders I found at Michaels’. They LOVE the cookbooks. But I kept my scraps. LOL

    MT- I have two that are in those big 3 inch binders and three in 1 inch binders. And then the box of scraps. I think it’s time to get rid of some of those things. LOL

    Alessandra- It is easier and I do that too. Then it turns into one of those scraps of paper. LOL Breezy is actually setting up a website for her artwork. I’ll post it when she’s up and running.

    Plum- I love those too! With tomato soup made with milk not water.

    Betty- I think you’re right! I organized mine too. And then put the scraps back in their box. LOL

    Lucy- I love having an artist in the family. Mostly because I love bragging rights. LOL I hope we get some cool temps too. I am begging as hard as I can! Thanks!

    Arlene- I love them! Bacon and mayo- they must be together. LOL Thanks, I hope so too! You have a great week also!

  13. What a wonderful thing to have your own personal artist I am jealous and I love VIOLA LOL
    Yes the scraps of paper recipe always tend to be the best not sure why they don't make it into a typed plastic protected book ?? Have a great week :]


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